“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

As I withdraw more & more from keeping up with the alternative “news,” I’ve begun to look for things of interest in the blogosphere, mostly on Medium. While I do find stories of interest & stories with depth, it’s a bit disappointing to find such strong focus on getting ahead, on seeking success — whatever that means.

Our definition of success morphs with experience, as we mature. Those seeking happiness make the most sense to me — those seeking financial or business success, not so much. We’re all different, & there’s ample room for that, so if someone is called to a particular area, even in business, that’s great. Yet, to the extent that it’s just chasing the almighty dollar — not so much. Lasting happiness doesn’t abide, there.


Again, look at the über-wealthy — do they radiate any sort of real happiness — or are they just chasing more — always more? I don’t know what aspect of someone’s being that fulfills, but it turns me off. What I see is lost souls, empty inside — somehow looking to fill an unfillable black hole.

We’re manipulated by money, friends. It doesn’t take much stepping-back to see this. On the other hand, what a great joy to see so many awakening ones. True fulfillment lies ever in that direction. In this nasty Matrix environment that was built-up around us, step-by-step, inch-by-sick-inch, it’s ever so easy to lose our way — almost mandatory, it seems.

As we enter Heart on our trek, we begin to feel the underlying sadness, the grief of the lost ones, seeking to find their way out of the mess. So much pain. Eventually, we discover the shallowness of following the herd, seeking material wealth, external fulfillment of our “needs.” Whose needs are those, really? Not those of the soul. That’s just the Matrix at work. It has nothing to offer of lasting worth.

I find the ones journaling, allowing their deeper being to speak, are more quickly finding their way out of the maze. Their writings have that spark, that light, even as they tackle the tough stuff, the challenges as yet unresolved, within or without. Life has its troubles, no matter the direction we choose. Yet those very challenges can be the making of us,


I suspect many chasing success are doing just that — running from a certain emptiness they sense. Deep soul-searching may be painful at times, yet it doesn’t matter which way we go — there will be pain — pain which we’ve been taught to fear, rather than embrace, inquiring into the (benevolent) message it brings. Our values are askew.

There’s always a message — not in the pain, but underlying it. Pain is not punishment — Source isn’t cruel. Pain tells us we’re running from something. We’ve moved well beyond the feather, in the direction of the 2”x4” — but why? What are we seeking to avoid? And is it avoidable? Perhaps for a short while, but not forever, as the older ones know.

Not that all elders are wise, of course. I’ve encountered the writings of millennials with more wisdom than those 3 times their age. It’s all in the choices we make, the direction we pursue. If we’re talking happiness, then the preferred direction is inward — not “out there,” in the world.

For those whose values are worldly, this Great Awakening will bring ample pain, as they discover that all they held dear is more illusion than reality — as the old values fall away. Awakening turns just about everything on its head, upside-down, as we discover that everything we held to be true simply isn’t.

So, it’s mind-based living that comes into question. We begin to see for ourselves how our minds have been hacked — taken over & programmed, without our conscious awareness. While the knee-jerk reaction is to take down the hackers — the cabal — happiness doesn’t lie in that direction, either.

Source is more than able to handle them, & we’ll watch it happen. Nor will that be some sort of punishment, which we’ve been taught is righteous & just. That, too, is just off.


We’re starting again, Humanity 2.0 — not the transhumanist vision of the cabal — oh, no. As the inner Light shines ever brighter, we’ll find our way into Love — Love for all. That doesn’t mean no consequences for bad behavior — those are built-in. Those sticking to the lower dimensions — which 3D will be at that time — are stuck in karma-land.

It’s all built upon divine Love, folks — even though, right now, it looks like anything but. That’s just the Matrix, clouding our view, forcing us to stay within the confines of the hacked mind of humanity. The Matrix isn’t as all-powerful as it once was, or as it would like to believe it is. We can wake-up from the daze, starting by becoming observers of mind at work.

