Watching the Deep State Go Down

4 min readJul 7, 2022

We’re watching the collapse of the power of the Deep State (DS) that’s long held America in thrall. Even the Georgia Guidestones have gone down!

Our weakness, our vulnerability that led to an almost total takeover of America? Too Much Trust. We were letting others run things, others we trusted, others we believed we’d elected.

Now we know — they were [s]elected, never elected. They were DS plants, saying all the right words but without meaning any of them.

Okay, yes, that’s nasty — but also awesome. How awesome? Because it’s awakening so many of us to their corruption, perfidy, and unworthiness to hold any office. We need to look into how many in Congress hold dual citizenship, for example. Their loyalty is highly questionable.

Things have gotten so crazy at this point that we don’t need to convince others of the craziness, the corruption. We just need to deal with it, to remove all of the Deep Staters from positions of power. We also need to realize that, in a nation “of, by, & for the people,” we need to take part in running it in whatever ways we can. Otherwise, we get the current mess we’re in, which is completely unacceptable.

Something we all need to keep our eyes & hearts peeled for is the DS use of Divide-and-Conquer BS. They’ve long pitted us against one another to keep our eyes off of them. That must stop. It’s fine for patriots to have their own priorities, their own perspectives that may not quite line up with ours. Free will, our divine gift, empowers that.

Perspective — Both are right

We do NOT all have to agree on everything. Besides, how boring would that be? Music requires all the different notes to deliver its beauty. One note is not any better than all the rest, it’s their harmonious blending that makes the magic — yes? We are meant to, designed to work together in harmony. We can do that!

Though we are innately harmonious & compassionate, most have lost touch with that. How? Largely by programming, by so-called schooling that shoves us out of our deep Inner Being — I call that Heart — into the ego & the mind. We think we’re not programmed largely because most of the programming now resides in the subconscious & unconscious mind — not so easily accessible.

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It’s not time to fill up, friends, to go out seeking to learn more & more. We’ve forgotten that we, ourselves, are Source-in-form — the Divine in manifestation. Free will has enabled us to go where we will & we’re all over the place — but we ARE waking up to that & to the beauty of coming back together on the important things.

It’s BECAUSE we’re Source-in-form that emptying out, as Rumi advises, has such amazing power. When we choose to put Source in the driver’s seat, things can radically change & rather quickly. It’s quite strange, at first, having Source speak through you, but when we’re setting ego & mind to the side to let that happen, it’s quite a blessing — a palpable one.

As Source-in-form, we need not add to ourselves, friends. The time for letting go is upon us, for recognizing that most of what we believe — what we’ve been taught — is lying BS, simply nonsense. Ego can’t really face that, but WE can — once we firmly buckle ego & mind into the back seat & give Source the wheel.

“I don’t know,” is one of my favorite answers to receive. It’s almost always truthful — what more can we ask? There are more blessings & benefits in interior emptiness than any mind can even imagine, much less comprehend. Compared to Heart (our soul or Inner Being), the mind is a very limited aspect of the self — of the Self.

Each one must walk their own path & make their own choices. Don’t let others make your choices for you. Be brave & empty out so you can experience being danced by Source, to see what that does for you. None of us are who we think we are, who we’ve been taught to believe we are AND things are ever so much better than we currently believe.

There is great power in being both upbeat & higher-vibrational, but we don’t realize it until we walk down that path. I strongly encourage everyone to give it a go. What do you have to lose? We never die — only the bodies, our suits of clothes, do that. We’re both eternal & infinite, but almost all 9f that is hidden behind the programming & in the beliefs we foolishly adopted.

Let’s be open to change, open to the divine within us & all of life.


10:14 pm, 5/7/2022





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