Who Are We, REALLY?

Awakening to Internal Union, Divinity

3 min readApr 25, 2022


Dear ones, beings of earth/terra, we are ridiculously powerful. It’s time to wake-up to that, Now, in the NowHere that is all there is. We have shocking days both now & ahead as we come to recognize the massive corruption surrounding us, running things.

We need not be subject to that, but trying to fix it “out there” in the world isn’t the way. That betrays Who we truly are, as Source-in-form, for our greatness is an internal thing that works through the externals of physical life.

Who & what are we, truly? We are Love, a Love so divine that it’s unrecognizable via the mind. We ARE That, but on a much deeper layer/level, one not physical. Thus, we’re called to walk by faith for a time, trusting Source/God, following Heart, our deep Inner Being.

Our every thought has far more power than we’ve been taught/programmed to see, to realize. Thus, our doubts & negativity block that, getting in the way of what’s meant to be, NowHere. This is our time of great awakening, but we must cooperate with that. We must be willing to follow where Heart leads, letting go of so very much that doesn’t serve us at all.

It’s a time for unlearning all we thought, all we believed we knew. We know basically nothing, but until we can allow this, until we’re willing to take a neutral view of it all, we won’t see it. It’s because we’re so powerful and what we believe holds us in thrall to such a great extent.

We’ve become arrogant. Have you noticed? It’s not just you — we all have a bit (or a LOT) of this at work, blocking our view of what’s there to be seen. It won’t be seen until we’re ready, & our readiness requires our cooperation. Fear gets very much in the way, taking our vibration/frequency down, blocking not just our view, but even our ability to see.

We are blessed, dear ones; infinitely blessed. Who is willing, not just to see this, but to allow it, to cooperate with it? We are the Divine Dance of Source/God, but only when we get out of the way, i.e., ego, arrogance, mind, & the rest.

It’s time to become neutral observers. Easier said than done. It requires a great deal of letting go, of welcoming emptiness. So much more is seen from the emptiness that’s available to us all — one & all. We must cooperate with our awakening, don’t you know?

Everything external is ultimately illusory. Our Power is a Divine Power that goes so far beyond externals as to make them humorous. Things are actually much better, FAR better than any mind yet realizes, here. Keeping a sense of humor through it all is ever so helpful.

Our freauency, our vibration is Creative, my friends. Let us become ever more aware of that, paying ever less attention to our thoughts. The mind cna only view things from the outside — externally. We are not limited that way, but we must step ever deeper into our true nature, our Divine Reality to see these things. Are you game?



8:32 pm, Wednesday, 2022/04/14




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness