“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

What do we seek to accomplish as we write? What’s driving us?

It’s a fruitful question on which to embark, to see where it leads. The question, itself, has the power to clear away endless cobwebs of thought & belief; that is, if we’re ready for such an inward journey.

Some are not.

Can we all start with self-acceptance?


What we don’t often realize is how programmed we are, & how programmed into non-acceptance of our very self. Who sees themselves as good enough? We’re taught at an early age to chase after self-perfecting things, that we’re somehow inadequate as we are & must improve. We’re taught that others have the answers, not us.

That only works on us until it’s seen, recognized, eventually seen through for the crass manipulation away from our core that it is. Anything to keep us from self-realization, from awakening into Self as Source-in-form. That’s the greatest possible danger to the cabal & they had us locked down tightly for millennia.

Their (recent) genius was doing it such that we didn’t recognize our captivity.

What we call freedom, today, is a joke next to what true Freedom is, so all traces of Freedom had to be erased from historical records. What truth was allowed to remain had to be enmeshed with distortions, misinformation, & outright lies. They’ve used today’s science (not real science) as one of their main tools.

Their divorce of Philosophy from Science was a major move, a snow-job we somehow missed. (Today’s philosophy is but a pale shadow of its former self.)

The cabal seems to recognize that they can’t get away with total falsehoods for long, that humanity is attracted to truth & won’t generally follow total lies. Whatever lie they chose to promote must have elements of truth woven in lest it be ignored. Thus, do we have the example of the NSA psyop called Flat Earth.

Now, if you find yourself strongly opposed to that, even as a possibility, pause & ask yourself, why? No matter what the topic, when we feel we have the one & only truth on the matter, it’s time to pause for a deeper look. A helpful balancing factor is to recognize 3D as a realm of relativity.

What is absolute Truth? Can it be found within relativity?


We all have different takes on just about everything. We’ve allowed ourselves to be captured & categorized into various Belief Systems, things we take to be “the truth.” As long as we believe them, they form our relative truth. That doesn’t mean they apply equally to others.

What many don’t yet realize is how we are each the Master of our own life, well able to set our own course.

We don’t realize the vast extent of our manipulation by the cabal. In the USA, for example, it takes the form of Maritime Law, which is responsible for the tassels & fringe on our flag, the courtroom being likened to the ship as we cross the bar when entering Maritime jurisdiction (whose laws are distinctly other than those of our Constitutional Republic).

Maritime Law is a truly deep rabbit hole. I don’t suggest we delve too far into it, but knowing about it is vital to our larger perspective & understanding. We’ll have a whole new take on Plato as we view his Ship-of-State idea through that lens:

“The Ship of State is a famous and oft-cited metaphor put forth by Plato in Book VI of the Republic (488e–489d). It likens the governance of a city-state to the command of a naval vessel and ultimately argues that the only men fit to be captain of this ship(Greek: ναῦς) are philosopher kings, benevolent men with absolute power who have access to the Form of the Good.”

If we can’t see the danger in that, we’re not yet awake. This is only one way (albeit a HUGE one,) we’ve been deceived. Most aspects of current life form parts of an overall deception we’re beginning to uncover & reject. Though we have a l.o.n.g way to go, we’ve come a long way, too. On which side of that coin will you choose to focus?

Let’s celebrate our Now, our awakening moments, rather than allowing ourselves to get bogged down in Matrix BS.


Once we begin to see the general tone, the underlying methodology of the grand deception, we’re enabled to extricate ourselves, to choose to no longer participate in being farmed. We’re not a crop, but we remain one until we recognize & reclaim our Freedom from the intrinsic manipulation that forms the Matrix.

In a way, many of us are writing our way out, documenting our current steps, enjoying the inspiration as it flows through the pen. There are endless ways to look at things, an infinite number of perspectives available. We all get to pick & choose, but here’s the catch: we only get to choose for ourselves.

Many writers get caught-up in trying to choose for others, to lead & guide them. Good to observe & question that.

Those whose writing is a celebration of their NowHere experience are great ones to read. They generally don’t presume to know much of anything beyond their own direct experience, which is refreshing. My current step is being able to step back far enough to see a wider range of rabbit holes laid out, tempting us in — & have fun by not taking the bait, not getting deeply involved (unless Heart takes me there).


By choosing a broader perspective, the small things tend to fall into place, generally in ways we wouldn’t have predicted. Openness is a critical aspect to cultivate, better enabled as we see through more cabal machinations. We learn to NOT trust the things we were taught & told, granting ourselves greater openness to see more of what IS, what’s been hidden.

The moment we realize that every single belief comes with its own, custom-fitted set of blinders is a moment worthy of celebration. We just expanded out in unexpected ways, stepping aside from the whole group-think thing. If John sees it this way & Kenny sees it that way, absent openness there’s not much beneficial conversation to be had.


