Unimaginably Bright “Future”

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

hings are really looking up as more people realize that it’s consciousness that creates, not events or anything in the external world. If we can get just 20% of us looking inward for the source of external events, it will be world shifting. The Light is already winning this earth game, but not everyone sees it, yet.

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Many still wish we could all just ascend into higher dimensions, leaving this chaos behind. Not how this works. Others look to Jesus or some ET rescuers to drop by & save the day. Not how it works. If we’d just look within & make some changes, there, we’d recognize these desires as ways to avoid taking responsibility, right where we stand.

Perhaps we didn’t make this mess, but we’re responsible for it, all the same. Why, since we’re clearly not the bad guys in the play? We allowed it to happen, to creep up on us. We didn’t spot it, so we didn’t speak-up, didn’t demand accountability from those we put in charge. Let’s own this, for a good start.


Humanity is one.

We’re one, not just with each other, but with all of Cosmos, which isn’t seen until we take the Heart trek, each in our own unique way. There is no one plan for salvation, no one way to awaken. That’s a ridiculous notion programmed into many a beautiful soul. Time to wake the heck up!

Anytime we look to others to solve our problems, to somehow make things better for us, let’s step back & take another look. Let’s be the watchwomen on the wall, alert for signs of not taking responsibility. We have more than just expectations to spot & release. We can, we will, we are making it into higher dimensions to the extent we turn our focus on self.

This “ascension” is happening right now, today in surprising ways.


Many of us are already living in (or visiting) higher frequencies than others. Our old value systems are casualties of this move. As we begin to see with new eyes, suddenly we find that everything changes — not just some things, but all of it. NOTHING is as we once thought (& were taught) it is, nothing is what it once seemed to be.

As the pace of awakening continues to accelerate we find ourselves already living in what amounts to different worlds from others. The separating out of the wheat from the tares is ongoing. Soon some of us will begin to disappear from the view of the darkest ones among us, those who don’t choose to make the Great Shift. Likewise, they’ll disappear from our sight, at some point.

Miracles aplenty are happening — have been for years.

When we’re locked down into the mind-mode, we don’t see them, or if we do we write it off as something else. The mechanical model of creation & the universe is a real psy-op, but if we accept the societal programming we fall for it, at least for a while.

I already live in a vastly different world. Though it’s been awkward an adjustment to make, living in a separate reality from so many others, I’m finally beginning to stabilize, here. We may not be great in numbers, but numbers are another thing we don’t get, still seeing them in the old, mechanistic, linear way.


It doesn’t take numbers, it takes Light, the Power in That. As we awaken to actually participating in Source, to being Source-in-form, it’s a wild ride. All of the Power is Source. We just choose to either participate in That, or not. The power of one is potentially awesome, easily transcending the power of millions who are, in effect, lost, living in the external world of effects.

The whole Matrix set-up was a move to disempower us.

It’s so funny, but the cabal is well aware of Who & what we our, of our access to divine Power, much more so than we are. Yet another of those backward things we were taught. My soul deLights in seeing so many people awakening from the Matrix daze, finally willing to take the red pill.

We’ve got this, folks. Do what you can to not get dragged down into the dumps over the MSM news BS. I doubt many of the current news organizations will be making the shift with us — too corrupt, to willing to succumb to cabal pressure. The alternative media is what’s happening, now, & in a big way, helping many catch on.

Once we’re willing to at least listen to one another with an open mind, an open Heart, all of this shifts. When living from Heart, the lying, paid-off zombies are much easier to spot. They stand out as delivering anything but truth. We don’t have to think it out, we literally feel it, deep within. We just know.


Let us all celebrate this new birth happening to all who are ready & willing to make the shift. In spite of the chaos — & sometimes because of it — we have so much to inspire joyous hymns this Christmas season. What’s happening is far greater, far more vitally important than we yet realize, but we’ll see it soon enough.

We’re simply moving on, as we were meant to from the start.

Only Truth survives, eventually, & there’s precious little of that in our old ways, our old beliefs. The brave ones are willing to let all of that go. Kudos to them! Hey, it’s no small deal to enter a completely different reality, where the rug is quite pulled out from under you. It’s shocking & challenging.

Let’s be there for one another, once again finding our underlying union, our wholeness as One. Huge numbers of us have spotted the dark strategy of divide-and-conquer at work, wherever you look. That’s why there hasn’t been a civil war, yet. Try, though they might, the cabal can’t get us to swallow their line, anymore. We rock!

We’re wising up, & I wish one & all of you the best possible holiday season, there in your Heart. It’s really just “Heart,” since we’re all One, so there’s no “yours” & “mine” to it, but that’s strange to our old way of thought, so it takes a while before we see it that way.

Let’s all work together, spiritually, to make 2018 the best year of the century! Literally anything is possible to those who find their way within. Come on, what is it that Source cannot accomplish? As we ally ourselves with That, we’re on the best possible road to a future so awesome that we can’t even imagine it.



1:15 pm, Monday 2017/12/25, 2nd, Mayan day 1 Dog / Oc

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness