Trust the (Divine) Plan

“These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Spiritual Awakening,

We’re awakening, right? Those reading journals like this likely are, but our old beliefs can block or contort the view so we don’t recognize all of it. Nothing wrong with that — it’s just what is, & we’re growing ever more peaceful, more gracefully accepting of the is-ness of it all.

We have all of these ideas around what awakening entails, what sort of show it will provide. It’s best to ditch those — all of them — in favor of letting awakening just be what it is. No one can say what that will be for us — nor we for them. Our whole manner of perception is changing.

Expectations block the view, of course; they arise in the (limited) mind.

That camel-through-the-eye-of-the-needle thing, we pass through something like that while discovering humility, a boon of our determined letting go. We don’t drop it all, we just watch as it falls away. Ego & the mind are closely related, & since we’re not in the company of our mind so much, ego also grows more distant as it diminishes.

Mind & ego are no longer able to contain/trap us so easily.

Oh, it’s not gone, just less all-encompassing, giving us more room to explore other perspectives. We begin to realize we weren’t “right” about much of anything, only now it’s more funny than frightening or disappointing. We note at some point, that we’re taking ourselves far less seriously, laughing more often, more easily.

I suspect that most of us go through this pretty much alone, in the sense that we move so “beyond,” for lack of a better word, that there are few able to meet us where we are, few who resonate that deeply.

We’re alone but we’re not.

“Alone” also looks like “all one” — well, almost. 😉 It’s a full emptiness, somehow, & we can tell by the feel of it that it’s legit. Our inner sensing is well able to take over mind’s old duties, to guide & help us make wise decisions. Words like “wise” take on new meanings.

The mind gives up at a certain point, not having a clue where we’re going, unable to evaluate or understand our experiences. We find ever more space in our thoughts, enabling the spiritual wind to blow through the emptiness, carrying away bits of clutter, enlivening what remains. Silence seems to fit right in.

The mind just observes, quiet more often than not.

In our new state or space, stress cannot exist. We don’t know when or how we just notice the stress become less & less. We’re having more fun. Stress is a destroyer of fun, so I guess it makes sense, but we could care less.

Things no longer have to make sense. We realize (personally & as humanity, over the centuries) that, in forcing them into patterns to “make sense,” we’re generally just inventing nonsense. Things don’t require our mental overlay, as they make perfect sense to the one open & empty enough to perceive it, to sense it, to Be it.

We’re more light-hearted, less weighed down. Life is easier now, much easier, no matter the conditions we encounter. External things have far less power to disturb us. We have little or no explanation for this or much of anything.

We’re more clueless, now; something mind fought against for all it was worth, but eventually gave up, admitting defeat. This, for the truly, ridiculously (to the mind) stubborn ones. [1]

We go through times of feeling lost, times that all have a different flavor, a different sense, yet a with the common essence of being untethered, able to flow. It feels weird, but we adapt. We’re having more fun, now, with whatever arises. We let mind come in & kick us around awhile, but we’re quicker to spot it & turn away.

We’re not out to DEFEAT the mind, just to gain sufficient mastery to ignore it.

The mind is not the enemy, its programming is.

You go to work & you carry a pocket watch, a comfortable companion. You love taking it out throughout the day, checking in with the time. Then one day you notice you’re not carrying it with you every day. You’re not checking in with the various clocks so much.

You’re off in another “space” where time has lost much of its relevance, its old importance. Your new broader perspective no longer fits in with the old clock habits.

One day you tuck it away in a drawer & let it go. Time didn’t go anywhere, you did. It’s not so relevant, now that the old ways are fading out. Or you carry a pocketknife all the time, one with multiple blades & functions. It’s within easy reach when a chore or situation arises, but you don’t keep it in your hand all the time.

It’s like that with the mind, which gets less & less use. Only those chores or challenges that specifically require it activate it, now that the old-time perspective & beliefs are at bay. Most of the time it’s more like the pocketknife, at ease in your pocket & out of the way, irrelevant most of the time but still useful when needed.

Our beliefs about time are one of the biggest cages of the Matrix, tied in closely to clocks, proven relative to space. The pocketknife represents our point of interaction with space, the contents of 3D.

We’ll all see this through our own particular eyes, but to me, it has the flavor of leaving the mind in standby, observer, or napping mode most of the time. We can “do” (be) this because our intelligence is not limited to the 3D brain. We align with a vaster, broader intelligence that we contain, that we are.

We tap into its all-knowingness at times. It’s very strange, sometimes startling, but enjoyable, too. As we live-and-learn our way out of the Matrix, we discover how, by slipping back into a mental mode, we lose access to the broader, empty & vast perspective. People, things, & our journals don’t speak to us when viewed via the (necessarily limited perspectives of the) mind.

This is “live-and-learn” at its best. 🔓

We find ourselves using our electronics less, having fewer YT subscriptions, perhaps backing away from the social media scene. What we’re watching also changes, not in logical ways, but ways that feel best, that feel right at the time. Many of us leave the cities behind.

Our short-term memory goes to pot as we adapt & shift. We laugh a lot, unable to stress over this as we stick with Heart. We even enjoy the times of stress 😲 for the gift they provide, the sign we stepped back into the mind.

I could go on, but if you’re on this trek, I don’t need to; you get it. It’s an amazing shift the Family of Humanity is making, those who choose to take the ride. We’re moving on, but not to a place or a time or to this realm or that. We’re moving on in consciousness.

We truly don’t know where it will lead, but Heart keeps us attuned, guides us well.

Dancing with Light —

As we come to grips with what it is to be infinite/eternal Beings, we relax. This is more like losing an identity than gaining one. We’re seriously morphing as we watch ourselves slip more into having fun, into loving & respecting both self & so-called “other” equally. We laugh at our frequent screw-ups, seeing their perfect place to help us attune.

We’re finding that we hadn’t a clue about Reality, before, as we begin to get those clues now, & we just laugh & laugh, mostly at ourselves. We’re kind to strangers, children, animals, & even the greenery. Sometimes trees & animals are much better companions than people still stuck in the Matrix. Nature never forgot how to commune, to both send & receive.

Erin’s Pink Dancer —

Finally, we could care less what the “future” will bring.

We’re too well focused & ensconced within the ever-unfolding Now moment to give it a care. Somehow, we know we’ve “got that,” whatever it is, & that all will be well. Fear plays only a bit part now & again in our play as it fades from view. It’s our mind that plays past-and-future games, our mind that gins up all fear as it imagines “the worst.”

Fear of the Unknown —

Will we be on some other planet out there, on some other dimension, or both — or neither? We truly don’t care, knowing that what unfolds is ever & always perfect, just in ways inaccessible to the mind. That’s okay, though, since we keep the mind in its pocket, its place. We now recognize such thoughts as worry & want no part of them.

How does the dust mote perceive the Cosmos? Do we care? The more we let go, the more we realize that we contain it all. We are that dust mote, as well as this current form.

It’s not generally until our form is ashes in the wind that we realize WE ARE THAT — whatever it is. It’s ALL within us, & we don’t have to wait to cross over to make the discovery.

Over our infinity/eternity, we gain facility in taking whatever perspective we like, vast or minuscule, be it for a nanosecond, a lifetime, a timeless moment. It isn’t possible to exhaust eternity, even with infinity as our playground. All of Life is a Love affair with the NowHere, the nowhere on the other side of the time/space coin.

We don’t so much “wake up” as disappear, friends. Be at Peace with whatever arises. Your vastness is quite stunning, even though it’s empty & it isn’t really “yours.” 😆

You just Be, able to explain it to no one not also Being.

“Trust the plan” has more relevance than just to politics & QAnon. It’s a truly grand show, & we are far greater, far more divinely beautiful than any mind, anywhere can ever recognize. How could we not be, as elements/aspects of Source?

Our “I” was the illusion, but Source is the underlying Reality.

Dancing Shive —

I love the analogy of us being the Dance of Source, the Divine Dancer playing every part. To the extent we’re willing to let go of current perspectives & beliefs, we’re able to witness the grandness, the glory of it all. Painting over anything with a mental perspective just limits & hides the Divine.

Bolero —

This “Divine Dance” that we are has been mistaken for our everyday blah reality by some. That’s a mind view. We can trust that is only the Matrix programming, programming now vanishing from our awareness at a delightful clip.

………⚓️ ⚓️ ⚓️………

Anchors aweigh!! And notice, it’s not “away,” but “aweigh, in other words no longer touching the bottom, dragging along, but suspended, hanging & ready for use — much like the awakening one’s mind. ⚓️



11:21 pm, Friday, 2018/06/15

[1] This is a stubbornness not born of the mind, for we cannot use the mind to defeat mind, dear ones. It’s not really “stubbornness,” but that word at least offers a hint.




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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