Truth Always Visible

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

The truth is exposed at all times & to all of us. If we’re not seeing it, we are blocking it. How else could hindsight be 20/20? We just didn’t see whatever-it-was at the time. Life reflects us back to ourselves & as we expand & mature — & allow — we see more of what was there all along.

We didn’t realize either that we were blocking it out or how we were doing so.

Some never do, taking their immaturity to the grave. Hey, there’s no law saying we must mature. Children are sometimes (often?) wiser than adults in important ways.

We perceive precisely to the extent of both our readiness (openness) & our emptiness (beliefs get in the way). In other words, if total exposure of something would be overwhelming, we’re given a clear crumb trail & the guidance to follow it.

If the truth is always present, exposed, why don’t we see it?

That’s the question, not of the hour or of the day, but of a lifetime, perhaps many. Why don’t we see? We’re either not ready or not willing to see, often because we’re heavily programmed with contrary beliefs. This has long been known:

“What people believe prevails over the truth.”

SOPHOCLES, fragment, The Sons of Aleus

If you’re unsure about this, apply hindsight to your prior discoveries. Look to those great revelations that weren’t clear until they hit you right between the eyes. We’re shocked to uncover some things, be they wonderful or horrid.

The surprise is to our belief systems, to our mind — not to us — so we must step back to view this.

Whatever the discovery is, it violates what we believed, what we had trusted as true. The surprise is our belief systems adapting to the new understanding — again, whether positive or negative. Truth is truth; it doesn’t care what we think of it or what we believe.

For many, it’s already clear why they were surprised, clear that our Belief Systems were covering our eyes, our inner eyes, blinding us to what was already there. It didn’t just appear on the scene, no matter what it is.

It was always there, just unseen.

The elders among us may have had such surprises any number of times. It can come at great personal expense, a time of real suffering and loss, not necessarily of people or things disappearing, but of trust violated, of relationships morphing — of internal pain.

We all go through such things as we mature, & even after we believe we’ve matured. The learning never ends, but it’s not precisely learning; it’s expansion, it’s re-membering what our Inner Being knew all along, Don’t fault yourself in any way for going through it since that’s just another way to block or cloud the view.

What’s the view, today, as you look back at what may have felt awful at the time? You benefitted, you were blessed in some way(s) by that, guaranteed. To see those blessings is to exercise our 20/20 hindsight.

We broaden our perspectives as we go (when that’s our choice).

As the parable of The Little Soul (by Neale Donald Walsch) taught us, Source/God creates nothing but good, sends us nothing but angels; only blessings. How we receive it is up to us & rests largely on our perspective; on our beliefs & attitudes. If we’re still angry or deeply hurt over whatever it was, we haven’t yet welcomed the blessing, haven’t yet opened our door of Heart to it.

It’s there, guaranteed. We’ll see it when we’re ready & willing, not until. We can give ourselves permission to relax & go with Heart’s flow.

Hidden in Plain Sight —

It’s so vital to recognize this is how life works, that it’s a cornucopia of such blessings, shining with & as truth. It’s when WE are closed that we don’t see it. Nothing . is . withheld. We’re not being punished, not for anything.

If that surprises you, please consider what “karma” is. People often mean “bad karma” when they say “karma.” It’s better to see it as the simple & scientific Law of Cause & Effect. Spill hot coffee & it burns. That’s no punishment, just What Is, just how things work, right?

“What goes around comes around.” It’s value-neutral, neither good nor bad — a mirror, not a punishment.

It applies equally to the good that flows to & through you to all of life. Our external life really is something we create that manifests externally as the effects of our interior life, of our consciousness interacting with Source.

Creation works through us, from the inside to the outside; something our parents & teachers didn’t likely share with us. They would have, had they known it was the case. Remember, only angels.

How do we know when we’re ready for something? It occurs.

We may not feel ready, but life is telling us we are. Until then, we get hints. Actually, we were getting hints all along. We’re gently led by the hand into whatever awakening it is, to great Light or great challenges. The ante is upped, it gets more intense/painful only when we’re not noticing it. [1]

Actually, it’s ALL to great Light, just sometimes via those challenges — which are angels, too, just in disguise.

It’s when we learn to view life this way — as The Little Soul discovered — that we have the master key to unlock any door, any challenge; to awaken to any awesome revelation. Our percentage of pain is in direct proportion to the lack of truth in our beliefs. When they perfectly match with truth, there is no pain.

What is that pain? It’s our mind’s experience while processing that gap between truth & our beliefs.

We’re Source-in-form. We hold the keys, always. We’re guided, always. We’re ready to see whatever it is when we’re ready, & not before. We’re guided into that readiness, loving step by loving step. Things we often feel as a slap, as terribly negative, can be seen in other ways; it’s a choice. Other perspectives call out to us.

Are we open to those other perspectives? If not, why not? Why are we closed? What do we fear?

Just as we have nothing for which to apologize, just as we don’t have to justify ourselves or our life, we have nothing about which to complain. I know, it’s a terrible shock to the ego-mind, the one so convinced “Life’s done me wrong.” If that’s how we (choose to) see it, that’s how we’ll experience it. We’re in charge.

It needn’t be so, but until we’re ready to adopt another, a clearer perspective on that, we prolong our suffering.

Did you know you’re the cause, you’re the engine of your own suffering? That’s a BIG pill to swallow, but those who are open, those who are ready, will be shown. It’s not so much a matter of learning, either, but of remembering. There’s nothing unknown to Source, inaccessible to Source-in-form.

Our openness is the first key. Without that, nothing follows; nothing can. It’s that pesky free-will thing, again. We’re in charge, do you see?

So if the truth is staring us in the face, is exposed at every turn, everywhere, isn’t it good to know we can do something about seeing it, about removing our blinders? It’s all there to be seen, & the Love of Source is such that we’re each led perfectly, uniquely, by the best route, the one that accommodates our free-will choices.

If we’re impatient — well, first, we’re in the mind — but it may also mean we’re not quite ready to see the whole thing, the whole enchilada. It may mean we’re running from something. What’s universally, always available are the delicate, lovingly proferred hints, the perfect steps to lead us into Clarity.

So if the first key is openness, a willingness to explore other perspectives, the second one is a change of attitude, a flexible perspective.

When we take the story of The Little Soul to heart — to Heart — we soon see. To the extent we can let that parable in, can welcome it as truth in the guise of fiction, our readiness is assured. The Little Soul really got it — & so do we at our Source-in-form core. We just have to go there, lol. 😆

We are in charge of our walk, of our journey; not of what happens, not of what others will say or do, but of our internal response & experience. A reaction is not so great, not as mature as a response. Do you see? Sometimes our response will be silence. Our mind never knows. It can’t.

A response from Heart is the very best thing, though we generally begin with a mind-centric reaction.

It doesn’t take long to realize that our mind isn’t capable of interpreting such things, of uncovering the depth of meaning in what someone said, much less the meaning of life. Awakening is a journey of Heart. Perhaps the major thing slowing us down is an over-reliance on the mind & its beliefs.

Remember, only angels, & follow Heart, & there’s no way you can go wrong. Then, when the challenges, the troubles come — & they will — know that they originate in overreliance on the mind & keep demoting it until that demotion sticks.

Those troubles are the perfect aspect of darkness sent to illuminate the great, the Divine Beauty You are.

The mind eventually gets it, that Heart is the best one to lead, but we have to be hugely stubborn to help our excessively stubborn mind understand…that it just can’t understand…that that’s the job of Heart.

Thus, do we morph into awakening as the butterfly shedding its cocoon. Perhaps, with me, you’d agree it would be better named the flutterby. Let’s lighten up. 😃



1:52 a.m., Friday, 2019/04/19 — Mayan day 13 Dog / Oc

[1] “…it gets more painful only when we’re not noticing it,” I wrote. It comes to me that this may — may — also be the case when someone is so determined to charge ahead, to accelerate, that they’re compressing time, as it were. Instead of the more gentle trek, the hint crumb-trail across time, they’re condensing that (hopefully) to divinely-inspired good ends.

Again, this would be rare, but the trek of DJT may well illustrate it. No matter what face he shows us, it cannot have been easy to be so continually, so viciously, publicly attacked & maligned.



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