The only ones trapped in the Matrix are the thinkers among us — have you noticed? Those who have found their way deeper — into soul — are fast going free. Our values were basically shredded & reassembled, Matrix style. Well, to hell with that, for that’s right where it’s headed. No need to go along for that ride. Exit point = Heart.

Awakening — WhatIsLove-2010.Blogspot.com


In The Matrix we’ve come to accept that it’s “illegal” to grow beneficial, medicinal plants, to smoke or take them as herbs for health. Yet it’s quite legal, & widely encouraged, to become an alcoholic & ruin your life. It’s all so asinine, but we don’t see it, via the hacked mind & value system. Many of the young ones coming up, now, won’t fall for this deep level of nonsense, the way their elders & ancestors did.

I don’t want to wander too deep into the darkness that amounts to everyday living in our world. We all know the drill, after all. Yet, no matter the darkness that surrounds, awakening is ever so available. It won’t be found externally, however — that’s the big secret. It abides within. As we just wake-up to this much, we’re well on our way.


There’s a good deal of darkness, too, parading itself as light. Gurus & teachers abound that are quite lost, themselves — not having found their way fully within before deciding to teach, to channel, to counsel or heal. Some are only half-lit — partially awakened, having stumbled into spiritual ego, unaware. Those having gone deeper, entering Heart, will not fall for such things, while those in The Matrix are not sufficiently aware to spot them, just yet.

Humility isn’t the right word — “selflessness” may come closer to what we find, within. I know — seems crazy, doesn’t it, that by focusing deeply on self — going within — we come to something like selflessness. Yet, it’s that Matrix thing, once again, that simply has everything backwards & upside-down, inside-out. Mind can’t be trusted, not in its current state, dear ones. Have you noticed?


There’s such an awesome beauty here, though, awakening being available to simply every soul — everyone! Yeah, even the so-called bad guys can awaken — yet it’s nothing that can be forced on anyone, either. It rests entirely within free will. Another precious discovery on this Heart trek is Respect — a respect so deep for all of life — no thing, no one, left out.

In the midst of this Respect, we could never harm the planet, the environment in which we live, eat, & breathe. Just wouldn’t happen. Yet it all starts within — with self-respect — eventually morphing through self-Respect, into Self-Respect. Everything shifts, changes & morphs in marvelous ways. Such a delight to discover along the way.

Things that looked heinous, terrible — are seen through new eyes. It doesn’t transform them into beauty, of course — but the beauty of the lost ones does shine through. We begin to see, feel, & understand — they’re in terrible pain. They, themselves, might not even realize it, the pain of their souls — but we do. And coming from a place, a space of Love, answers arise — help that really means something, that makes a difference, appears.

We won’t “fix” this world with punishment, with more jails, more pain. She will “fix” herself, in the Presence of this beauteous, magnificent Love. The solutions are all there — are all here — just locked away & hidden from anyone’s mind, stuck in the Matrix as they are. It’s as we go deep, & ever deeper within, that all of this will arise, as it must. Gaia is fed-up, too, don’t you know.


The day of darkness is over — whenever we’re ready, friends. It’s time is complete. What will turn the corner for us all is waking-up to the reality of this mess we’ve been in for so long. That’s why some fear awakening — it’s not only Light — there’s pain involved, as we’re forced to see things as they actually are. We got lost, folks — that’s all. We did no wrong, we’re not condemned — just lost.

So have mercy on yourself & everyone else, as you make way for The Great Awakening that’s on every doorstep, right now. It’s okay. All will turn-out well for those who make wise, responsible use of free will. Some will go down with the sinking ship, but that need not be you.


Nor do I suggest we try to “save” anyone else. They have the same free will as we do. Let them use it. They’ve got to learn, & for some that means a much longer trek into awakening — that’s all. It’s not bad.

So just know that your awakening is the very best gift you can give to the whole, to us all. It makes a huge difference, actually. No mind will grok this, but it does, nonetheless. Heart knows. Go in & discover for yourself. Your Self awaits.



6:03 am, Wednesday 2017/09/20, 1st, Mayan day 9 Jaguar / Ix

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness