Utter Equality = Matrix Exit Door

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

Where are we headed, humanity? Do you ever want to stop the merry-go-round & just get off? Is that doable? To an extent, yes. It rests on the attitudes & perspectives we choose to take. For those settling for the Matrix way of life, the answer is no.

My heart rejoices to witness so many, just like me, going our own way — now seeing through the BS Belief Systems we once accepted & ran with. “No more” is what many of us are firmly saying, today — & that’s great. It will have more of an effect than most of us currently predict.

Why? Due to our inherent Power as actual divine beings, something we both forgot & were made to forget in the way long ago.


The Matrix structure requires many things of us to assure its continued existence. One of these is a certain hopelessness, often predicated on seeing ourselves as small, mere randomly created physical structures who know precious little about what’s going on. When you choose to believe that your ancient ancestors were apes, that keeps you right in line.

Meaninglessness is another Matrix offering — the seeming pointlessness of it all. When you edit out anything divine from the picture, what becomes the point? What place is there for morals & ethics, for integrity & honor if we come from apes & are going only to death, to oblivion?

Where does real Truth fit in? It all becomes random & pointless when you follow this line of reasoning. Today’s mechanistic science keeps us right in line with this perspective, though I’m glad to see numerous scientists breaking out of that cage.

Perhaps the biggest thing The Matrix perspectives do is to paint us a very small self-concept, which gains its power by effectively cutting us off from our true Inner Being, our identity as aspects of Source. Our divine nature can in no way be taken from us, not with DNA tampering, not via “education” in Matrix ways, not with terrible frankenfoods nor chem trails nor simply anything.

Who we truly are has never been touched, nor can it be.

This hidden inner aspect, inner reality of Who we truly are has never been asleep, never gone off-duty, so to speak. It remains there, deep within, awaiting first our discovery, then our choice to align with it. Since this goes against just about everything we’ve been taught, humanity isn’t awakening to this all at once. This is fine. Later on we’ll see the perfection built right into the way everything happened, the way it eventually rolled out.


Meanwhile, perhaps the biggest secret now being discovered by many is that all we need tend to is the self, which is a radical idea for those who desire to help save the world in some way. As long as The Matrix & its creators can keep us focused on the outside world we’re effectively distracted from our inner realms — so they succeed for a bit longer, that’s all.

We’ve managed to create technologies that enable us to link-up & share our ideas, our various perspectives on it all. This is certainly refreshing, helping us to expand our personal world. However, have you considered the possible down-side of the tech?

What if humanity has innate powers of communication, of communion within the One that are repressed by reliance on technology that purports to “connect” us?

It’s easy enough to see how The Matrix is carefully, coherently woven — from its own perspective, of course. The various aspects reinforce the basic intention to keep humanity from discovering Who & what we truly are, thus enabling us to be farmed as a sort of livestock. If you’re enculturated to always think small, then of course you won’t even imagine you could have what would seem to be magical powers to communicate across vast distances unaided by any tech.


What is it about us that scares The Matrix controllers the most? Walking the dark path that they’ve chosen requires that they do their work in the dark. Secrecy is a mandatory aspect of their management style. We see this implemented via the pyramidal hierarchy structures of which they’re so fond, each level of the hierarchy operating under different orders, being fed a different set of lies as their “truth,” their beliefs.

Thus is secrecy ever maintained, so it’s a good bet that we can view all such hierarchical structures as aspects or elements of what we could call the cabal. Friends, even when you’re given a hierarchy of angels or other so-called divine beings, be careful about the beliefs being offered via any sort of hierarchy.

Hierarchy cannot exist within Source, within the One.

While this offends many a Belief System — & you know what I think of all of them — yet, it’s worthy of consideration, just as a possibility. I offer nothing at any time that I ask you to believe. That’s not my job, my realm being myself, so this is but a sharing of different perspectives. I also enjoy the offerings of those sharing other perspectives.

Our current bevy of Belief Systems is the crowning glory of the cabal, their greatest accomplishment, yet. From one perspective these are easily seen as the chains currently imprisoning humanity on prison planet earth. That is NOT a perspective I care to take — not at all — yet we can see how our various beliefs were instilled with the intent to imprison us.


It’s also rather humorous when we realize that we’re the one — the only one — in charge of the self. Since the Matrix Belief Systems were installed within us, we’re empowered to discard them. That’s the major flaw, the weak point in the cabal’s master plan, for they know even better than we do just Who & what we all are.

As we take another look at the world through our new self-empowering perspective(s) we take off the Matrix glasses we’ve been wearing for so long. Nothing, whatsoever, looks the same to us, now. Rather than an all-powerful cabal, what we see is their abject terror as they view us waking-up.

Through this perspective, we recognize them in disarray, scrambling to distract & reprogram us in self-limiting ways.

There’s one major problem with that — once we’ve seen with the clearer vision enabled by these renegade perspectives, that seeing can’t be undone. We will never see things in the same way, since the Belief Systems on which that was based are no longer in place. We’ve at least tabled the motion on them, dropping many, entirely.


There’s quite a game going on, & we’re each in a far more powerful position that we previously imagined was possible. When we no longer look up to the controllers as forever holding the winning hand, as being unconquerable, we take the game to a whole new level.

Our awakening shifts the playing field of the game.

That’s more than handy, since they are unbeatable on their chosen playing field — that of the mind. As we expand down into our Inner Being, we exist in a whole new “space,” one the cabal cannot enter, one not subject to the mind. I say “playing field” rather than “battlefield,” as the whole us vs them battle thing keeps its players stuck within duality, the lower levels of consciousness.


Our innate power is sufficiently great that we have no need to fight them or anyone once we anchor down into Who we are as Source-in-form. What’s playing out on the world scene is not a battle but rather a NATURAL separating-out of dark and Light. Interestingly enough, some old texts point in this direction, though the bulk see cataclysm & disaster in “final days.” (That’s in store for the cabal, not the awakening ones.)

Much actual truth was behind today’s older texts, yet that truth was altered, misinterpreted, & misunderstood over great stretches of time. We find elements of truth sprinkled in among the distorted texts we now have, but many of the original texts are hidden away in cabal-only libraries. Truth is not something dispensed by the cabal.


There is no “one way” into awakening. Perhaps any route can be taken, yet they all eventually meet at the top of the mountain. While some arrive sooner than others, if that’s not your soul’s chosen path then don’t go that way. Only you can know what resonates, what’s right for you — no one else. As long as we find & then follow our own inner guidance we can’t go wrong. (Try that one on as a new belief for a while — see how it fits, what changes it brings.)

The secret behind such things is that no one is better than any other one — the whole hierarchy thing is not fit for consumption by Who we truly are. Thus, as we cast that & all that comes with it off we find ourselves in a whole new world of perfect equality.

No more need to prove ourselves in any way, either to self or to others. We just are what we are, & it’s enough. We deeply respect all others in the game, too.

We enter the realm of Love.

We find ourselves swimming in a sea of all-encompassing divine Love. Our relationships morph, now more akin to those of the various rays of sunlight. How does one ray view another ray? As another aspect of itself. Being of Heart, this is more true than any mind can grasp.


For some of us this will lead to a season of what we could dub the spiritual ego. Those still largely based in the mind, on discovering this new perspective, may be detoured from the direct route Home (into Self-awareness as rays of the divine). These may choose to teach, desiring to lead others into their new understandings, to help rescue the rest. To the extent that they remain within the mind, to that extent do they depart from the more direct route.

Friends, there is nothing wrong with this. It is the way some are meant to walk, their chosen route Home. Rather than try to figure out the reasons for this — a mental trek — it can simply be accepted. We can give our brethren the full right to make their own choices. Our choices extend to whether we choose to follow or believe what they teach. It’s enough.

Equality, equity & powers — lemasney.com

Once we abide more in this sense of overall unity, of total equality, other perspectives begin to shift. During this whole process our individual beliefs surface in the very best order possible — to be seen & released — taking us step-by-precious step back Home. Now that we’re able to celebrate anything that comes our way, OMG, major internal morphing takes place.


Cruelty of any kind goes out the door. Honor, integrity, & compassion take high place instead of the old getting-ahead meme. We so easily see through our old ways as the old Matrix crud becomes ever more transparent. The beauty here is that we understand — we get where others are coming from, why they do what they do.

We honor them for the journey they’re taking, trusting Source within them to bring them Home.

We lose all desire or need to fix anyone or anything, too. When all are equally Source-in-form we know that no one & nothing needs saving. They’re all fine, too, more than able to also awaken when their time comes. Then, too, we finally, finally begin to enjoy the whole ride we’re all taking. Where we once found sadness & grief, pain & suffering, we now find contentment & even joy. It’s all very strange to the mind, but that doesn’t bother or worry us anymore.

We’re all finding our way into our inner kingdom in our own way, in our own time. Competition is nowhere to be found in this inner realm, for such things cannot exist within oneness. Enjoy the magnificent journey we’re taking, friends, as we pay ever less attention to the mind, abiding less within that realm.



10:09 am, Saturday 2017/11/04, 1st, Mayan day 2 Storm / Cauac