Why Do We Write?

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye, Youtuber
The Ghost Writer — Emcastellan.files,wordpress.com

Can we all start with self-acceptance?

Their (recent) genius was doing it such that we didn’t recognize our captivity.

Their divorce of Philosophy from Science was a major move, a snow-job we somehow missed. (Today’s philosophy is but a pale shadow of its former self.)

What is absolute Truth? Can it be found within relativity?

What many don’t yet realize is how we are each the Master of our own life, well able to set our own course.

Let’s celebrate our Now, our awakening moments, rather than allowing ourselves to get bogged down in Matrix BS.

Writer — Themindfulword.org

Many writers get caught-up in trying to choose for others, to lead & guide them. Good to observe & question that.

Can we step aside from the one who is writing & simply observe?

So what?!

What if other avenues of exploration are calling to us through that experience?

What & Who is writing via that thoughtless flow?

We’re the one allowing that, no one else.

What’s in the way?

Simple: our beliefs.

Caveat: until recognized, that doesn’t do us much good.

Mind refuses to see or believe it, but everything, absolutely everything is to our benefit, our advantage.

Heart-Book — 2.bp.blogspot.com



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