Humanity’s Main Job?

What if our main job is enjoyment, appreciation of our NowHere moment? Could you handle that, or is your mind still too much in charge? The first question helps us discern our current head-Heart balance. Which one is stronger in you? Which one would you rather have in the lead?

Do you trust Heart? Do you trust your Self?

People are so duty-driven it can be hard to for them to relax, to just be for a few moments now & again. Is that you? Finding our way into Heart provides the cure, enabling those great shifts in consciousness sought by so many.

We’ve been taught (programmed) to believe we have to work for it, to earn whatever it is, haven’t we? Where has that gotten us, when we can’t easily relax & just chill? We’re kept in a constant tension which leads to anxiety, instead. [1]

How about we just ditch that whole scene?


Sound good? If so, you’re in the right frame of mind to proceed, to disassemble this mess we’ve allowed to short-circuit our internal peace. We’re amazing beings, friends, but we don’t discover that until we do a good deal of letting go of the old ways, the old beliefs.

Whatever makes you tense, let’s look away from that for a few moments, refreshing ourselves in the Water of Life flowing through. It takes a conscious choice to detach at first, but with a bit of persistence it becomes natural.

Our truly natural state is anything but what we normally experience. An underlying tension seems to invade everything in today’s Western world. Don’t let your mind question that, choosing to just be, instead; choosing to take your power back.

There’s nothing wrong with pursuing those things that interest us. Everything has its right time & place. It’s good to question what aspect of us is interested, though. It makes a BIG difference whether that’s Heart or the mind.

Would you be willing to put your Heart in control, to demote your mind, at least now & again?


When we’re totally mind-focused, we’re blind to Heart’s perceptions. That’s one way we block them out, so you see it’s a choice, one we continually make. To hear Heart, of course, we must listen to it. We don’t realize what we’re missing when we’re forever caught-up in thought.

Some actually believe there’s no other way.

What if there was no need to ever rush, even when we’re externally in a rush? In other words, what if real peace was available, no matter what was happening? If that sounds too terribly strange, you’re not yet familiar with being in Heart.

Our “reality” is totally dependent on our consciousness, over which we can exert a good measure of control. (Whether we do or not is another matter. 😆) When we’re mind-centric, we’re in the Matrix to whatever extent; it can’t be helped. It’s just how things are on present-day earth.


What if we’ve been horribly misled, made to live in a false reality?

That’s what the Matrix is, after all — right? But what if, instead of being subject to that, we could red-pill ourselves into a much better world? What if we could finally swap out the (perceived) nasty mess for something much better right Now, something universally available?

Indigo Starwalk —

What if the only thing between us & that was a choice we didn’t know we could make? What if everything hinged on whether we were having fun or not? 😲 Some will say that’s too simple, that it couldn’t be this easy, but what if it is?


We’re used to thinking about things, not really sensing them, getting them, which is Heart’s way. We go down our lists, ticking things off, seldom internalizing anything. We take the test, then promptly forget the contents. We know about things, not the things in themselves. That must change if we’re to awaken & move beyond Matrix entrapment.

What if your only mission was to appreciate & enjoy?

How would the world be different if we were all agreed on that? What would immediately change? What might change over time? What would it be like to live in such a world?

What if we’re all ridiculously powerful, we’ve just had our wings clipped for a time? (And what if we participated in the clipping??) What if we could return to Heart sanity just by making the persistent choice? Would that not be awesomely cool?!


This is not to say it would solve every problem we face. The trick is that we’ll be viewing those so-called problems from a very different angle. We’ll actually appreciate them. Yeah, I know it sounds nuts, but only to the mind, not to Who we truly are.

This mega-shift is available to one & all. Don’t expect them all to choose it right away, it being drastically different from anything they’ve yet experienced. (Leave them alone; they’ll get it when they’re ready.) Those who’ve at least connected with Heart a few times can get this far more easily than the rest, who can then ride in on our coattails.

This is all about Being, with all doing flowing naturally, enjoyably from that.

This is to Live Life, not just play at it, pretending we get it, that all is well, that we’re doing fine. If we were doing fine then things wouldn’t be in their current shape. We’re externalizing what we’ve got going on, within; that’s just how it works when consciousness creates. That’s what that means.

You’re feeling it, aren’t you? If you’ve read this far, then I bet you’ already know or are sensing the difference between the mind (which only knows about things) & Heart, which abides at the core of all things. We can think about how it may be that consciousness creates, or we can go for the direct experience.


Attitude is obviously critical to this, & we’re all in charge of our attitude at all times. Sure, we may blame others or circumstances for our bad moment, our bad day, but that’s just evidence of being mind-centric, nothing else. Nothing “out there” can control us without our permission. Do take that in; it’s huge.

What’s in our way? What’s holding us back? Momentum.

We’ve all developed certain momentums we let carry us along. It’s hard not to go with their flow. Some are actual habits, some habits of thought. Since these all originate in consciousness, our consciousness has the power to change them. It’s about persistently making certain new choices.

Of course, whole books could be written about making those changes, about our many habitual ways that don’t serve us. I’m not here to do that, just to point our brilliant awareness back within, where all true creation takes place. Whatever we’re doing, if we’re not enjoying it, that deserves our attention.


Please, don’t quit your job, divorce your spouse, or move to a deserted island in search of greater enjoyment. We have a lot of Heart-musing to do before we’re able to clearly spot the mind at work behind actions. That’s the critical thing, at first — just getting good at discerning the mischievous mind at work & at play.

We’re after, not just self-awareness, but Self-awareness, here. It’s all about that Being thingy edging out all the doing that never quite seems to bring what we want. You’ve got it, haven’t you? I feel that you do & that you want to feel it, too.

Go for it, friends! This is quite do-able, ROFL. 😆 (Guess that should be Be-able. 😆)

At any rate, we’ve all got what it takes, which is consciousness, something highly misunderstood, misused, & underrated. Let’s have fun being the change we want to see.



2:54 pm, Monday, 2018/04/23, 2nd — Mayan day 3 Offering or Water / Muluc

[1] Money is the beast underlying this inability to relax, to be at peace. This is great, since the world’s monetary systems are on the brink of serious change.



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