You Are NOT Helpless

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

Most of us believe that we don’t count for much, that we don’t have the power to make a real difference on the world scene, or even in our own country or town. That’s what we’ve been taught in subtle & not so subtle ways, & we’ve accepted it. Though it’s total BS, it’s woven into our beliefs.

I’m here to challenge that, to present a radically different case.

It’s utter nonsense, friends. We’re Source-in-form, we make a difference! As we connect with our core identity, the programming begins to drop away, unable to stand in that Light. Creator sees through your eyes, hears through your ears, & speaks through your lips when you align with that — when you allow it.


We’re all telepathic, but we were never told. So much about us has been censored, removed from our texts, from the archaeological finds, the ancient manuscripts. Just as today’s media is an arm of the cabal, owned & managed by them, so it is in science. The good people in these fields have a hard time, having to keep silent for their safety as their worthy work is censored.

People are guided by their beliefs, & we’ve been loaded down with so much BS it’s a wonder we’re still sane. Humanity has been deliberately dumbed-down & manipulated into ignorance of the truth, especially about ourselves, who & what we are, what we can do. They’ve got us believing so much nonsense & it’s worked for them. Why? Due to our creative power that far tops whatever they’ve got going.

The Power of Creation works THROUGH humanity.


They must use magic & satanic rites to conjure dark entities to do their bidding. Why? They lack sufficient purity to access their Source-in-form identity — for yes, we’re all that, not just the Light Beings. To bring divine power to bear one must align with it — & they can’t. Their road doesn’t allow it, & it would defeat their nasty goals, so they resort to conjuring demons, harming children, blood sacrifices, etc.

Sorry for being so frank, but this sickness is far more pervasive than most realize. We don’t know the dirty dealings taking place in secret locations. As we’re awakening to the political mess, the deep corruption that we’ve allowed to fester, some are ready to chase truth down into the swamp lifestyle.

It’s not for everyone, for many are too sensitive, such that it wouldn’t serve them to delve that deep. We don’t all need to know the nitty-gritty, but it helps to be aware that it exists. It’s enough to carry the torch for truth, to align with Light wherever we find it. This isn’t an exposure of the dark details, but rather a call to remember who we are, our deeper identity.


We’ve been so thoroughly misled because the dark side, at higher levels, is well aware of the threat humanity poses. They’ve done literally everything in their power to keep us from knowing, from using our abilities as beings of Light, as sovereign emanations of Source.

You’re anything but helpless — it’s a total lie.

Those who align with the Light, who are in process of awakening to so very much, are able to change outcomes around the world. It doesn’t take making videos, blogging, or speaking out at all. Your focused thought backed by strong intention is enough to bring change, to anchor Light.

Meditation — Hologram —

How we set our intentions, what we want to see happen, these are powerful forces — as long as we don’t negate them by our subconscious (programmed) beliefs. The only one who can ham-string us is the self. We’re that powerful, but we must claim it. Humanity is discovering so much that life as we know it will change.

Nothing will be the same in a few decades. This will be radical!

We’re rising up. Have you noticed? People are no longer willing to shut-up & behave when it goes against their grain. I see a refusal to cooperate with the dark ones popping up everywhere. It’s an age where morals & values were in the dumps but they’re resurrecting in millions of us. The “go along to get along” days are sputtering out.


You’ve likely heard it said that if you believe you’re a winner, you are, & if you believe you’re a loser, that’s true. This illustrates the amazing power of our beliefs. Every interaction with anyone or anything is a conversation with Source, Who is closer than most realize. Things happen to & around us daily that bring our (subconscious) beliefs forward. These are loving opportunities to see them & make new choices.

When we’re burdened with nasty beliefs, it’s tough to pick ourselves up & decide it’s going to be different, but that’s what the NowHere moment is all about. In any Now moment we can think a slightly better thought, choose a slightly better attitude. We can lift ourselves up.

Look back at yourself, say 4 years ago — are you the same, now? You’ve changed, right — perhaps drastically, perhaps not, but you’re not the same. We weren’t taught the awesome power resident in every Now moment, the power of change. The little things really do count. That’s how a river carves out its bed, one pebble, one bit of sand at a time.

OMG, if I could only transfer to you this amazing realization, the recognition of our potential, our power to internally change & to change the world. We, ourselves, are literally the only thing holding us back, the only thing able to do that. Our roadblocks are hidden in our systems of belief.


We have free will. We get to choose, & we do it in every moment by the thoughts we allow. If we’ll stand back & observe our thoughts for one day, we’ll clearly see their direction, their momentum. Most of us are terribly hard on ourselves, but we’re so used to it that it passes, unnoticed. Once we spot that, we can change it.

We can choose to step into our power — or not. Now, this moment, is all that counts, & it’s only in this moment that we can make a choice. We’ve been made to be more unhappy than happy, again, based on our beliefs. Well, we’re in charge of them, so we have the great NowHere opportunity, continually, to change our course.


Finding our inner happiness is vital, for it lifts us, vibrationally, & that counts. We begin to build a momentum in OUR chosen direction, ditching the programmed beliefs. We can decide right now what’s truly important to us, then move in that direction. Many are choosing a closer alignment with truth, the best truth they can find. That works.

One day we’ll all realize — remember, actually — that the Universe & all it contains is actually inside of us, not the reverse. We contain our body, friends, it doesn’t contain us. We are consciousness.

This scientific video proves the power of consciousness:

Mind Over Matter is Real — Experiments Reveal — Dean Radin, Double-Slit Experiments — 34:56

Our holographic 3D “reality” is a game that we play, & the purpose is growth & endless development — & fun! We don’t die — it’s not possible. Only our character-in-the-play does that, but it’s time we remembered such things, since that’s not really us .

Today’s chaos will have been to our advantage & for our benefit, as we look back on it.

This very craziness is required to awaken those still asleep at the Source-in-form wheel. Our co-creative power is already on the rise, but our beliefs to the contrary limit our view. Let’s change that. Many courageous ones are standing tall, speaking out by their actions, refusing to play the old “normal” game any longer.

Proof that the human body is a projection of consciousness —

We’re not “normal” by any stretch of the imagination, friends, but each one must discover this on their own. We can’t hand it to one another, but we can let our light shine as we walk our talk. Remember, what you do in secret, in prayer or contemplation, in earnest reaching into your soul — that counts! It makes a bigger difference than we now realize.

Let’s abandon the helplessness meme to discover who we actually are.

As we reach inward to claim that, our life will surely change, & so will the world. Things won’t go down the tubes any longer as our momentum grows. We’re already well into the 100th-Monkey Effect & soon everyone will be noting it, talking about it. We’ll celebrate our wise use of the innate power at our core, our divine nature.

Let’s reclaim our sovereignty by withdrawing from the ridiculous Matrix with every thought, in every Now moment. Let’s take this world back, one Now at a time.



9:25 pm, Monday 2017/12/11, 2nd, Mayan day 13 Wisdom / Cib




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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