Your Daily Mind-Fu¢k

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

Oh well — poor mind

It doesn’t take long at all on this journey to get some space, some breathing room, between us & the mind. Early on, we begin to spot how we’ve actually identified with it, trusting it completely — yet, not so much, anymore. That precious distance, the simple stepping back, enables us to observe the Thinker at work.

We enter Observer mode

Only then do we begin to see what’s actually been going on. Mind cannot fix itself, no more than the surgeon can operate on herself, no more than the eye can see itself. It takes stepping away, just stepping back — simplicity, itself — nothing complex going on, here, so accessible to one & all. Nice to know — a comforting realization.

The awakening walk is one of ultimate simplicity

This is by no means easy on mind, which is ever called upon to release its hold on this or that, on whatever we’re being shown is in the way on our awakening trek. To whatever extent we’ve identified with mind, to that very extent will mind object to what’s now going on.

At this point, it begins to get tricky, to sneak around that observing eye

This actually works in our favor, friends. How? It forces us to keep stepping back further, widening the gap between us & mind — which means we’re disidentifying, ever more — granting us an ever clearer view. As we retain our Heart focus, the wily mind gets foiled in its efforts, endlessly. This even becomes enjoyable.

When you enter that enjoyment, recognize it as serious progress along this trek

What happens, then? Slowly, but surely, mind begins to back off. During this phase we begin to experience something completely new, now & again — a silent mind. By this time, mind has discovered that it’s transparent to Heart. Having been thwarted in so many of its efforts, we see the energy of mind begin to wane. Mind begins to release its hold on us — begins to simply give-up.

Elements of the divine are Self-contained, complete, needing no external validation at all — quite unlike elements of mind

When walking about wrapped-up within mind, we’re largely unaware, oblivious to so much. Do you want to discover how much tension your body is currently carrying? Give your cat a belly-rub. Though I’m serious, here, it’s fine to laugh, too. 😺

This experience quite fucks* with the mind

Check it out for yourself — so very simple. Nor is this something we set out to do, to accomplish. It’s not like that at all — though we can begin to enter through that door, of course. The secret, the trick, is to let everything go. Have no expectations at all — just rub the cat. Nothing more. Simplicity, itself.

Let the experience come to you

Therein lies the beauty & the simplicity of being in Now, only Now. Nothing else. Not a thought, not a care in the world. Life does itself, as we learn to get the heck out of the way. We need not go out, seeking anything — it’s all brought to us. Strange thought — another mind-fuck.

4-dimensional graphic — Mathematica.stackexchange

Thus, I highly recommend a daily mind-fuck,

however that comes to you, for remember, this is nothing we have to chase. Chasing, as well as tension, is ever the activity of mind. The real Self has nothing to chase, knowing it contains it all.

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness