Welcome to Deconstruction Mode

No Doer, No Doing — Just Being & Is-ness

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — In5d.com

ords can’t cut it. There’s no way they can carry or convey the deeper things — so why do we use so many of them?

Take Oneness, for instance. It may be true that we (& all beings) are as cells in the body of the One — but no words will ever convince anyone of that. It must be experienced; & then no words are needed, one just knows.

There’s a key distinction, though, regarding where the words originate. Our mind doesn’t always generate our words. There are rare times when our words speak us, so to speak — when we’re the vehicle for a bit of divine flow. In those instances, we are also the hearer of what’s being spoken or written. It’s strange but awesome.

We can’t make that happen, either.

There is no rule book, no To-Do list, no usable method to prompt that flow. All of those things fall under the heading of the mind, which can’t actually go where we’re headed. Besides, there is nothing whatsoever that will work for every unique person. How could there be?

The truth is Equality of Opportunity not Equality of Outcome, like it or not. 😉

We’re leaving the mental world behind, shoving it to the side in favor of the deeper Kingdom within. I call that Heart, but it’s just a word & we mustn’t get lost in the words. We’re going beyond, & not just beyond the mind.

Oh, boy — KevinSpear.com

We’re going beyond the “I,” the individual we take ourselves to be. The ego or the body-mind is definitely not Who we really are, just a suit or costume, an appearance. We take this trek as awareness, as consciousness, a ray of the Light of the one I call Source (due to the many belief systems built up around “God.”)

We’re stripping down for this, dropping elements of what we discover to be the false self, the illusory one we long took to be real. Hey, everyone else did the phony dance, too, right? It seemed more than natural but not anymore. Awakening strips away all elements of unreality. It was only our belief systems keeping the false self alive, making it seem so very real.

In every aspect & area of life, we’ve been led to believe lies & half-truths. We’ve been endlessly misled, but are now entering an age of The Great Awakening so those old tattered clothes are coming off, going into the dust heap of unreality.

We are ever so much more — & less — than the self we took ourselves to be.

We are the awareness, the consciousness of Source, here in form, but we must claim & own that. It never forces ItSelf on us. Nor do we enter awareness of It until we’re ready, & Source is in charge of that. It’s another something we can’t “do” (since the “we” that would “do” it is the phony self).

There’s no “I” to be “doing” anything, now.

There’s just What Is. What’s It doing? It’s busy just Being, being ItSelf. What is Source? Some call That the Is-ness. All of our ideas around God, eternity, religion & the rest must go to enable the simplicity of What Is to shine.

This takes us into deconstruction mode. When we discover that we are the ONLY one blocking our awakening, our awareness of Self as Source, we get a glimpse of the baggage that must go, of that which won’t fit through the eye of the needle. It’s pretty funny that the baggage is comprised of various aspects of the self.

Who & What Am I? — C1.staticflikr.com

It’s good to just sit with this, to let it sink in more deeply than just the mind. We’re coming to discover how — if we allow it — this is Life doing us rather than us somehow doing life or living. It endlessly pretzels the mind, which eventually becomes a welcome, a desirable feeling as we expand beyond it.

Every bit of what we think or believe we know is excess baggage holding us back.

We know nothing — & that’s simply awesome. It makes way for the flow of What Is to trump what we believe. We find that our mind isn’t our only entre to knowledge, discovering levels & layers of Knowing quite beyond what any mind can comprehend.

While that’s awkward at first — since our response is to clam up, to reject these possibilities — we eventually make our way into an openness that allows them to just Be. We witness & experience them but with the mind very much in the background, more like a calculator in a hip pocket.

We don’t “go there” until we release & shove both the me & the mind to the side. Thus, our deconstruction mode as we watch all of this just fall away, but only as we allow it. Free will is still the case.

We can let our pretzeled mind chase our tail for eons if that’s what we like.

How can we do that (not that we’re “doing” anything, of course 😆)? It’s because we can’t actually die, being both infinite & eternal. Truly, time & space are not what we take them to be; no more that we’re what we’ve long taken ourselves to be. It’s all a bit of a show, a play, an amusement, if you like, both for us & put on by us.

It’s beyond tricky, too, since there’s only one of us, here, the One that simply Is, in which no two-ness of any sort exists. But wait; it’s only tricky to the mind, to the false sense of self but not to us, the One That Is.

That means there’s no sense in trying to explain it.

Do you see? Don’t let your mind get lost in that. Any explanations offered would only titillate the mind, keeping it active chasing its tail. The call is to drop into the deeper core of Being, right there where we are in the perpetual NowHere; that NowHere that spells “nowhere” to the mind.

It’s a letting go, an ongoing DEconstruction that’s called for. We’re not chasing anything external to ourselves, to the One we all are. We’re not putting anything off into the “future.” Our old modes & ways must also go. We truly contain that which we seek, which we’ve sought for generations, for lifetimes, seemingly forever.

We ARE That.

The trick is to relearn how to just let it Be, how to get out of our own way. Oh my! Be sure to have fun along the way, for that enjoyment is very much built-in. It may not be the purpose of being human — for in the absence of time there can be no purpose — but it’s very much an aspect of the Is-ness.



1:33 p.m., Sunday, 2019/11/10 — Mayan day 10 Eagles / Men

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness