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“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

Water may be the most amazing substance in existence. While we think we know so much about it, using it extensively in our lives — not to mention our bodies being composed mostly of water — we know precious little. Science is the fiend, the villain, in this play, blocking research that goes in directions of which they don’t approve, seeking to silence & crush the researchers. Well, what’s new, right?

That won’t last for much longer, yet we can awaken to the phenomenal properties of water well ahead of the scientific establishment. The day fast approaches when we’ll use frequencies embedded within water for healing, being able to finally walk away from cut, radiate, & medicate — what medicine amounts to, today. Countries like Russia are well ahead of the US in such research & applications.

Magnetic Water Documentary — 33:40

This is but one of many worthy documentaries still freely available to view. If science had their way, these would be banned. Thanks to universally rising frequencies — the light they bring — such darkness cannot long survive. Far too many of us are waking-up, refusing to be led, controlled, & manipulated any longer.

Lifelong meds were the rarity in our grandparents’ days, yet have now become the norm. How did we let that happen? Yet, we’re finally seeing through the scientific front, which always seems to track back to filling the wallets of both the science establishment & those who fund them. Mainstream science has little concern for the true benefit — or detriment — of both their actions & the results they produce.


Those days are done. Are you ready to leave them behind? The major challenge rests in our need to abandon most of our current Belief Systems. That comes hard to many, especially to those making a living based on such widely held beliefs. It means going against the grain for a while — until others awaken, too. It may mean finding new sources of income.

How brave, how daring are you? To some this comes easy, but not to those locked-down in mind, confident in their particular set of beliefs. Though mind doesn’t like change — witness the old-guard scientists’ resistance to simply anything new or divergent — yet humanity is more than ready for change. It doesn’t take a genius to spot the mess we’re in, wherever we look.


Who among us wouldn’t celebrate the demise of cut-radiate-&-medicate? Who would prefer to experience a painless frequency, instead of the surgical knife? Why cut out body parts when you can restore them with water, with frequencies this way? It’s time to move on, & water holds many exciting answers.

Floating Water Bridge — Wikimedia.org

If the work of Masuru Emoto isn’t sufficiently “scientific” for you, there are links in the footnotes to more rigorous experiments now ongoing. Our whole relationship with water will undergo a huge shift — from the way we pipe it around, to the way we supposedly purify it, to the many ways we use it. We’ll know better than to flush prescriptions down the toilet when no longer needed, realizing their ability to pollute that water going forward, no matter the dilution involved.


Anyone familiar with homeopathy already knows that, the stronger the dilution, the stronger the effect. While that doesn’t seem to make common sense, it’s well established in practice. Our so-called common sense is founded, of course, on our beliefs — the huge bulk of which we’re discovering are simply wrong, inaccurate, incorrect. As it turns out, less is more. 💫

So yes, this gets down to the bare bones, affecting all of our current beliefs. Let us hold them lightly, friends — being ready & willing to move on in the presence of credible evidence & proof, or the simple nudge from within. Let it not matter that long-held beliefs are invalidated. We’re bigger than that, & it’s well & truly time to move on.

Enjoy the videos 🌊


9:38 pm, Wednesday 2017/09/20, 2nd, Mayan day 9 Jaguar / Ix

[1] The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDxGuelphU — 24:14

While the sound is problematic here, the message is sufficiently vital. By use of the CC captions, you can follow the text of what is said.

[2] Water Memory (Documentary of 2014 about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier) — 51:42



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