We Are Soooo Blessed

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening, Bodymindsoulspirit.com

It’s all about attitude, about our chosen perspective. Our satisfaction in life is directly proportionate to how we view things. Friends & neighbors see the same exact things — or do they? Accident-witness reports display how people seeing the same accident can give significantly different reports.

Life is what it is, happening everywhere for everyone. Why don’t we all see the same things, see it all the same way?

We’ve been taught there’s one, objective reality. We don’t see through the nonsense of that until we ditch a significant layer of our beliefs, or at least step back from so deeply believing them. Any “objective” reality requires objectivity of us to view it.

Our Belief Systems are the lenses through which we view Life, & they color & shape the view. This goes well beyond our conscious beliefs to include all of them, conscious, subconscious, unconscious, & even superconscious. We’re much vaster than we’ve been led to believe, LOL, certainly not limited to 3D.

Our subjectivity significantly narrows our perception of the whole, the “What Is,” limiting it based on our beliefs, the attitudes & expectations that flow from them.

Let’s take a step back from that. We wield a great power once we know our attitude counts, that it’s not just about what’s happening, but also how we view it, which is through the lens of our Belief Systems (i.e., BS).

We also wield great power when resisting what Life brings — the power to mess things up. That’s rather funny, once we see it from observer mode or from Heart.

We’re playing the weakling, the suffering one, the angry, fearful, or dominant one, pushing against the beautiful gifts coming our way. We don’t like the gift wrapping, LOL, the way our gifts are presented, so we push back. We make a royal mess, all the while generally blaming it on others, on externals! 😲

Ah, the power of an attitude shift, that simple move into recognizing that Life is actually happening FOR us — rather than to us. It brings to the fore our hidden genius as Source-in-form, long overshadowed by our beliefs & our use of free will.

Until we’re ready to recognize and allow our innate power to come forward & blossom, we choose to stay in the dumps playing the weakling yet awhile. The key, here, is to recognize that this is by our own choice, & not just our conscious choice. Let’s not forget we’re also subconscious, unconscious, & superconscious, as well.

Recognizing this power does NOT mean we’re suddenly calling the shots, that Life becomes somehow subservient to us. Not at all! That’s the ego-mind at work. It means we’re getting out of our own way.

Prior to making such moves, it’s best to recognize & step back from the ego-mind aspect that arises from said beliefs. It isn’t real, isn’t long-lasting, much less eternal, but our innate power is such that we can drag it out for eons based on the choices we make.

The ego-mind does not awaken — ever.

The bulk of those still stumbling on their awakening trek don’t yet recognize, don’t step back to see how the phony persona is the one stumbling along, not them. They’re tricked both by their focus on externals & their identification with their body-mind, thinking that is who they are.

It’s all much simpler than we’ve allowed ourselves to see.

The ego WILL die. It must; it’s not real. As long as we choose to sustain it, to step out, seeking awakening AS that one, we’re playing games. We’re totally sandbagging, whether we know it or not.

Oh, we know it, alright, just not as the ego self. As Source-in-form, this ultimate power is wielded through us, not as the ego-mind. When we choose to move forward before centering in Heart, before reaching inward to our core, we choose to play the seeker role a bit longer.

Laying down the ego-mind self may be the hardest thing we ever do.

It’s certainly shocking, bringing with it the recognition we’ve created a fiction, a phantasy of who we are. It’s fun to play for a while, but for most of us, that’s wearing a bit thin. It’s not at all difficult for Who we really are, but it’s impossible for the ego-mind to lay itself down. Won’t happen.

If only we knew WE are the One in charge. We hold the keys, just not the “we” we currently take ourselves to be.

In Perfect Balance — TheMichaelTeaching.com

The yin-yang ☯️ is such a perfect image of what’s going on, of Who we are, of how we contain it all. Are you one of those still stuck in refusal to accept that you contain the dark, not just the Light? We’ve been given a thoroughly false image & concept of both who & what we are.

Until we’re willing to admit that — ☯️ — at least as a possibility, we won’t go far.

It’s before we take that next step we must shift into interior gear. It amounts to stepping out of the way of the One, the Source-in-form incarnation we are, letting Source run the show — Source-as-us.

We have a whole nother operating system onboard. Who’s willing to take it out for a spin? It will spin off the ego-nonsense in which we’ve so long indulged, not recognizing it was us making that choice.

That was a big part of the charade, pretending we weren’t in charge.

Of what are we in charge? Not of what’s happening, certainly, but something even better — how we receive it, how we process it, whatever it is. When we make the choice to view it all as blessings, as benefits coming our way — in whatever guise — only then do we truly empower Self as the divine.

That’s how the Divine Self sees things. That One just Knows, but we’ve chosen to put the ego-mind in charge, & ego won’t give the credit to anyone else for anything. The ego is very much into fault, blame, & credit. Do you see?

Our Inner Self is so very different that it’s very much like night & day, a whole new being to come to know, to allow to step forward. It’s time to observe instead of being so sure we know anything. We do not, but you’ll never convince your ego-mind of that. Don’t bother to try. Just let it go.

Just desserts for the ego is to ignore it.

That’s also the most useful way to master it, first by stepping back (or within) to just observe. Watch it & laugh! It’s great fun, once you get its claws out of you, out of your vision, your perspective.

Be you 3 or 93, your greatest fun & joy is ahead of you. The ego-mind makes a mess of things, try though it might to “do the right thing,” to sort things out properly. Being a falsehood from the start, it’s not equipped to do any of that, so we learn to just release it.

That’s when the fun truly begins. 😆



9:04 pm, Thursday, 2019/04/04 — Mayan day 11 Eagle s— Men




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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