Truth or “Is” vs Perspective

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

many fights would immediately dissolve on the parties recognizing their misuse of the word “is,” of the underlying concept, there. The only “is” we’ve got going applies to the self, to what we perceive to be the case.

We can’t actually apply our “is” to someone else; they have their own.

We’re too busy applying our “is” to others, judging their words or behavior based, not on their “is,” their truth, but on ours. We judge them by our standards, as if we were in charge of them. H’uh?

Please consider — unless they’re doing harm, they deserve the freedom of their own standards. We’re not their parents, not their boss. We don’t have some sort of divine right to clip their wings in a bid to force them into our mold.


Back in the day, Galileo had to die for suggesting that the sun & planets didn’t revolve around our earth. It seems the accusers found his idea so offensive they didn’t even consider examining his evidence.

How much of that arrogant behavior carries over into today’s world? Unfortunately, quite a bit; most obviously on the political Left, but we’re all involved so let’s own it.

Consciousness is changing, is shifting; do you feel it, do you sense it? The sun & moon are rising & setting outside of expectations. Animals are behaving strangely. The way coronal holes traverse the sun is also different, involving the sun’s poles more of late. Wherever we look, expectations are crumbling.

What we thought we knew continually comes into question.

When we’re set in our ways, confident in our beliefs, we effectively blind ourselves to all other possibilities. We may see what’s happening, but we’ll interpret it in our old, comfortable way, Confirmation Bias to the rescue. That’s not working out very well.

Too many unknown factors arise. Where ephemerides were once trusted to cover decades of celestial movement, they’re now published & trusted only year by year. Previously unknown or misinterpreted factors pop up in every field, challenging our ability to accurately predict anything.


Thus, it isn’t just consciousness shifting, but our physical reality, itself, since consciousness creates. We’re not allowing ourselves to explore our creative & co-creative powers since we’re forever tangled & occupied within the Matrix; lost to Heart, corralled in the mind.

Some don’t realize how far our concepts of reality are drifting apart, how deeply we’re being divided; divided not just against one another, but against the self/Self, too. We have anything but an open, free, & fair marketplace for ideas but who sees this?

When only one set of ideas are allowed expression, the shady censorship remains hidden from all who believe those ideas. Because they have full freedom of expression, they don’t experience the censorship applied to the rest & may even deny its existence.

Our ideas can get us injured or even killed, depending on who or what belief or party line they challenge.

We can wind up in the hospital merely due to our choice of ball cap or clothing. How is this different from earlier, darker ages? We begin to see the hidden hand’s consistent dominance of humanity across time, changing management style but always in control.

We allowed the idea arena to be co-opted, for some to take it over & dictate their standards. Every branch of society was invaded. From education to science, politics to technology, etc.; all have behind-the-scenes actors controlling the narrative. We have but the illusion of freedom, not the real deal.

Not only that, we’re spied upon 24/7, our Bill of Rights shockingly ignored.


We let this occur, so let’s limit assigning blame to only what’s required to understand the situation, the actors involved. We’re all in this together — what happens to one matters to all! Let’s oust this false belief in separation as we own our quantum-entangled actuality.

We (& our ancestors) are to blame for sleeping while we fell so firmly under outside control, fiddling while Rome burned. We spun off into every Hollywood fad & illusion offered up by the spin doctors. Tech has us hooked.

We let our schools become little more than factories, churning out programmed bots willing to toe a certain line & to help keep others in check, toeing the same line. While this is clearly oversimplifying, any real education is clearly on us, now. There are historical precedents for this, too, & none of them turned out well.


We’re so busy correcting one another that we seldom look to the self, the origin of our every challenge, our every victory.

Whose agenda is in control? Are they worthy of setting any other agenda but their own? Our currently accepted definitions of freedom would make the founding fathers puke. We got punked. Only the few have opened their eyes to this, but it’s on the horizon for everyone, so buckle up; rough road ahead.

Free SpeechB —

It’s not our job to tell others what to do, how to live their lives, what they can & can’t say, think, or feel. When our feelings get hurt, that’s about us, but we’re not owning that. Feelings get hurt due to a misfit between expectations & experience.

Hurt feelings (or any negative response) present a great opportunity to examine our underlying beliefs & expectations.

It’s not yet a popular song, the call to take responsibility, but it will be. People begin to see how truly empowering it is, how it accelerates our expansion, our awakening. There would be at least 50% less fear & hostility expressed on the planet the day after people recognized the harmony in the I-statement, the ignorance & harm built into you-statements.

You-statements (i.e., accusations) are weak, inappropriate, & even useless, being neutral at best. Yet, we’re addicted to them, we’ve been programmed to think in those terms. (Thus, I’m not against what you do, I’m against you.)

We simply cannot speak for someone else. We don’t know what it’s like to be them, to have their particular history.


We don’t even do a great job of speaking for the self, but that changes as we stop trying to control others. It’s a pointless game that never ends well. They have an Inner Being of their own, well able to guide their life. They don’t need you or me telling them what to do or how to think.

We’ve reached a time of stasis in Left-Right relations, the Left having taken upon themselves the right to rule, to always be “right.” They forbid rational discourse. If & when they do speak — & they’re often unwilling to engage — respect is clearly absent.

Their arrogance, along with a stiff dose of the victim consciousness, is on full display. They’re quick to anger, just as quick to make a safe-spaces retreat; unwilling, like Galileo’s accusers, to consider the opposing thought; unable to impartially see themselves.

We’ve been polarized.

Both “sides” are clearly at fault, but to pursue one or the other is a worthless distraction, useful only (indirectly) to the cabal. It’s a time for the both/and to replace our default either/or mode. Divide-&-conquer is how the cabal rolls. It’s also how we, the 99% lose, but only until we see through it.

It’s clear that Communism, Socialism, & Marxism have failed miserably down through the ages, never delivering a society we’d care to live in — so why are they cropping-up in our discourse? Could this be embedded elements of the cabal, desperate to retain control bamn (by any means necessary)?

We have a lot of waking-up to do, folks. It will hurt, guaranteed, as we see the perverse sickness, the unspeakable abuse that blows our mind & breaks our heart. We let this sickness encroach while we were otherwise occupied, trusting that officials were minding the shop. Clearly, that doesn’t work any better than those failed political systems.


As we remember that consciousness creates, let’s look to our own. What are WE creating?

This is the only thing over which we have complete authority & control. Anger & blame need to be viewed, then owned within, where it’s generated. As we seek to spur positive change, let’s be mindful that the law doesn’t punish persons; it sees only actions.

The cabal has been working hard to blur our awareness of cause & effect. The person, their existence, doesn’t harm us, but their actions can. As an example, they’d have us believe that guns, in themselves, are somehow evil & should be banned. [1] They want us focusing on the guns, not on the actions of those who wield them.

Notice: I didn’t say, “…not on those who wield them,” but “not on the actions of those who wield them.” It looks subtle, initially, but it’s not; it’s a critical distinction we’ve not been taught to make.

It’s similar logic to accuse spoons of making us fat, cups of making us drunk— so let’s ban spoons & cups, right? There’s an attempt being made to fracture our ability to think, to reason, to logically conclude. We’re scapegoating instead of taking responsibility for our actions, instead of holding others to account — not to our set of beliefs, but to the law.

We align with the law, both human & divine, as we separate out the person from their actions, dealing strictly with the actions & their consequences. The sickening stench of ad hominem aggression pollutes today’s public discourse. The accusers don’t see how deploying such petty, irrelevant attacks only minimizes them while contributing nothing of substance to the discussion.

Let us not be the judge & jury of our brethren, folks. That’s not in our best interest nor theirs. Yes, we’re being manipulated, but we can cut the cords, the puppet strings the minute we spot them.

All that’s required is a willingness to take the more challenging walk, guaranteed to take us well beyond old comfort zones. Only as we take personal responsibility do we grow & expand. Blame serves no one & nothing (but the cabal) while keeping us small.



Week of 2018/05/06

[1] Guns were banned before every major totalitarian takeover, before the complete loss of freedoms. It amazes me that many are now walking down this same road.

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness