Who Are We? Beings of Vibration

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

Many of us on the awakening trek have already come face-to-face with the realization that we can’t define the self. We come up empty-handed when we try to find or pin anything down as to who or even what we are. It may be a bit off-putting at first, but eventually we find our way into acceptance, not quite as sure, going forward, as we were around our identity, earlier.

Some realize that it was mind that was so confident in this idea of the separate self.

If the “who” is illusive, insubstantial, what of the “What are we” question? Though the answers we have track back to our Belief Systems, thus having no solid foundations, we can at least approach the “what” by recognizing our nature, our consciousness as vibrational. Ever rising & lowering in frequency, we can all sense those times when we are off, somehow — not feeling right. While it may have physical or emotional components, these but affect our vibration, which exists at a more rarefied level.

An earlier journal covered this in some depth — the fact that awareness is more vibrational, based on frequency, than it is anything 3D or solid. We distinguish the vehicle from its driver, the being or soul that we are, wed to the vehicle for a season we call a lifetime, after which we depart as the seemingly ephemeral “thing” called awareness or consciousness.

As this is more self-defining than either body or mind, let’s look deeper into awareness, into its vibrational essence. Just like the TV or radio stations, each thought has its own particular frequency. Like attracts like in this case, attracting like thoughts, magnetically. Thus do we get into a particular mood, whether light or heavy, & tend to so remain. It can take focused effort to shift our frequency — nor are we well educated around how this works, or our many self-defeating behaviors that seem to come naturally.

We’ve looked into both the subtle underlying movement of being against — against anything or anyone — as well as its many disguises in earlier journals. Though subtle-seeming at first, once seen they become much easier to spot as we gain this awareness. This points to internal dissonance more than it does a simple lowering of frequency — neither of which is at all comfortable.

Yet, we’re so schooled in our ways, having made of them habits, that we remain largely unaware of these interior activities.

Thus, most often we can’t quite put a finger on why we feel as we do at any particular time. For some, it’s almost entirely subconscious, maintained that way by our habit of external, rather than internal focus. It’s all about where we place our attention, much more than we realize. This is generally easier to spot in others than in the self, yet we can learn from it that way, as well, noting the habit patterns that both fracture & lower vibration.


One day we’ll realize that the seeming others in our lives act more as mirrors for us than as anything actually separate. Meanwhile, is there anything we can do about any of this to perhaps make ourselves more self-aware? Since what we are can be seen to be awareness more than anything else, I hesitate to use the word “do.” We are human beings, not human doings, after all, & while it may seem a fine distinction, it’s an important one.

When humanity thinks about doing, it’s assumed to be physical, sometimes mental action. In these realms there is little we can “do” about awareness or frequency, as these abide more in the realm of our inner being. That means that our most efficacious doing, here, will be within awareness. Thus, when you read “doing” here, take it into the realm of your being, where our focus remains internally directed.

To the extent we could be said to be vibrational beings, always radiating a certain frequency, there is much we can do to remove that from the subconscious or unconscious realms, bringing it up into conscious awareness. While this takes maintaining a certain portion of awareness inward-directed, this, too, can become a familiar habit or tendency. It is well to recognize it as a major shift in our outward-focused society — so starting with a firm intent to move in this direction is necessary, else we simply forget, slipping back into familiar patterns.

As you recall a time when you were joyful & feeling uplifted, recognize it as being at a higher frequency, a much faster moving energy. We can also recognize times of being down, of feeling sad or upset, as being a slower moving energy, at a lower vibrational frequency. As we begin to note such aspects of our awareness, this goes to helping us gain a new measure of understanding, which will eventually translate into the ability to make way for the desired change.


This isn’t to say we’re chasing only happy feelings & avoiding the less pleasant ones. Please recognize that as originating in mind, whereas we’re working on much deeper levels, here. Awareness & mind are not the same thing, though society often views them that way. They are distinct, so seeing that helps keep us in those deeper levels where we’re doing this work.

To the extent that awareness is frequential, you’d think that, like a flute, we could simply choose what notes to play. Again, that would be a mental approach, & while mind is an awesome tool for many applications, awareness is not one of them. Mind has no access to this, so it’s also good to be in Mind-Observer Mode, or MOM, as thought will most often seek to interfere. An effort of will is required to keep our attention in place, within.

We, as humanity — as the beings working with & in these bodies — are vastly more powerful than we’ve yet either realized or even imagined. One day we’ll have a good laugh over that, but meanwhile, let’s get to reclaiming the many aspects of our innate power that we’ve all but given away, via our habit patterns & systems of belief.

That starts with recognizing that our being goes much deeper than we currently believe it does. We’re beings of awesome vastness, but that does little good for us when it remains as untapped potential, potential of which we’re blithely unaware. All of our work, our doing, to access & bring to bear this hidden potential in our lives is completely internal. We’re going to areas of awareness seldom plumbed by today’s humanity.


Are you game? Are you willing to make such a big shift, leaving both the world & the mind to the side for the internal journeying? It takes concerted effort to go against the grain of “the way it’s always been done,” the way we’ve heretofore looked at things. Thus, this won’t happen inadvertently, but requires application of awareness to shift, external to deeply internal.

