What is Truth?

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

A society that honors truth does not collapse, nor even deteriorate it prospers. Truth is eternal, thus is its own defense — it outlasts all comers, all challenges. What we have, today, is called relative truth — it is not that Truth which is absolute, of the same simple purity as Love, the essence of Source.

We contain — better said, we are that Truth — yet it’s not easily found in today’s world of humanity. We’ve lost our way, to greater & lesser extents, finding ourselves in The Matrix of unreality, having abandoned Truth somewhere along the way.

We lost trust in ourselves by placing it in others, rather than in Self, as Source-in-form.


The whys & the wherefores will reveal themselves as we set our feet back on the path of Truth. In this way our relative truths will begin to conform, once again, to real Truth — & we’ll know it, we’ll feel it, as that Truth is ever resident, resonant, deep within. We know our values are askew, yes — but how? We sense it, we feel it, within. We see the mess in the world. We feel the discomfort.

It is not that truth is absent from our world, either. Truth cannot be thoroughly conquered at any time, yet it seems it can be diluted. Not so, for when you take the pure glass of Truth & add but one particle of falsehood, it is no longer Truth — it becomes relative truth, accepted as truth by society, today. Real Truth is ever pure, un-dilute-able.

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, it is said, “To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man” — so very deep. Since the qualities of Source have this kind of power, they will do the work for us. Good to know.


Following the path of Light, of Love, is actually much easier than it would seem, since these qualities of Truth, Purity, Love, Compassion & such are active, not passive — yet they must be sought out.

Their relative counterparts — truth, purity, love, compassion — are a good place to begin. If & as we’re sincere, they will lead us into Heart at some point — away from reliance on the crutch of our mind.

The best qualities of 3D mind are the relative versions.

Mind does the best that it can, but it cannot know Truth. We are easily convinced to pursue the relative version as the real deal. Relative truth settles for the proofs of scientific experimentation, which change over time. Again, mind does its best, but it isn’t the repository of Truth. Thus, it must seek.


The Heart walk leads directly to Truth, yet the mind will not see it that way. As our mind watches us start this trek toward Truth, it believes that the path meanders off into odd areas — ones it wouldn’t choose. It won’t understand, won’t be able to see the benefit, there.

Fall Foliage, WV Winding Country Rd — wikimedia

This is because mind is unable to either see or evaluate the divine qualities such as Truth. How we got this far off into the mental path is anyone’s guess. Yet it’s comforting to know that we don’t have to figure it out, since the actions of the divine qualities are trustworthy.

It may appear to the mind that we’re distracted, not following a direct line in pursuit of Truth. Yet, if we but trust our inner guidance, we’ll be shown how this seeming detour is anything but — is rather, a valuable part of our trek.

We’ll see it in what we gain — in what reveals itself to us along the way. It may be that we need to meet someone who has something important to share — perhaps something useful to us at step 16. When we’re on step 8, we’re unable to see that far ahead. We trust & take the next step.


Nothing is coincidence, nothing is left to chance, friends — these things don’t truly exist. They are mind constructs we use while trying to understand life. Things are no longer clear to us, not since we abandoned the pursuit of real Truth.

Slipping deep into the mind, we thus enabled the construction of The Matrix around us, full of seeming truths — everything relative, nothing pure.

There is not one of us living who has not compromised him- or herself at some point. In the Matrix, such things are built-in. As long as we abide there, we’ll deal with them, just doing our best to make good decisions that don’t always bear the desired fruit.

Nor is any of this worthy of self-condemnation, which is yet another Matrix trap. As we apply the divine qualities to the self, we begin to discover the deep, inner Self — our true Nature, our real Being that seemed somehow absent, hidden, or just lost.


It’s such a great joy to be far enough along the Heart trek to now realize when I’ve slipped back into the mind. That’s when the divine qualities seem so far away — unreachable, somehow — even unreal. We’re all familiar with that lost feeling, when the Light seems so distant. Well, it’s not! I’ve finally found that

it’s ever-available, just inaccessible while in mind.

It’s so funny, really — we’re lost, yet we’re not. It just seems that way from the vantage point of the mind. We can’t truly be lost, considering Who we are, as Source-in-a-body. Yet, it requires that we turn completely around, no longer facing outward, but finding our way deep within. It’s not so hard, really.

Once we know Who we are, that’s half the battle already won.


Again, all of the qualities of Source, of the divine, are active buggers — they’ll do the work, if we but get out of the way. How do we do that? It’s a reasonable question, as it’s nothing we’ve ever been taught, in spite of whatever schooling we’ve had. Actually, it quite goes against our education, making the question that much more relevant.

We could begin by pulling our faith from all we’ve been taught, placing it, instead, in ourselves. Eventually, “ourself” morphs into ourSelf, our real inner Being, which has always been there.

What we didn’t know is that Source isn’t pushy. Source isn’t a jerk.

Free will is no joke — we get to choose, we chart our own course. Thus, it requires that we choose Source, finding our way so much deeper within than any mind can go.


Vintage Compass by hourglassthorne on Deviantart

We all have a compass, an inner guidance — one that’s been muffled, sometimes silenced, in the Matrix — yet it remains. We have to tune-in on a deeper level than anything we’re used to doing. The ideal environment for our inner experiments is silence, something we must carve out of our busy schedules, our outward focus.

It also takes withdrawing trust from just about everywhere — mostly out there, in the externals of life. Many are convinced that just the right amount of money will procure the happiness they seek. It won’t, but as long as our faith is “out there,” we seek.

Happiness is an inside job, not dependent on anything external. It’s our Belief Systems that block the way, friends — not our Self, not others.

We’ve got to clean house, so to speak — to sweep out the old BS. This is the major action we can take to get out of our way — out of the way of the desired fulfillment. If we will but allow ourselves to loosen the hold on our beliefs, we’ll go far.

An openness is all that’s initially required. Again, the rest will take care of itself, once we’re out of the way.


The path does itself, actually — just as these journals, though written with the aid, the support of mind, don’t originate there. They just flow from that deep space, within. Have you ever considered just sitting in silence, pen & paper (or keyboard) at hand, centering in Heart & letting the words flow? Journaling’s alchemy is amazing, but we don’t know that absent the direct experience.

YOU are the seat of the divine in your life. There is no external god. Oh yes, there were gods, alright, but they were created beings, they were ET, often from other dimensions. There is no need to seek out in the world what you already contain. Again, it’s a matter of getting out of the way of that, of That which you are.

It will do the work, but It must be invited via our exercise of free will.

All of the joy, the fulfillment for which anyone could ever wish abides within. Mind will bug the heck out of you on this trek — can’t be avoided. Yet, mind has no power that can thwart or even detour the determined soul. Wusses & sissies need not apply, for they’re easily distracted, confused & misled by the arguments mind brings to the fore.

Be stubborn, friends, like you’ve never before been. That determination will see you through. There’s that within you which deeply desires to be recognized, to be freed to take charge in your world. All it awaits is your cooperation.

We cooperate by getting out of its way, allowing That to shine right into our 3D world. It can do this — it will do this. What it requires is our constant consent.


5:38 am, Thursday 2017/09/21, 1st, Mayan day 10 Eagle / Men




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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