Where from Here?

4 min readFeb 27, 2020
These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — In5d.com

As you may have guessed — or not — that depends entirely on where “here” is for you. Our here is someone else’s there, after all. We don’t really mean the same thing, even when using the very same words, do we? Interesting & strange — to the mind, but of course.

So rather than pursue the “where” of “where from here,” let’s spend some time with the “here.” Let our first chore be to step aside from the mind to cozy down in Heart, a much better “here” to occupy for a much better ride/lifetime.

Looking From Within

Every “where” that’s available to us is linked directly to our chosen “here.” Our “where” grows in proportion to the depth of our penetration into “here,” be that in Heart or in the head. Our adventure into university expands our available “where,” yet that expansion is generally into things external.

While that can be a great deal of fun, it’s unlikely to lead to awakening.

Do we want to awaken? Really? Are we willing to pay whatever the price may be? It’s best to be in Heart for these questions, as our mind’s replies will diverge from Heart’s response. If we’re confused or uncertain about what we truly want, it’s best to deal with that, now.

We all discover at some point that we have two sets of desires, mind-centric & Heart-centric ones. We have internal things to work through before taking on external ones — if we’re wise. Once we realize how anchored our potential “where’s” are to our internal “here,” we’re in good shape to make wiser choices.

Your choices aren’t wiser just because they’re Heart choices. Sometimes we incarnate specifically to take on a life more focused on the externals. Our current life is but one strand, one thread in the overall pattern woven by our Source-in-form Self.

Truthfully, if we’ve come a long way in releasing ourselves from life’s programming, then Heart’s choices will always be the best. They’ll take into account our Self’s overall purpose or desires for this lifetime. There is no book of right answers for this. No two are the same, neither people nor answers.

The fact is that we are where we are. It’s best to accept & even welcome that since it just is what it is & fighting it doesn’t help us — unless our current life’s purpose is to learn the pointlessness of that so we can finally set it to the side. Do you see how impossible it is for the mind to sort such things out?

The good news is that the mind doesn’t have to figure it out since Heart just Knows.

I’d say “Where from here?” is to delve much more deeply into “here.” We launch prematurely when we rely on the arrogance of the mind that thinks it knows. Heart’s realm is the NowHere, i.e., the realm of remembering Who we really are & have been all along.

As we participate in Creation, taking on lives in 3D or other dimensions, our playground is time, yet the NowHere is also always the case. Somehow, strangely, they coexist. Two sides of the same coin? Perhaps. That’s one perspective, at any rate. ☯️

The mind lives in Either-Or-ville, seeing all things as separate, while we abide in the Both-And-land of Heart where no two even exists. It’s very strange, but that strangeness gets to be fun as we ditch the nasty programmed bits. One of the greatest reliefs is to see how fear is hugely mind-based. We just Know that when in Heart; we experience it, directly, though we’re left unable to explain it.

It’s a good time to make friends with the Yin/Yang, with all it represents. It’s a mighty teaching tool, silent though it is.

So is our “here” centered in our head or in Heart? That’s one question, but let’s also step back another pace to inquire into the “our” part of this, into who we take ourselves to be, into who is asking?

We can choose to be fully centered into this one lifetime — or not. The awakening ones tend to link up with other parts & aspects of themselves, with other lifetimes, other-dimensional experiences, etc.

How we’d answer that “Where from here” question relies entirely on who we take ourselves to be.

As we Love ourselves enough to take time sorting out the “here” of it, we all benefit, we all gain, connected as we are in the One. Perhaps we also discover that balance is best. We could even call it Balance when viewing from Heart.

Now. Here. This.

The fact is that we’re all of it — yes, ALL. Where we want to place our focus is what counts in our present experience.

Yes, & who/Who we take ourselves to be, who/Who is doing the focusing. LOL. Ya just gotta laugh, sometimes. No, wait — ya just gotta laugh a lot, & mostly at the self.

So perhaps the bottom line to it all is to just lighten up & remember to enjoy it all.



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