How you go about making this shift is entirely up to you, seeking out what works for you. How someone else approaches it has nothing to do with you. There are no bulleted lists, no methods, no courses to take. This is not to say that you may not find some such things helpful, such as meditation or yoga or things along this line. Ultimately, though, these activities won’t take you where you’re going — they can only provide an assist along the way, & only if you feel an inner call to move in those directions.


We’re learning to distinguish the call of mind from the call of Heart. Most don’t yet perceive the Heart call, for it’s not experienced at all when focused in the mind. In the past we’ve thought that inner meant mental, for being in mind was more internal than being focused on the physical aspects of being. We’ll now begin to gain a further, finer distinction about aspects of our inner being.

Only then will we begin to sense what could be called the call of Heart, which for some will be quite new & seem terribly subtle — for a while. Being in mind will be seen, eventually, as nothing like being in Heart. This is a benefit of maintaining a more regular inward focus, allowing our attention to move deeper within.

While at first it may seem overly subtle & somewhat confusing, over time (for those sufficiently determined) things begin to sort themselves out. As we gain a greater alacrity at keeping things external from totally grabbing our focus, this inner work begins to pay off. Intuition arises as we gain a new inner sense, or it increases for those who are already intuitive.

What seems strange & complex at first, & way too subtle, now gets easier. We relax into this as it begins to feel more natural. We’re actually touching down on new levels of our being, previously unexplored. We’ll also watch the self changing, shifting in unaccountable ways (about which it’s useless to apply too much thought).


One thing that’s clearly shifting is our self-concept. We didn’t know we had these depths in us, nor how to access them, before. Now we discover the great power of our attention — where we choose to place that. We had no idea such a simple thing could have this power to bring about these internal shifts. During this process the many things antithetical to it will begin arising into our awareness.

Many things will bug us, in other words, bringing themselves to our attention. There’s a reason for this.

Just as when you shine a bright light into a dark corner or crevice, suddenly the cobwebs & dust become visible — this is what’s taking place within us. By coming into our awareness, this internal clutter or dirt is, in effect, inviting us to sweep it out, to let it go. To the extent that we maintain an inner or Heart focus during these times, this will be abundantly clear. To the extent we remain in mind, it will remain bothersome.

The choice is ever ours about where to place & maintain our focus, our awareness.

Another delightful benefit that arrives a bit further along the way is a new-found simplicity. Over time we begin to spot mind at work in any complexity — always mind, always thought, always underlying beliefs. It takes consciously distancing ourselves from spending too much time in mind’s realm to experience this new clarity, this seeming simplicity. While some have a knack for this, for others it just takes time & stubborn application.


Once we make enough of a shift in our general way of being — our move from constant outward focus, constant mental application to whatever we perceive in our Now moment, only then can we effectively begin any doing around changing our frequency. Done earlier, it almost always tends to mental activity, which isn’t helpful at these deeper levels of being — within Heart.

Multidimensional Heart — blogspot

When we’re reasonably steady in maintaining Heart focus, we’re ripe to begin to both be aware of & address our NowHere frequency.

We get the feel of this, the inner sensing, much more akin to intuition than to thought. That’s our meter, the “measure” of our frequency, where it gets ever easier to distinguish the subtlety of higher vibration from lower. Until we have this inner sense, it does little good to try to do anything about it.


Now, we can begin to consciously choose more reliably where to place our focus, our attention. We’ll find our reading & viewing habits shifting, being more sensitive to how things make us feel. Because we have some experience with MOM, we more quickly spot mind’s interference, its lack of helpfulness in any of this.

Our trek, now, will be one of slowing ditching old attitudes, ideas, & beliefs. We’ll see them as strictly mental things, placed into our awareness via early conditioning, later education, & our integration with society. As we stick with our Heart focus, we’ll have new clarity around those beliefs, seeing right through many of them, viewing angles there, never before seen by us.

We come to view the utter weakness of beliefs to take us anywhere we desire to go. They’re on a shallower level of our being than we now commonly occupy. They’re superficial in ways we couldn’t perceive, before, when we held many of them quite deeply. Now, they just look “other,” somehow — not the great things we once took them to be.

Mind won’t understand one bit of this — which is awkward, of course, but only early on. The more persistent we are in placing focus on higher vibrational, more uplifting, more spiritually supportive media, the higher our frequency tends to be. We notice how certain people, certain situations tend to shift our frequency — either higher or lower. We’re gaining a new self-respect as we access these deeper layers of awareness which enables us to make better choices around what we view, with whom we associate — what we’ll tolerate, & what we won’t.

Ultimately, a deep self Love will arise as we allow it to come forward. We’re making contact on deeper layers of our being, touching down into the felt understanding that we could actually be divine, or of the divine — as Source-in-form. No one knows at what stage of our trek these things will show themselves — none of it can be forced. We’re more the witness to all of that.

We’re learning the dance steps of the divine dance, with Source as the Dancer, & we not as dance partner, but as the actual divine Dance. We become the witness to our life, far more than the doer of that. All of this just arises quite naturally, once we learn to get out of our own way & simply allow. Our cork naturally floats, & now we see how we’ve been the ones holding it down, all along.



5:11 pm, Wednesday 2017/10/18, 2nd, Mayan day 11 Wind / Ik




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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