WHAT IF It’s All Good?

Perspective Shifts as We Step Back

5 min readFeb 24, 2020


These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — In5d.com

What if what we seek is already right here but we’re just not seeing it? How weird would that be, right? Many awakening ones are finding this to be the case. We don’t need to grow or develop into something we already are.

I know, that doesn’t work for many.

A required piece of that picture is that we, each one of us, is Source-in-form. Many haven’t yet ditched the programming that tells them otherwise — that they’re somehow bad or lacking in important things. They believe they’re just not good enough.

Up until about age 7 children go around in the theta-brainwave state. That’s the frequency of the subconscious mind. We don’t really have a conscious mind during that time, so everything we’re told or taught goes in as direct programming, accepted on a deeper level than we realize at the time.

Most of us live in the conscious-mind state, relying on our brain’s abilities to carry us through whatever arises. That means we’re not allowing for how much both our subconscious & unconscious mind’s activities influence our day-to-day life.

That means we don’t consciously realize the extent of our programming since it’s not generally accessible to the conscious mind.

If you, as a more advanced society, took over a country — or a world — wouldn’t you want to be in charge of their education? We know that history is both written & rewritten by the victors, just with our limited experience, here. If you’re 50 or older you know how much education has changed, how much that change is accelerating.

Divisiveness seems to be what most schools are majoring in; that & in graduating SJW types who are quite good at playing the victim. We’re not taught mastery of much of anything, not even reading, writing, & maths. To an oldster, it’s quite strange since isn’t that what schools were originally designed to teach?

No matter what belief systems we absorbed over our time on earth, it’s time to set them all aside long enough to take an unbiased look.


The deeper we get into whatever-it-is that’s got our attention, the less clarity we find. It’s time for the West to learn what the East has long known — the emptiness, the inner void. Until we table the motion on all of our beliefs, we won’t know what the emptiness is or what it offers.

We won’t know what someone is saying when they say “words can’t convey any of this.” We’re programmed to so completely identify with the body-mind that we can’t even imagine setting the mind to the side for a simple time-out. The very idea brings up fear.

Death = Life? — Katermonran.files.wordpress.com

As we get a bit better at stepping back from all of that, we soon notice that the fear arises from our mind. Truly, there is no fear of any sort in Heart, in our deep, inner Being where all is One. The programming & the fear lock us down.

It’s time to see that we are in charge of that.

3D is NOT the realm of any sort of absolute Truth. This is the realm of relativity, of our views all resting on our current perspectives. What one sees as heinous another sees as beneficial — or beneficial in another context. We’re all coming at the same things but from wildly different perspectives & contexts, so of course, we don’t always see eye-to-eye.

This is where the emptiness has something to offer, something that could even prevent wars. It won’t take us into agreement on everything but it will help us realize total agreement isn’t needed, isn’t useful to our growth & expansion.

One thing that could help us all is that major perspective shift that lets us see how everything that comes our way, all that happens seemingly to us is actually happening FOR us. Let that sink in. Every little thing comes our way for our benefit.

What beliefs do you hold that block you from allowing this view, that block seeing from this perspective? You can choose to set them aside for a time, you know; that free-will thing. It really helps to be Heart-centric for this rather than mind-centric. Heart just Knows.

This Source/God I often speak of is not a religious thing. You can have no religion at all & still be spiritual, still believe in Source, a Loving Oneness that contains us all, along with the rest of Cosmos. There is no Bible or sacred text for this, just the guidance available in Heart.

We’ll bring our unique individuality to whatever we’re shown. We’ll remember the beauty that variety brings to any garden, to any musical piece. We’ll recall the awesomeness that our differences bring to the party, the 3D drama; how much greater our society is when we not just allow, but honor & respect those differences.

We will not try to force our ways upon others, fully respecting them to chart their own personal course. We’ll recognize that we are not in charge of anyone but the self. It’s not our job to boss others around.

We have laws that reflect the various cultures of the various peoples. The variety in those is wonderful, giving us many options from which to choose those that suit us best. Even just in the USA, life in the various states is quite different. Those differences provide us with our range of choices so we certainly don’t want everything to be the same, everywhere!

Looking at all that comes our way in life as bringing potential benefits — that’s a choice we’re all free to make. To the mind, it sounds dumb & obviously wrong but remember — it’s not the mind that awakens. It’s us, finding our way into Heart, discovering that emptiness.

I highly recommend entertaining this new perspective. It changes & makes shifts in your life that are unimaginable from where we now stand. Even our hindsight speeds up its delivery, helping us see the once-hidden benefits to that last challenge, that last trauma, whatever it was.

A great letting-go is called for within all of us, but again, we get to choose. Not everyone will choose to awaken this way. Their day will come, their way may be different, but let’s all remember: it’s their right to choose, just as it is ours.

Finally, don’t let the mind run away with any of this. These are Heart things & no mind can master them, period. As long as the mind is still active on the scene, we don’t encounter that emptiness that allows any of this to fully surface.



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness