Walking our Talk

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

Not at all sure of what wants to come through, but here goes… What the heck are we doing with ourselves in the midst of all of this chaos that just keeps ramping up? What we we doing, folks?

As Source-in-form, we have far more power than we yet realize. Every thought, every intention, every prayer counts, especially when we center in Heart for it. Try out the flow for yourself; it’s there for you. You don’t have to have a single thought in your head — Heart will speak.

It speaks both through you & to you.


If we all have access to this, how many are checking it out for themselves? It’s not just words. When it flows from/through Heart, it’s different. Why not pull out pen & paper or the keyboard & do a series of personal journals, just to find out for yourself? (Be sure to date them. Just like Q posts, they’ll make sense, later.)

Yoga-5 — Wikimedia

“Yourself” is the operative word, here. This isn’t meant to be anything but a personal awakening for each of us — not something we (mentally) track in the alternative news. Other people’s ideas only take us so far, & definitely not far enough.


Many who consider themselves awakened or awakening are mistaking that for merely being informed. Being informed is great, but this Great Shift is a PERSONAL awakening into which we’re all invited. One-by-one, as we take responsibility to actually participate, that’s how this works. Knowledge just isn’t enough, doesn’t go far enough.

We’ve got to apply it in our personal life.

Meditation is good to clear the way, to settle the mind down so it doesn’t interfere & co-opt what Heart would bring forth. Every thought we entertain applies either to the future or the past, as the mind is unable to sit still & just be. This, too, we can each prove to ourself — but will we?

As I catch myself doing just what I’m talking about, watching vid after vid, I’m still attentive to Heart, often centering there. One way to know you’re centered is when you get the sense of something, absent any thought. You may be inspired to get up & go into another room, to go take a short nap, or even to write, like this.

It comes absent any thought about it — that’s the key.


Heart needs no words to communicate, it has other (better) ways. These aren’t that hard to get used to, just different at first. We step out in trust, whether to the next room, to go look at the sunset, to change the channel… whatever it is, because we don’t know. Truly, we don’t, & that’s just strange — to the mind.

We’re developing intuition.


Sure, it’s just little things. Ultimately, that’s all anything is, a journey composed of single steps. The “little things” are what makes up everything. We’re not in charge of the “big things,” they just happen when many of us are guided in certain ways & it all comes together. We’re not doing that; it’s the essence of the dance of Source.

Sufis — Quod.lib.unich.edu

Let’s all play our part in a more focused way, friends. When we’re unwilling to take even short breaks from our endless thoughts, we’re not really participating in awakening. If we think we are, we’re just fooling ourselves, doing those things that comfort the mind.

How will you let Heart have its say in your life? How will I? It starts out small, just remembering a few times a day to center in Heart, to focus intently on Now. Yet, as we go along with this, the times get both longer & more frequent.

Consciousness is increasing via Heart focus.


This is a real alchemy, so don’t let the fact that it’s just “little stuff” put you off. You count! You’re Source-in-form, which is no small deal. The mind keeps us in small mode, thinking one person doesn’t amount to much, can’t bring on real & meaningful change. That’s pure BS! Don’t listen to it.

Joy awaits. Let’s let Source be the Dancer, & be danced.

Cherokee Indian Dance — Wikispaces

We’ve got our hands full, just taming & managing our own mind. It’s a worthy endeavor, friends. Please, don’t give-up, don’t fall for the line that you’re powerless, or that being informed is being awakened.

Every famous Master, Saint, Yogi or holy one was also just one person, able to take only one step at a time. You, as Source-in-form, are every bit as worthy as any of them — consider that.

Wishing you all the best during this holy season, which runs through to January 6th, the day celebrated for the Wise Men’s arrival at the manger. Yet, every single day, every single Now is packed with whatever we allow it to deliver. Jot things down that feel special. Don’t think, just do. Let Heart speak.

The divine will flow through everyone who allows that, & not just via journaling, but every thought, every act — everything.

Source-in-form is not just a phrase, but to unpack it we have to apply it, to start fully accepting, allowing it. Mostly, we don’t consider ourselves worthy. That’s just our programming speaking. Let’s fully be the dance of Source. After all, why not you? And if not you, then who?



2:07 pm, Friday 2017/12/29, 2nd, Mayan day 5 Jaguar / Ix



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