We’re Awakening — Now what?

“These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Spiritual Awakening, Bodymindsoulspirit.com

Okay, we’re awakening. Now, what? Or so what? Where from here, what to do, think, say…?

Nothing. That was the old way, all of the busyness, the doing, the striving. And please note that with one letter changed, “busyness” becomes “business.” Interesting, huh, that removing the “y” (why) & inserting the “i” (I, or ego) the energy shifts? It makes perfect Heart sense 💖 💙 ❤️ 💗 💛 💚 if you’re still, if the mind isn’t engaged.

Awakening, among other things, is a huge shifting of gears, both internal & external, though not in expected ways. It’s more something we’re seeing than something we’re doing.


We don’t know. It’s time to first accept, then spend some time relaxing into that. It’s terribly uncomfortable to the mind that always wants to know, to have the answers complete with proofs. Not happenin’, not today, not that way, not anymore. The Source dart pierces the ego balloons, deflating them.

Before we ask ourselves how to handle that, let’s get more basic — as basic as we can get. Who is this “I” doing the asking? Where is that one? What is our proof that we exist as these separate-seeming entities walking around, waking & sleeping on planet earth?

Oh, really?

Not so fast. What would happen if the “I” we took ourselves to be turned out to be a false premise? When we take being, itself — “be” — & add “live” to it, we get BELIEVE, charged with an “e” for energy. Yup, we put a lot of energy into our beliefs, staking out & defending them.

I could end the journal there, but since the fingers continue dancing, let’s see what comes out. There is no real “I,” ladies & gentlemen. There is the illusion of that, crafting our life experiences, interacting, trusting its mental overlay on Reality as reality; they’re not the same.

There is consciousness, there is vibration, frequency, color, light, & sound. Nothing is really solid, solidity being a concept. No “god particle,” no smallest or largest element will ever be found. They don’t exist because they can’t, violating the Cosmic Laws we seem to have missed.

Within the eternal & infinite environment of consciousness, there are no such things as smallest or largest, which presume boundaries. Even if there were, since change is the only true constant they would morph, highlighting the flawed premise out of which they arose. Increasing precision in our changing technology progressively illuminates the flaws in/of/as our concepts.

Back to square one with awakening, right? What to do? How to shift gears? How to accelerate into awakening, that is, if this is even possible — or desirable? It helps to step way back from all of this, all the way back to identity — ours & everyone, everything else’s.


Think energy. Think consciousness. Now, get the feel of that, of your internal awareness while centered deep within. We can all pause for a timeless moment of just Being — only that.

What does this one, this spark of the Divine, need to do to prove itself; to advance? Is It not already perfect on this core level? How could the Absolute, the Utmost, the All That Is require improvement? It’s a serious question.

At some point, humanity is going to have to reckon with Who we truly are. We’ve been going along nicely by largely ignoring this. This was Philosophy’s realm, back in the day when it was co-equal with Science, when both, as the ☯️ Yin-Yang, led the way. Those were the days…

Meanwhile, reality-check, right? It is what it is, we are where we are, so now what? We’ve done the work, examined current conditions sufficiently to be disappointed, to be choosing, en masse, to make a change, but change to what? That is the big question.

With so many answers clamoring to be heard, what do we make of the cacophony? Are there solutions, here? Of course, there are solutions, but how valid, how wise are they? Will they take us to a better place than we’ve crafted via our old ways & perspectives?

Most would say, no. Most of what’s offered is just more of the same, the same deceptive, divisive, warlike ways. We’re fed-up with that, right? Thus, much of the commotion. Many powder kegs could feasibly explode if this or that tipped a certain way.

How, oh how, do we get off of the merry-go-round, the repetitious rounds of reincarnation into this mess? Many clamor for that, & we feel their pain, their sincere desire for real & significant change.

We’re not yet ready to enter the details of the various situations. It’s eye-of-the-needle time, where we’re forced to check our prejudices, our rancor, our angry energies to pass through into what, we don’t yet know. Different, just so it’s different! so many clamor — but not so fast.

I’m not telling you anything new to share the cabal’s main strategy: divisiveness. It’s been divide-&-conquer all the way for the last number of ages. This is not a recent move but an ancient way to manage humanity, to keep us under control. D’uh, right?

We want to shift gears. What must we do to shift fully into neutral gear, prior to making any shift? We must disengage, right? We must let go. No shifting can happen until then, & we’re more in charge of this than we know.


Yet, no matter what tack we take, which way we go, we’re not getting anywhere until we deal with identity. We have a step farther back, yet, to enter that neutral gear. We’re making entirely too many assumptions without recognizing them. Time to look at them, to ditch some excess weight.

The first question is, “How,” right? Who or what is asking that question? Can you see the mind at work, there? We’re shifting out of the mental gear, which must be inactivated.

That’s a big leap, right? How else do we think, do we arrive at ideas or conclusions without the mind? Will you choose to expand your conceptions around who you are to include something beyond the body-mind? Religion is not required for this; we’re talking energy.

Call it soul, Spirit, consciousness, the energetic entity or whatever you like, it all works. Until we make room for the energetic component of our identity, we remain stuck, unable to shift gears. Why? We’re addicted to our mind, we feel lost without it in control.

Ah, Bingo!! That’s it! We’re programmed into a mode that puts the mind in charge of it all. We don’t know how else to function, largely because we’re so strongly identified with the form, trusting the brain to run the show. While that does work, we’ve also decided it doesn’t work well enough based on current results.

The form isn’t gone, it’s still a big part of who we are, just not the whole. It’s the tip-of-the-spear of our conscious presence, our current lifetime in 3D. Time to get acquainted with the whole spear, which will no doubt produce better results than limiting ourselves to the tip.


Sound like fun? Entering a sense of enjoyment is highly productive in the move into higher consciousness, expanded awareness. What the mind often takes as trivial, as inconsequential — mere play — steps up to have its say, to show us another way we exist.

Work & play aren’t the only things our concepts obscured, but we’re not focusing on such things, just observing them as they move through our awareness. A sense of appreciation is also hugely beneficial, further increasing our energy frequency & the flow.

That idea challenges the mind’s conceptions around reality, itself. This great & wondrous mind we all work so hard to develop, train, & fill with endless bits of knowledge is somehow limited? Mind says, “How could that possibly be?” in a worried state.

We’re watching the mind, now, more than identifying with it; do you see? Do you sense? We’re stepping back from it, from entanglement in its operations to just look. It feels a bit strange early on. We’re not trying to sort anything out, we’re just observing, not making any judgments beyond seeing what is & what isn’t.

We let the mind do whatever sorting there is, discovering that doesn’t require our conscious participation. The mind does what we’ve programmed it to do whether we’re participating with it or just watching. Waking or sleeping, our mind is at work on the different layers of its being (conscious, subconscious, unconscious, superconscious).

Don’t slip into thought too much; just keep stepping back to observe.

That’s a ridiculous sentence since we’re so habituated to be always thinking, but you get the idea. Of course, we’ll slip back & forth. The trick is to be more observant of when we’re in Heart vs in the head. We’re potentially watching the aspects of our greater Being reunite, expanding into the One that we are.

Awakening — 3.bp.blogspot.com

It’s time to become more aware of our deeper nature, our true identity as Source-in-form, projections of the divine.

With this, we’re practicing being in neutral gear. What seems awkward, now, will soon be second-nature — well, closer to first nature, I guess. 😆

That’s likely enough, for now, so I’ll leave you with some helpful suggestions for this phase of finding neutral gear.

  1. Anything having to do with time is of the mind. The only valid time is Now, which contains all the rest. Refocus in Heart to observe rather than trying to figure anything out. Let’s remember — just Be. ;)
  2. The mind lives in relativity, a more limited realm than Heart’s triality; the both/and, transcending, containing the either/or.
  3. All worry & anxiety are also products of the mind. They are unnecessary & even harmful to the beautiful Life we desire, giving us nothing for our investment (of energy) in them. We release them & if they don’t depart we ignore them or better yet, replace them with something soothing, funny, or uplifting.
  4. We’ll be watching our media viewing habits change. Our goal here is to just allow, to be the witness, never trying to figure things out (since that leads straight back into the mind).

Beyond this, friends, we don’t have to go (nor is it wise to do so until we’re more solidly Heart-centric in neutral gear). There is no doing involved in awakening, just a sort of Being for which we long ago lost the knack. It will return.


Most minds are awash in judgments which will now come into view, judgments of both self & others. No one is better than anyone else, nor worse. Heart’s realm is well beyond duality, so the both/and of the Yin-Yang is our pattern, containers of it all.

We’ll begin to spot our tricks, our unhelpful tendencies at work, finally able to see them. To Heart, this is actually cause for rejoicing, for something once seen can never be hidden, again. Seeing is truly freeing when that is our free-will choice.

When we find ourselves judging or being harsh with the self, pause. Don’t try to fix or figure anything out, yet. It won’t help, delivering us straight back into the mind. Time to learn to just let it go.

Refocusing on something more positive is a good move during this self-training phase since it’s harder to stay in a vacuum, in the emptiness, which generally comes later.

“Wisdom is known through seeing, not obtained through thinking.”

Lujan Matus, shaman

In this video “journey” Lujan & the podcasters live what this journal shares:

Living From the Heart with Lujan Matus — 53:19



2:41 pm, Sunday, 2018/06/17, Mayan day 6 Seed / Kan

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