What Good are Habits?

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

Humans tend to be creatures of habit, of unthinking behavior in which we’re not fully Present. It’s interesting to contemplate. For instance, yesterday I uploaded 3 journals — a series. Yet parts 1 & 2 have not been read, as they were not the “latest” upload. So even though the latest was labeled as part 3 of 3, that was the only one read. Interesting — kinda funny.

Nor would it have done any good to upload them backwards, making the latest upload part 1 of 3. The expectation, based on habit, would have been to look for parts 2 & 3 as future uploads. What funny behavior we have, yes? Thank heaven that I write for myself, or I’d waste time thinking about how to overcome this. Slowing down the writing is not an option — it comes as it comes.

Moving on. What will arise on this fresh, new day? Perhaps a look into habits? IDK. Why are we the way we are? Those friendly with MOM (Mind-Observer Mode) certainly wonder at times. Only when we begin to set mind & thought to the side, giving it less priority, do we see these conundrums, which are not visible while in the midst of the forest of thought.


Thought is both creator & culprit — both blessing & debilitating, depending on how we use it, what choices we make. It’s very power makes it worthy of observation — yet using thought to observe thought is but an endless loop. We finally see this as we begin to make friends with MOM, a valuable ally along the awakening trek.

As long as we have an objective in mind, we’re still in thought — in The Matrix. In the emptiness, the open spaces found via Heart, there are no objectives — which isn’t to say there is no thought, yet it’s quite radically different. 3D mind is not the thinker, here.

Alice-in-Wonderland by ulafish — deviantart

Yes, thought cannot imagine that, yet Heart is ever available to the one who comes solidly into the NowHere moment. Perception from there is deLightFully Alice-in-Wonderlandish, much more enjoyable than the plain, vanilla thought to which we’ve all become accustomed. It’s a habit, one that’s both scary & enjoyable to break.


Thought has the strong tendency to believe it is right about the subject(s) of thought. Thought tends to be quite arrogant, actually — believing anything can actually be known, not just known about. In our realm of infinity/eternity, all cannot be known — not all at once. Source is the only One capable of that, actually doing it through being all things, all beings in Creation, simultaneously — thus knowing through us. How’s that for a mind-pretzel? 😆

Yet, Source doesn’t know as we know, for we only think we know things. We do not. 😲 The best we can do is to know about them, for thought is the realm of the map — not the actual territory it represents. For this, Heart is required; something not so many of us have yet realized. Perhaps you have? That would be great 😄

So often, I find myself saying how everything appears upside-down & backwards, from Heart perspective. Would that this could be shared, yet it’s something that requires direct experience to make any sort of sense. What’s upside-down & backwards is the mind’s view of pretty much everything — taking mere thought for knowledge, writing endless books about what it “knows.”


It’s on entering Heart for the first time that we’re faced with this conundrum — the ridiculous beliefs of thought, of mind. We finally have sufficient distance from mind to have a look at the forest of thought. We begin to find it hilarious, once we drop much of our attachment to the belief that we actually know anything. We don’t, but that’s not seen (nor see-able) while in Thinker Mode, being quite invisible, from there.

Just try telling any mind, anywhere, that it doesn’t know anything — & see what you get. Actually, I don’t advise it, unless Heart speaks those words for/through you. Otherwise, silence is best.

Make friends with your journal, perhaps the one place you can just let it flow without worry or concern of being misunderstood by others. (You’ll misunderstand your Self, but no one will know 😉)


It gets better, the further along the Heart trek we go. We witness our sense of humor blossom, finding great laughter in so many things. This trek is a shattering one for the ego, so we get a continual reading on how much ego yet remains within us. It’s so delightful, really — for it’s at ourself that we do the most laughing, oh, my!

How is it that we find ourselves the butt of this laughter? Well, it’s not really who we are — our true Self — at which we’re laughing. It’s the ego, the mind that turns out to be so very humorous to Heart. From there, that space of calm assurance that all is & will ever be well, we find that we have less & less identification with mind, with ego — which is great.

Though in some ways it’s no laughing matter, The Matrix is also funny to us. It’s hard to imagine — from Heart — how we ever got trapped within that, for from here, it seems so very absurd. But there ya go — Life turns out to be pretty darn funny for those who make their way into Heart — which, of course, I highly recommend.

U G KRISHNAMURTI — “Useless Guy”

U. G. Krishnamurti — wikimedia

I’ve been listening to U. G. Krishnamurti, of late. “I” once found him rather offensive — now I laugh at that me, as now I find him enjoyable. He has precious few beliefs, most of those in the body, seeing its deep intelligence as far superior to 3D mind. I’m with him on that. Both he & Robert Anton Wilson (RAW) are great ones, IMO, both with solid mastery of mind, arising from observation of its workings.

If we let in what they have to say, the tight grip mind has on us eases up. In its place comes a wonderful relaxation, & that greater sense of humor, well able to laugh at the self. I doubt war could exist anymore, in the presence of a humanity fully exposed to their work, their ideas on ditching most ideas.


It isn’t ideas — understanding them — that will take us into awakening, friends. Mind is more a detour away from that, than the route into it. There is no “route into it” of which I’m aware. It just arises when sufficient readiness is present. Nor can we evaluate said readiness; we’d only be using mind, again, to do that.

So we just don’t know — & this not-knowing is vital


Where, from here? Why, nowhere, of course! 😆 The nowhere of the NowHere is at least the gateway — but we won’t know what’s there for us, to the extent that we’re relying on mind. It is not knowable!! Since there’s no getting mind to accept this, it’s best to begin setting mind aside, do you see?

We’re in the process of getting the donkey off of our back, so we can eventually ride it. Yes, mind is the donkey that took control in our world — all because we allowed this, due to our misplaced trust in mind’s workings — in its output. It’s due to trust in all of that, that we find ourselves, here — in The Matrix. It didn’t have to be so — yet it’s the route we chose by allowing it to happen.


Many things are both funny, yet not so funny, at the same time. Heart is not in the realm of duality, quite transcending that. Thus, mind, being embedded within 3D duality, cannot possibly know what Heart knows, nor see from its perspective(s). In duality, there are no 1-sided coins, so good comes with bad, light with dark, etc.

In Heart we find more of a trinity than a duality. Instead of just either-or, in Heart we can find both, & at the same time. It endlessly boggles the mind, which just can’t figure it out. How can you have something be both good & bad at the same time? It’s called Balance. As long as we’re chasing the good, while running from the bad, we’ll never discover this strangeness of simple Balance.

The foundation for all of this — for entering Heart — is fairly well shared in the 3 steps delineated toward the end of Part 1 of yesterday’s uploads — Getting It Together for Awakening — 1 of 3

  1. Go within
  2. Stick with NowHere
  3. Ditch the old thoughts & beliefs

Part 2 was ridiculously gutsy, from the perspective of mind — What Is Awakening? 2 of 3. I laughed, on seeing that title, wondering what would arise in the writing. Part 3 is the one most read — Emptiness Speaks, 3 of 3, thus most entered the conclusion sans the foundation for that.

Yup, we’re a funny species. It’s so very beautiful, how we just lighten the heck up, on finding our way into Heart. I can tell you all day long that the burdens just fall from our shoulders, but you’ll have to experience it directly, so I don’t suggest you believe me 😉



12:17 pm, Tuesday 2017/09/26, 1st, Mayan day 2 Sun / Ahau




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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