Power of Free Will in Awakening

Who’s In Charge? It’s Not Who We Think

“These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Spiritual Awakening, Bodymindsoulspirit.com

We’re mistaken to think we know who runs the cabal, the Deep State, the Shadow Government & the rest. Any face or name we put to that is incorrect, for they don’t let themselves be known. What we call the cabal is merely their minions, doing as they’re commanded from behind the scenes.

If we let that sink in, it’s rather scary at first. There are many today so frightened of this whole concept that the refuse to admit to other lifeforms or to human life elsewhere. Some even call all ETs demons. 😲 Look at our planet, how it nurtures so many varied lifeforms. That’s natural, that’s Nature, & it’s not different elsewhere.

Yes, we’ve been lied to, cradle to grave, but so what? We’re waking up from the programmed daze we fell into centuries, even millennia ago. We’ve been entirely too trusting, thus not able or likely to see the bigger picture, but our blindness is now falling away. We’re at least willing to consider multiple possibilities for things we were so sure we understood.

The cabal is an off-planet affair, run by those from both other planets & even other dimensions. We’ve long been milked like livestock by their minions who only look to their own advantage — which is often why they allied themselves with the cabal in the first place. We are worth very little to them, just what use they can get from us to fill their coffers & maintain their control.

Money, itself, is a tool of mass control. We went from the purity of an age of barter, of exchanging real value for real value, to this current mess that holds us all in its clutches. We are entitled to the riches our planet so generously provides without having to pay anyone for the favor. It’s our birthright, one we so conveniently (for them) forgot. We have been seriously misled.

Let the initial anger be observed as it arises; don’t act on it. Write a private diatribe, getting all of your feelings out to be seen & released. We have only ourselves to thank for this, friends. Who will man up to this? Who recognizes that, as Source-in-form, the power was & is always ours.

We didn’t handle it well, didn’t guard it, didn’t cherish it. We put others in charge of first this piece then that aspect… and so it went — literally went, slipping right through our fingers as we placed others “in control.” We’re looking at all of that, now, so the anger will arise as we see to what extent we’ve been played. It’s HUGE.

In order to awaken & take back our rightful place on the earth stage, we must first own up to the reality that we basically pissed our native Power away. We eventually allowed ourselves & our children to be programmed to such an extent that it kept the cabal ever in the cat-bird’s seat, humanity ever groveling at their feet.


This is that dark-&-Light-in-each-one-of-us thing, the whole Yin-Yang. ☯️ In the midst of seemingly separate objects, people, endless things, all is but One, underneath. We don’t find our wholeness in externals, we find it deep within, where we’re all 100% equal.

Friends, we don’t get judged. No, it’s our actions that are judged by the law. We all contain the same dark & Light of necessity in our union, so we’re not judged for that. It’s what we choose to emphasize, what we align with, our chosen beliefs & the actions to which they lead us that merit scrutiny.

While this clashes with many a belief system, I no longer care, not respecting them sufficiently to tip-toe around them. You have the right to make your own choices, & as long as they do no harm, I’m totally find with whatever you choose. It’s not up to me to run your life for you — nor you for me.

We all have a great deal of serious growing-up to do if we would step up to the highest & best available to us all. We are at a stage of spiritual immaturity that’s rather stunning, as every awakening one eventually realizes. It’s no problem, either, just what’s currently on our plate. There is no judgment to this, again — only actions are judged, NEVER people.

The underlying beauty, here, is that anyone can choose to change in any Now moment. We always have that power. We’ve always been in control, even when we were programmed & “educated” to believe otherwise. Those who step into Heart Know this — it’s not a mind thing, not something to be questioned. Heart Knowing just Is, hugely different from the mind’s polarized & polarizable territory.

I’ve likely lost many of you by now, but for those who chose to remain, I’ll share what contactee Alex Collier recently shared via his 61st (7/20/2018) webinar. Andromedan Council ETs are now boots-on-the-ground, or rather under the ground, working with secret military special forces to take out the ET cabal, the ones running the whole show. (He names the areas around the world where this is happening.)

There are any number of areas in the world where they’re working together to eliminate the malevolent ET presence on earth. They know we couldn’t possibly eliminate them since our technology is not up to the task.

At the same time, these benevolent ET family & friends tell us that we are the ones who will have to deal with the earth people gone wrong — the cabal minions in office, in Hollyweird, & on the business scene. We let them take the bit between their teeth & run with it, so we now have them to deal with.

Just as President Trump is sponsored & supported by benevolent ETs, so is the USA. The pivotal point is our Free Will, which we’ve largely let slip under others’ control. What & who have we aligned with, & why? When in Heart, do we still consider them worthy to run things?

Yes, this is a mass awakening, friends, but it’s not one that will coming & knock at your door, one that will just grab you up. This is all about what we choose to do with our Free Will as we awaken — whether we choose to step up & play our vital role — or not.

We contain it all, 100%. ☯ ️Yet, will we own that? 🌏

When will we awaken enough to find our way into Heart’s portal into the All That Is? When will we quit either blaming others for their “failings,” or expecting others to do the work for us? Awakening is a very alone sort of thing, not something anyone of us can do for anyone but the self/Self.

Roll is being called by the best within us, by Source as Source-in-form. Will we answer? What will be our answer? No one but you can answer for you. It’s as we make answer to this call that this whole world is literally turning around. We can participate to whatever extent we’re able, all are worthy, all are important — every one of us really & truly counts!

Sita Sings the Blues — “If you want the rainbow, you must have the rain” — 2:59



10-ish am, Friday, 2018/07/27 — Mayan day 7 Seed / Kan



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