To what extent does our writing seek to shift (manipulate) the thinking, the perception of others? Who are we writing for, them or us? Hey, it’s a vital, a primary question that generates a great wealth of expansion for the open ones. The potential, here, is to exit relativity & enable our Source-in-form Self to speak. That One seeks to manipulate no one, respecting Free Will. That One just flows.

Can we step aside from the one who is writing & simply observe?

My focus, here, is on the initial missteps we take down whatever rabbit holes that wedge us into the Matrix. Where we go from here is strictly up to us, but there’s tremendous benefit in backing off for the wider view. We could call it getting down to basics, but in a way with which no mind is familiar, so the mind tends to reject it.

So what?!


This is where we discover the extent to which we’ve identified with our mind, (mis)taking it for Who we are. What upsets us? That’s worthy ground to till, as well. Why are we upset? What aspect of our Belief Systems’ BS do we perceive has been violated? How much of our innate Power are we turning over to the “offenders?” Are we playing the victim?

Sometimes we sit down to write & nothing comes. Our mind announces that we are blocked. What if it was only the mind that was blocked? Not that we should invite the mind to solve the “problem,” for it’s actually mind’s belief that it is a problem that gets in the way. It is not. It’s an opportunity. 🌈

What if other avenues of exploration are calling to us through that experience?

Now & again we get the story that just seems to write itself, yes? What’s up with that? From whence does that arise? For me, it’s always from Heart. Mind, restricted to knowledge about things, can’t enter this flow. The only way our mind can enable it is to shut the heck up, to get out of the way. 😆

What & Who is writing via that thoughtless flow?


I care not what the issue may be, it arises within thought, i.e., in the mind. What the broader perspective grants is the realization that mind is actually creating (by it’s labeling) whatever issue or problem we perceive. Perhaps more importantly, in focusing on whatever it is AS a problem, we’re contributing to the problem, even though we think/believe we’re in search of a solution.

That’s a hard one to swallow, but only for the mind, friends, which is in no way the full extent of You, your Source-in-form Self. Once we sufficiently disidentify from the mind we enable the broader perspective, the (re)connection with Source. It’s the lies we’ve bought into that limit us. The beauty, here? They can’t limit us absent our permission.

We’re the one allowing that, no one else.


Since our native realm is actually infinity/eternity, there’s no end we must reach, no final haven or prize to attain. Our world is largely built upon thought — do you recognize that? If so, then you’re recognizing how it’s consciousness that creates, nothing else. The rest is the story, the results.

What are my answers to these questions, what have I come to along this trek? So far, it’s that I Am, we are, SO much vaster & more Powerful than we’ve been taught or led to believe. Yet, on first recognizing the potential that we are each a Source-in-form manifestation, that seems distant, unapproachable.

What’s in the way?

Simple: our beliefs.

Accepting the possibility of our direct connection with Source unlocks a massive door, better enabling us to see through the Matrix maze, the carefully woven, hugely extensive net in which most spend their whole incarnation — unnecessarily! We are the sole jailer, we hold whatever keys are required at any point.

Caveat: until recognized, that doesn’t do us much good.

The missing stitch in our understanding, here, is the creative power of thought, of consciousness, itself. Few among us own that, & none among those in the Matrix. We are the one who must cross (or Be) the pivotal bridge, must blend the potentials into the reality of (or as) our NowHere experience.

As writers, how deep is our realization that no one can do this for anyone else? We can, but will we choose to let go of our other-centric focus, our stance within relativity?


My chosen perspective is that we’re aspects & elements, manifestations of the Divine. That, too, must be first recognized & then owned to bear fruit. It’s an avenue down which we go from being farmed to being the Farmer, wending our way out of the Matrix.

To conclude, what aspect of the vastness of You does your writing? What do you allow or enable? It all rests on how you choose to identify — as yourself or your Self. Seems simple, but it’s huge.

Many wounds experience quick healing when we quit being lured into playing the victim roles engineered by the cabal. MSM & social media play an important programming role, here, endlessly repeating the negatives & the lies.

It all starts with seeing, my friends. We’ve allowed ourselves to be as mice, trapped in a very small space, unable to find our way out. Due to the great power of consciousness, of thought, we thus entrap ourselves, cut ourselves off from the Greater Self.

Mind refuses to see or believe it, but everything, absolutely everything is to our benefit, our advantage.

Only Heart can take this particular trek, guaranteed to bolster your writing in ways currently unimaginable. Ups & downs are always the case in 3D, but remember, even those downs come bearing gifts.

It’s a matter of Free Will to choose our particular route via the perspective(s) we adopt.

These eyes through which I hoped to see Source are the eyes through which Source sees (& Be’s) me. 😲 Let the mind be pretzeled — frequently. It’s great fun! 😆



11:25 am, Friday, 2018/05/04, 1st — Mayan day 1 Sun / Ahau

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness