Who Speaks? Who Hears?

These Eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God/Source sees me

There is no dearth of voices speaking out these days. Between blogs & videos online, we live midst a flood of voices sharing almost an infinite range of perspectives, opinions, & thoughts. Yet how many of us are aware of who is speaking — “who” in a deeper sense than name, gender, address?

Within each of us is a veritable multitude of potential voices, being the multi-layered, multidimensional beings we are. I generally choose to speak from Heart instead of mind, but let’s be aware that those aren’t the only options. Perhaps you’ve noticed speakers coming from ego. Then there are those coming from inner wounding of some kind — speaking from pain. The list goes on…


While it’s enjoyable to have so many choices of speakers from around the planet, it’s also wise to tune-in — what level of their being is speaking? We ALL having something to share, something of worth to say. Yet “buyer beware” — there are different uses for the info, largely dependent on what aspect of their being is speaking.


Yes, there is even good use for the sharing from ego or pain — we can grow from it, see ourselves reflected in their words & perhaps learn from their experiences. It all depends on our goals, our intentions — what do we seek? Even further, what aspect of our being is doing the listening? Few among us have ventured into the depths of our own being — our inner core.

Even if we have one listening & one blogging/vlogging, we have many options on both sides — our own multi-layered being & that of the speaker. Are we centered in the inner stillness as we listen — or is our mind running a non-stop lists & chores, bits from our past, random thoughts & opinions?


Now let’s add the multiple layers of the message, itself, for we can read/hear something once, then hear it differently when we go back to it, later. This depends on where we are coming from, as every message has hidden depths of meaning.

What we’ll pick-up has everything to do with our own state of awareness as we listen. As we leave duality behind in our awakening trek, we’re more open to the layers of meaning behind/beyond someone’s words.


Taking responsibility for the self, for our life, is an integral aspect of awakening. When doing so, we realize that — whatever the message is — we’ve magnetized/attracted it into our experience. No such thing as coincidence exists — never did. That was just a mindset, a perspective.

We begin to uncover hidden aspects of our being that work to produce our experience of life. Let us own this, taking our power back from circumstance & supposed happenstance. WE are the creator, here, in this life we are leading — unintentionally, we just let go of the reins.


We love hearing our self reflected in the words & experiences of others — it’s life-affirming. It’s how we’re all coming together on this road to reuniting with the one family that is Humanity. It’s great to realize we’re not alone — that others have similar experiences.

Many say “We’re all one,” but this can be heard on so many levels. It has depth far greater than anything to which our 3D mind has access. This oneness can be directly experienced — going far beyond the linear words.


Every experience in life is beneficial — yeah, even the nasty ones. If we look back over our life lived thus far, we see a vast variety of experiences. Little did we realize, in the midst of them, how great a part WE played. We thought they were just happening to us.

How can they all be beneficial? Don’t you love it, when you’ve walked a mile in someone’s shoes, sharing similar experiences, feeling the depth of understanding that can arise? The depth of connection you feel?

Often a “negative” experience teaches us what do don’t want, causing us to examine the path we took that brought us to that experience — to perhaps alter our future course. Then, as we’re raising our children, we bring a greater depth of understanding to it, based on our own life experiences. So it benefits both us & the others in our lives, potentially.


What is your attitude toward life? That plays a far greater role in not just what we experience, but in how we interpret it. Most of us are a bit gun-shy of life at some point — perhaps even now. We’re determined to have only good experiences & stay as far away as possible from painful ones. Yet what if that pain is our teacher, our loving guidance at work?

There is no experience that doesn’t have great potential for personal gain. I’ve found that my attitude toward life & others — to what I’m experiencing — controls in huge ways. What if it was your firm belief that life held nothing but good, better, & best? How would it feel to walk in those shoes?


In the many years I’ve held this attitude I can attest that it brings a rainbow of varied blessings, the least of which is great — that it takes the sting out of all experiences. When we’re no longer resisting whatever arises, that turns the whole scene on its head. When we “get it” that whatever is taking place is to our advantage, that somehow opens us to a more pleasant ride.


When we begin to look for the possible benefits in what we’re going through — well, our life takes another turn. It’s almost like moving from one lifetime into another. After a while we forget what it was like to react in fear, pain, or avoidance.

We begin what amounts to a whole nother life, it’s that different. And this is only taking charge of one aspect of life — our attitude. Just imagine what’s available beyond this!


The bottom line is that we are FAR greater than mind even has the ability to imagine. We are quite literally Source-in-form — a ray of That, shining down into this 3D earth scene. With what aspect of our self do we identify? Is it mind? Is it our painful past? Is it with our ego, desiring to gain wealth, to get ahead? Or is it with our Heart, that point of powerful connection with Source/God — with Higher Self?

The beauty here is that, by taking responsibility for self, we begin taking our power back, day by day, moment by moment. Little did we know, before, how we were trained & enculturated to give our power away. Most of us do it daily & in so many ways, the biggest of which may be blaming others — or life — for simply anything. Blame is always a result of giving our power away to something/someone else.


We have, here, three aspects of any message: we, as the listener; the speaker; & the message, itself — a multifaceted cornucopia of options among which to choose. It’s all about choice, about how we apply free will, which has everything to do with how we perceive our current experience, whatever it is. By just stepping back enough to observe all of these potentials at play, we reacquire a great deal of our native power as Source-in-form.

Just observe — that’s all. Observe not just the message, but the self perceiving it. Choose to identify with yourself as Source-in-form — to take back your power — to make conscious, instead of unconscious choices. We innocently, unintentionally gave our power away — let us take it back, intentionally.


Then, once you’ve done that, choose to see all of life, every experience as beneficial. On the surface it may seem anything but, but the benefit is always present —just awaiting your choice to see it. Admittedly, some things are best seen in hind-sight, giving us time to integrate them.

As we look back over our life, but with new eyes, the benefits are visible. This also helps us to lighten-up on ourselves, another great benefit. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, always. You made the best choice you could at the time. You learned from it, whatever it was — & you still can, anchoring its benefits into the present.

The bottom line is falling deeply in Love with the Self — as Source-in-form. Many are now realizing that they cannot truly love another in the absence of loving self/Self. Absent this divine Self-Love, they don’t have it to give. They are not accessing their vastness, ever present in every NowHere — the great nowhere in which Source can always be found.


10:06 am, Wednesday 2017/03/05, Mayan day 12 Ix/Jaguar




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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