Waking Up to our True Identity

How the heck are we going to wake up? Once we begin to see, to realize the layering, the depth of lies & pure BS used to indoctrinate us, all will be taken aback. Better said, all will be deeply shocked.

The huge majority of what we believe is utter nonsense.

Yes, the initial capitals point to the Divine. We’re FAR more integrated with That than we know. We are each & all emanations of That, Source-in-form. If so, then what are we creating? Yeah, this current mess.

The “why” is due to being Source-in-form;

The “how” is due to the totally perverted beliefs that have been instilled in us over the millennia.

It’s not just words & actions — the very thoughts you think are the flow of Creative Power. Some prominent scientists quite agree:


Who Are We, Really?

That is us, choosing to remain powerless.

How do we get over the programming, how do we ditch it? That all starts by redefining who & what we are. No, it is not the body-mind, the 3D form. That is our costume for this act in the Divine Drama, the Play. So the ego, along with perhaps 98% of the mind’s contents, needs to be set aside.

This amounts to a basic deconstruction & reconstruction of the self — actually, the Self which has been there all along, just hidden. It’s not doable until we find the inner emptiness that opens into our deeper Being, call that soul/spirit/Heart or or whatever you will. It’s time to take the reins from the egoic mind & turn them over to the real Self.

It’s time to align with Source/God.

That is one heck of a HUGE change. Can you feel it stirring you up, just to contemplate it? We’ve been schooled to so identify with the body-mind & ego that we take it as our actual identity. It is not! We’re far greater than that.

It’s true, nothing will remain the same as we make this shift out of the mind & into our inner Being, which I call Heart (not the 3D organ). It actually helps to anchor awareness in the central chest, though this Heart is not of 3D.

You can try it out.

It’s hard at first, as we’re totally programmed to be head-centric, mind-focused, so it feels uncomfortable to center in the chest, to “think” from there — but we can do it. You won’t get the same answer, nor will the answer have the same feel.

Already there.

Heart is our gateway both to Higher Self & to Source — to all of Cosmos (which we also already occupy). It will take both time & practice or intention to adapt to our new locus of focus, so be patient with yourself. The mind will NOT appreciate being shoved aside & will actually work to foil your move into Heart.

Just be alert; it’s fun to make a game of it. ;-)

A spirit of surrender.

It helps greatly to admit that we don’t really know everything — not even the bits we took to be true. We can let them go — or at least, table the motion for the moment. This is the most empowering attitude to adopt, believe it or not; this emptiness, this openness.

Lao Tzu

“To know that you do not know is the best.

To think you know when you do not is a disease.

Recognizing this disease as a disease is to be free of it.”

Lao Tzu

Your hands will be busy for a time of swordplay with your mind, which totally resents being dethroned. It’s feeling miserable & you’ll slip into thinking that YOU are feeling miserable. Get back into Heart. There’s nothing miserable in Heart! Cease identifying with your mind.

Meanwhile, be sure to InJoy playing the game. Yes, it’s a game & 3D, itself, is not ultimately Real. It’s the dream world, but only Heart knows this, not the mind. 3D is the illusion & the Matrix. Anchoring in Heart is to begin to reclaim your throne, to re-enter the greater Reality.

Bon voyage AND welcome Home!



5:17 pm, Monday, 2020/05/17

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness