“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

Be it the medical appointment, the date, or your job, we all know you’ve got to show-up for anything to happen — such as the continuance of your employment. 😉 This is familiar territory. A deeper look shows us that we have to “show-up” on deeper levels than by our mere physical appearance in our personal relationships. Those take a deeper level of presence than bringing our body to the meeting — we bring the soul into the mix, & our inner awareness focused there, too.

Even just going shopping, it’s wise to be present & aware, else you might not come home with what you wanted to buy. We can use the very helpful shopping list, jotting down items as we become aware of the need for them, but that, too goes only so far. While it enables us to be less present during the shopping experience, it does require that we remain focused on the list. So we don’t get to just show-up with the body to be really present —it takes more.

Many have already learned to show-up with an inner presence to whatever it is in which we’re engaged. We may have also noted how the presence of either alcohol or other drugs in our system tend to pollute our presence, our full awareness. We do & say things when “under the influence” that we wouldn’t even consider when fully there & aware. Sometimes, it can be anything but fun.


In the midst of all of this, what we don’t generally consider is showing-up for ourself — being fully Present to, with, & in who we actually are. How many of us haven’t bothered to show-up for our Inner Being (just to give that a temporary name)? Perhaps you’re one of the many who habitually show-up for everyone else but yourself. You’re not alone, as that’s par for the course in The Matrix, the pseudo-reality in which so many abide.

When we bring to bear our understanding that we can’t give what we don’t have — then what the heck are we doing, showing-up dutifully for all of these people & tasks? Who takes the time to first center — to come into Presence — before setting-out for wherever we’re going, whatever we’re doing, whomever we’re meeting?

Something analogous to this was captured by the Dali Lama in this quote:

The Mission on Medium.com

While taking a different angle, it arrives at much the same place — living without really being there, a la The Matrix style of “life.” I hope you can see that this can’t really be called living — Living — in the deeper sense, the one that’s ever available to those who choose to be Present, fully in their NowHere awareness.


This is that to which 3D life has degenerated on present-day planet earth. As an act in a play it would be humorous, but we don’t step back far enough to see it that way. We take everything so very seriously, which has to stop if we’re ever to see the end of this act, for that’s what it is.

We’re great characters, great actors, for we fully embody our parts as method actors. Now, to get to the end of the act, so we can resume something much more akin to really Living, not this sham show we’ve mistaken for the reality, the best that life can be.

We’ve been hoaxed, friends, into adopting our roles as anything beyond mere roles in a drama. We can, indeed, have the great belly laughs on awakening from the perpetual daze, then looking back on how seriously we took it all. There’s nothing serious going on, here, yet we don’t see it that way until a bit further on in our awakening. We can see here that “awakening” is an awesome name for what’s going on.


Clearly, the first one it’s time to begin showing-up for is Who we are. Call it self, call it Higher Self, Inner Being, soul… it doesn’t matter — it’s you. Once we dial in to whatever’s in there, accessible via Heart, we’re well on our way to making our exit from the phony stage. It’s so very simple, really, so basic — yet it goes against The Matrix in its entirety, thus frightening anyone’s mind.

This produces an earthquake, a hurricane of shifting, of fundamental change. The joy & the beauty, though, is that this is precisely that of which your Inner Being has been aware this whole time, so there’s a felt sense of comfort that’s available during all of the changing.

The more we center within on our trek, the more present we’ll be to this comforting sense of the new normal. This is not the least bit frightening to anyone’s Inner Being, which ever abides in the greater Reality to which we’re being introduced.

The initial transition phase is the hardest, as we watch the shifting take place in our circle of friends, family, & acquaintances. Most are not prepared — & how could they be — for how relationships shift, some simply falling away. We don’t irritate or aggravate anyone, nor they us — we’re just moving on, being true to the Inner Being (or non-being) we’re discovering.

Just as a shopping list is quite handy to keep us focused at the store, we can develop a new list of reminders to keep us focused on what we’re engaged in during this phase of awakening from the dream. When we’re in Heart, these items seem blatantly obvious — yet mind will often step in, & mind doesn’t see things this way.

It can be a very short list, containing no more than 5 or 6 items. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Breathe. Be here in this present moment, in the NowHere. I pause & become Present.
  2. I am number one— I choose to show-up for myself, first.
  3. My Inner Being is awesomely amazing — I am not who I took myself to be.
  4. What I see & perceive mentally is the actual mirage, the pseudo-reality.
  5. Comfort is always present when I center within — I am choosing Heart-focus.
  6. I am never alone, ever accompanied by my other-dimensional soul family, accessible to my multidimensional Being, right now.

The NowHere things is perhaps the most critical, since none of this is accessible, otherwise. Yet, if we choose to be NowHere focused in the head, this isn’t so useful. What your NowHere Heart focus actually does is remove you from the forest, giving you the opportunity for a completely different perspective, to which mind has no access.


If we’ll just observe ourselves, we’ll quickly discover we’re almost always centered in our eyes — in our head, yes, but the central focus tends to be vision. When people are asked if they had to choose which they would sacrifice, vision or hearing, almost all choose hearing, thus displaying our penchant for visual focus.

Many who are blind will tell you how they’d far prefer to lose sight than hearing, for at least our sense of hearing keeps us connected with others, able to engage in regular conversation. Those without hearing must learn a whole new silent language to communicate — sign language — not the easiest task.

Imagine “watching” a movie with no sight — you can still follow along pretty well, being able to hear the dialog, the music, the sound effects. Watching the same movie with no sense of hearing is different. If it’s captioned, that helps, but many are not. You’re left guessing about much of what’s going on. You see the words, with captions, but that’s not at all the same as hearing them spoken. Plus, your focus is distracted from the action when focused on the captions.

Then there’s music — something almost totally lost to the deaf. “Almost,” due to lovely exceptions like Beethoven, who cut the legs from his piano so he could sit on the floor with it, feeling the resonance as he composed his majestic 9th Symphony, among other works. Musical composition doesn’t rely only on hearing.


As we lose our head focus, going deeper within, these senses shift with us. There is both vision & hearing where we’re going, yet it’s a major shift, nothing like the 3D senses. We’re actually opening to other dimensions, generally at first, the 4th & the 5th, where life is nothing akin to 3D.

The beauty is in realizing that we already exist in those dimensions, so it’s not at all traumatic — just hugely “other.” We have other senses that begin to come into use, as well. There’s a sort of Heart sensing that’s simply awesome. We just seem to know things, somehow.

At any rate, let us begin shifting, breaking out of the mold, out of The Matrix, friends. We can do this because of who & what we actually are. Yes, it’s also what we are not, with no central self there, yet there are many blogs covering that. We just forgot our true essence, our whole purpose for coming here, but now that’s returning as we make different choices.

In my next upload I’ll share with you a long session between me & my 12D/5D soul family, where I mostly just let them share. It’s an amazing read, where they explain many things from their perspective — what we look like to them. It’s alive with their energy, which you can feel when centered, yourself.

Daily Quote — 8/9/2017

“You are liquid love in physical bodies, wanting, more than life itself, because it is life itself, to adore the vessel that’s you through which this Source Energy flows. You are God. You are Source. You are creator.”

Excerpted from San Rafael, CA on 2/21/04

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness