To Wake Up, Just Stop

Releasing self, Reclaiming Self

5 min readJan 13, 2019


These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

So much of our writing, our reading, is about external things, about situations we’d like to improve. Most of us spend the bulk of our “time” (for we don’t really know what time is) focused outside of ourselves. We’ve been carefully programmed that way; it benefits the globalist bunch.

Crazy Clock —

Back in the day, science was more or less joined at the hip with philosophy. No, our current textbooks don’t convey that. Only the scientific discoveries of the men of old — for yes, dear ones, they were men — are touted. Their philosophical writings have been edited from the history texts — among so many other things, false things being added in their place.

What we’ve taken for reality, for “the way things are,” has been an edited & warped version of actual happenings. Yet, as long as we remain captured in the realm of the external, the world of the mind, we have hardly a clue about the mass deception, the manipulation we’re living under. Again, it was designed like that.

It would help us all to go within, to drop all definitions we’re trusting, particularly our self-definition. We are most definitely NOT who we take ourselves to be. This, being the most fundamental plank in our structure, deserves our utmost attention, but that also requires a stillness we’re not used to experiencing.

Oh, well. It just is what it is, & when we’re ready we’ll get around to pulling our focus out of externals & into the infinity awaiting discovery, within.

No one can force us to awaken.

We can’t even beg them to turn the key in our lock since their key is their own, not ours. They can’t even see our key, but that’s not surprising since we can’t, either — not until we abandon our mind-centric focus, our obsession with the outer world.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote, 2019-01-13

Often you begin your day much as you ended the day before. But if we were standing in your physical shoes we would acknowledge the fresh new day! “I can push the reset button. I have complete control over my point of attraction today! I will look for things that feel good today!”

Excerpted from North Los Angeles, CA on 2/22/14

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

We operate largely within a sense of lack. We’re all looking for something, be it the car keys, a raise & promotion at work, an improved relationship with someone dear to us… the list is endless, always seeking, never satisfied for long. Nor do we often settle down into the NowHere to fully experience the present moment. Seeking keeps our mind perpetually in the past or the future, working to escape the unacceptable Now, the NowHere.

It’s all of a piece & makes perfect (Heart) sense, but until we step out of it, step back from it, we don’t see that. In the Matrix mind-hack, we’re perpetually lost without realizing we’re lost. What seems normal & right-side-up to us is actually upside-down & backward.

Our mind isn’t equipped to notice that anything is wrong.

The mind can’t evaluate itself. Sure, it thinks it can, it fully believes it can, but it takes stepping up to a higher level to resolve issues that aren’t seen when we’re immersed in them. If we can at least admit that our minds have been hacked, that the Matrix really does exist, we can open ourselves to new perspectives, new possibilities, new ways to view the status quo.

Tried to Bury Us —

We are NOT who we think we are, nor even what we think we are. How we resolve this most fundamental question has everything to do with what direction we take concerning everything else. My suggestion is to spend far less time on everything else, to postpone or table that while we focus on our very foundation, our “identity.”

We can play various parts in a school play. A bit of script study, a change of costume & make-up, & we can persuade the audience that we’re someone else, not the character we played last week.

We’re more flexible than we realize, which is good to know.

That flexibility on steroids can launch us into an inner adventure that puts any play in the shade. Only as we come to better know our Inner Being, Who we are at our core, do we begin to realize we’re actually both infinite & eternal, completely unlimited. As they say, “What man has done, man can do.” (No, I won’t botch that quote by gender castration. That IS how it was said. 😉) [1]

We’ve let our minds be all but taken over, accepting as ours definitions of every sort that get in our way, blocking us from waking up to the nonsense in which we’re largely engaged. Come on, folks, there’s ever so much laughter built into this dream, this drama in which we’re playing our roles.

We could all begin by taking ourselves — & everything else — far less seriously.

Yeah, things that make ya go hmmm can be food for the soul. Where to start in waking up? I’d suggest a focus on three things: attitudes, expectations, & above all, beliefs.

I’ll close with a familiar & beloved quote: “Observation without evaluation is the highest form of intelligence.” 😉


2019/01/13, 1st — Mayan day 8 Jaguar / Ix


[1] Every bit of the PC & SJW stuff is fodder for the mind that keeps us focused on externals, permanently distracted from our Inner Being who is genderless & rainbow-like, i.e., of every color imaginable & then some.

Holy Spirit —

When we allow ourselves to be 1) so focused on externals, & 2) so directionless, isn’t it interesting how we almost always find ourselves pitted against one another?

Gee, do ya think that might be a part of the Matrix, of the globalist Master Plan? How easy it is on just recognizing such things to step up & out of them, into a far better place/space. It happens instantly.

Seeing is truly freeing when we slow down enough to make the deeper connection. Just sayin’. It’s entirely up to you what you do with such things. Good to know, though, that the divinity lives equally in all of us at our core. Source didn’t create evil. We did that via our use of free will.

Darkness is only the absence of Light, useful in many positive ways.




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness