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4 min readFeb 6, 2022


Out Star Families — ET Beings

ETs are in our future. Did you know that? It’s a good time to become aware. I may just write this one more from their perspective, at least in some ways. Why? We, as humans — well, earth humans — tend to be a bit too full of ourselves. Perhaps you’ve noticed?

I’m not blaming this on us, as we’ve been heavily programmed into it; but it’s good for us to become aware, to clean up our act a bit before the new encounters.

New? Not so much. We’re actually all ET, or from ET stock, ourselves. No one is native to terra, to earth. We all first arrived from elsewhere, if we go back far enough in history.

We want to be higher vibrational, to move into higher dimensions, right? At least into 4D & 5D. BTW, did you know that those dimensions (& all others) are actually right here with us, right now? We need not go anywhere to find them, just shift our internal frequency/vibration.

Consider the full range of measurable frequencies. Now, look at what a small chunk of that is humanity’s “visible spectrum.” The other frequencies — & the beings that embody them — are right here with us, in the NowHere moment. That’s why a loving or happy thought about someone or a pet who has passed out of incarnation brings them instantly right to us.

The original idea that brought me to this writing was two beings shaking hands, one a higher-dimensional ET, the other an earth human. I felt how, from the ET perspective — well, how to say this? We don’t keep our auras, our consciousness, either clean or pure, in most cases.

Imagine yourself shaking hands with a criminal. You don’t need to know s/he’s a criminal to get that icky, nasty feeling. It’s the contrast in the frequencies between your energy & his. You just feel it, feeling the drain on your energies the contact creates.

It’s not that much different with the higher-D beings who are currently hanging around, mostly in our skies, but other places, as well. They are finally, oh finally seeing that humanity is ready to work with them for that rise in consciousness we so desire — and they’re ready to assist.

I believe it’s the deeply beautiful Freedom Convoy 2022 that is humanity’s sign of readiness — that we’re finally ready to stand up for ourselves, for what WE want, stepping up & out of the old complacency. Canada is presenting a truly shining example to the whole world — & BEYOND.

Rescues don’t really work out that well. The civilizations who are rescued often eventually slip right back into the behaviors & energies that brought their enslavement on. They didn’t have to work their own way out of the dark energies , so they didn’t discover the causes for them — not good.

So don’t look for a savior from the current crazy idiocy & chaos, friends, whether religious or otherwise. All is One, well & truly One, & Source/God abides right within each of us. We just have to both find That, that One, & align with it, getting out of the way with ego & arrogance long built upon false beliefs.

This is often called the Divine Dance, the Dance with Source. The mind expects to partner with Source in the Dance, but that’s not how it is. Instead, with the ego/mind out of the way, we discover ourselves AS the Divine Dance being done by Source.


Okay, back to my original seed idea — the feel of the handshake with our ET brethren. They have clearer sensing than we do, so they’re aware of the impurities in our thoughts, our beliefs, our energies. Let us set about waking up enough to become aware of our own personal vibration, our frequency, our energies — and clean them up!

They’re here, helping, & they’ve long been helping, but they’re getting ready for a much more active role. We can cooperate with that by individually cleaning our own act up. Our absolute Purity also exists within, but we’ve got a huge bit of cleaning up to do — mostly, of letting go of programming & beliefs — before we can meet them in true comfort — for both of us, LOL.

They are our star families, our soul families, dear fellow humans. We, too, are the “aliens” we’ve long dreamed of & wondered about. Our ties are truly ancient. Almost everything we believe is a lie. Things are millions of times better than we’ve been programmed to believe.

No, don’t trust every ET or entity that presents itself. Let’s get well beyond our long-term disease of Too Much Trust. Our inner Being, our Heart, gives us a true take on all we encounter. We’re just generally too mind-focused to even be aware of that. Time to make the internal shift.

See you there!



Friday, 2/4/2022, 8:47 pm




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