What’s the Point of it All?

We’re moving on from the current reality, folks. Some will likely stick around, enjoying the 3D relativity, but it’s old news to us. How many lifetimes does it take to finally just get it? Well, in infinity/eternity there is no “finally,” but be in Heart to see/sense what I mean.

3D is fine & it’s wonderful, but it’s so limited in its perspectives AND we are not limited to 3D. We also exist, right NowHere, in those other realms & dimensions. What keeps us bound, here, in our experience is all found in our beliefs which are so powerful because we are far more powerful than we’ve got a clue about.

We’re Source-in-form. That’s HUGE.

It starts with us identifying with & as the body-mind & ego.

That belief creates a jail out of our form, one of our own construction. Instead of recognizing our body more as a costume we wear for our 3D adventures, we make a jail of it by amputating the rest of our greater Being.

Most of us don’t yet realize that we leave our bodies every night, every nap as we dream. Those dreams are other-dimensional experiences. Who can make room for that? Many, I’m sure, especially those who’ve poked around in the NDE realm, whether directly or indirectly, through books & videos.

It’s as we make room for such concepts, such perspectives, we begin to realize that humanity is going through a MAJOR perspective shift. We begin to realize that nothing of what we’ve been told or taught is likely true. That Asian emptiness thing, the inner void begins to make at least a lick of sense. Perhaps we no longer reject it, outright.

We were never taught the terrible power of our thoughts & beliefs.

That was a betrayal, yes, but not done by our parents or teachers, for they were also betrayed back through countless generations. My conclusion is that we’ve largely been kept as a herd, much like sheep or cattle. We don’t know, yet, by whom, but the evidence clarifies, day by day.

It’s ugly on first recognition, but it becomes funny & even enjoyable as our clarity & discernment increases. We see how we, as Source-in-form, could not be forced into anything. We also have free will. We see how things were warped & twisted in ways that manipulated us to agree to things presented as beneficial that were ultimately harmful, keeping us trapped.

The funny part? It that same free will that we can, with relative ease, undo all the chains & traps into which we were tricked. Okay, these things are not clear & apparent early on, but for those stubborn enough to keep at it, determined to awaken, it does become clear.

We ARE in charge, here.

Money, itself, is one of the biggest traps. It’s time to take control of that & thing are in the works that will do so. Look into HR25 before the House Ways & Means Committee, how it abolishes the IRS among other wonderful things.

Trust is another huge trap. It’s what lets the controllers put a pretty dress on a pig & sell it to us as useful — when it’s not. This applies everywhere, including, for example, in education & government.

We have allowed our schools to become halls of programming that graduate SJWs across the board, no matter the grade level. In government, it’s oh, so wise to read the whole bill rather than just the title & summary. We’d generally be shocked if we did at how far from the title/summary they stray. And those are but two examples of the self-entrapment that’s everywhere.

Yes, self-entrapment. It’s vital to take responsibility for our powerful part in the whole drama. That comes along naturally with our awakening so we don’t have to force it. The mind will never get it, but Heart Knows.

Things are much finer than they appear.

Just as the mind is the source of our fear, it is also the source of our chains. As we un-imprison ourselves, we finally see through the nonsense of the programming. We get over the initial shock as we begin to see the beautiful Light shining through simply everything — & everyone. The Oneness shows Itself in endless, myriad ways.

So what is the point of being here on earth? Once we find & enter Heart, our inner Beingness, that question goes away. From that NowHere perspective, it’s clear — just not anything that words can contain, so it requires our direct experience to get it.

Don’t cling. Let your perspectives morph. Listen to others, only this time, from Heart. Don’t be too quick to reply; just listen & observe. You WILL be shown. It’s nothing we need to “learn,” since it’s bound up in Who & what we already are.

There is no two-ness in Source. We are ALL That. We just have to let it Be, to get out of the way, to unlock the many chains & dungeons we’ve placed ourselves in. Why does a flower bloom? What’s “the point” of that? It just does. It’s built-in.

The point is (or is within) our Beingness.

It’s not anything that our minds will understand, so we must surrender our addiction to the mind-fix, the mind answer to everything. Some, perhaps many, are not ready for that. Fine. We’re ready when we’re ready & not before. Don’t force yourself into anything.



2:16 p.m., 2020/02/16



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness