This is a Mess! A Useful Mess?

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me —

We’re in a very interesting time, one like nothing in our recorded history. We’ve been ceaselessly divided against one another in ever so many creative ways. Divide-and-conquer is on every menu we view, & up until recently, we were buying it.

Another interesting aspect of our times is what, in the future, will likely be called The Great Awakening. No one knows quite how or why so many people are no longer willing to dance to the long-accepted tunes. We’re coming out of a centuries-long (or longer) daze, waking up to the mess that’s occurring everywhere.

Midst all the raucous commotion, the arguing, one thing we all agree on: it ain’t pretty. This is a mess!

There’s a vindictive hatred for this President, unlike anything we’ve yet experienced. Many will be surprised to later discover it’s being led by the minority, strengthened & sustained by their bought-off lamestream media, a potent force that once controlled the airwaves.

The polarization of Americans is so great that the mainstream media (MSM), especially traditional news, is basically dying, losing viewers like the plague was killing them off. Poor MSM — not!

Maybe it’ll be called The Great Shakeout instead of The Great Awakening.

Things, dark things, are being brought to light at an ever-accelerating pace. It can be hard to take, finally seeing some of what’s long been ongoing behind the scenes, suspected, but carefully hidden away.

We’d have seen it long ago were we not so very trusting. We have many people, especially rather wealthy ones, who, though they present a benevolent or at least neutral persona, are quite dark; inhuman, even. We discover wealthy businessmen who are pedophiles, seemingly kind people who viciously abuse animals, etc.

The things we learn are being done to & with children were once unspeakable, but we’re finally getting over that. Our silence is not golden in such cases but enables the darkness to thrive. “See something, say something” may become a new motto to help lead us out of this dark time.

We were brought up to be polite, to be thoughtful & courteous to others, respectful to our elders & those in positions of power. Let’s look at that. Did it not teach us to be two-faced in a way? We had this one face we presented to the world, but another one our family & friends (or enemies) got to see: the real us.

Two-faced —

Part of awakening is bringing these two together, reuniting the interior split that manifested as the exterior split that defines our times. We’re being made whole in many surprising ways as we awaken, only now able to spot the falsity in our upbringing, our socialization — a falsity we took on as “normal.”

Truth now comes more to the fore, forced out by the craziness at every hand. We begin to see that we don’t have a good handle on what real Truth is, as opposed to what we call facts. Presented from a different perspective, facts paint a different picture.

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

“There are no facts, only interpretations.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

They also seem to change over time like one of my favorites, the “scientific constant” called the Schumann Resonance. For a value that was set at 7.83 Hz to have gone over 1,000 Hz last Easter — well, something has clearly changed. It now regularly pegs over 100 Hz.

Nor does the Schumann Resonance stand alone among many things once firmly accepted as facts that are now as dust at our feet. Oh, they’re still informative & useful, just at showing us new things in place of the old beliefs. True scientists & others who are receptive & loyal to Truth gladly accept & inquire into the new messages. Others fear & rebel.

Speaking of Truth & being two-faced, Mark Dice made an excellent video displaying the globalist cabal’s latest attack on the truth. Using current technology, it’s now possible to put lies in people’s mouths, to make them seem as if they said something they did not say. Some tech can even control facial expressions, not just the words.

I Knew It! Mark Dice — 6:34

For those not too drawn into the social, political, or techno scene, if we follow the money behind such tech, where do you think it will lead us? Though I haven’t done that research, my bet is on the cabal, the globalists seeking plausible deniability for what’s coming out about them & their dirty doings in the various upcoming declassifications, investigations, & reports.

There’s fear in the air among them & blood in the water as they begin to turn on one another as the swamp drains. Inspired by that & desperate for an out, any sort of out, they fund & create this tech so they can shout that all recorded evidence & proof against them isn’t true, that it’s techno-deception. Yeah, right. Just be prepared for them to flop at the end of the fishing line as they’re caught. Let’s have the net at the ready.

This ability to change anyone’s words, anyone’s facial expressions is beyond HUGE.

Until we find ways to defend against it, to prove their tricks, it poses a serious danger to all of broadcasting. Not only can any existing recording be changed as demonstrated, but new ones can be made from the whole cloth, so to speak; complete inventions. No doubt this can also be done with live broadcasts, oh my.

Now, more than ever is a time to be migrating out of total reliance on the mind & the senses & into our deep inner core, into Heart. That’s where our spidey senses abide & we all have them, the ability to read the energies in ways previously only available to the very few; not just the dangers, but the blessings, too.

All of these goings on are, in effect, our launchpad for The Great Awakening rocket — if we choose to view them that way. Remember, Creation flows through us, so we have a far greater “say” than we yet realize, just not in a way our mind can comprehend.

Letting go of our reliance on the workings of our minds may be the most prominent challenge we face.

One thing is certain: the globalist bunch is stuck in the world of the mind, so they’re not coming along for the trip into awakening unless they, too, find their way into Heart. As sick & dastardly as their doings are, we may find that some of them are not even human, perhaps AI, clones, or beings from elsewhere disguised in a human costume.

Deception Veil Lifting —

Meanwhile, knowing that Source/God sends only angels, only gifts helps us unwrap every package, no matter how dark it may seem. We’ve got this, friends, but only as Source-in-form. The choice is ours in every NowHere to focus on the external world of effects or on its internal realm of causation.



9:30 a.m., Friday, 2019/06/28 — Mayan day 5 Sun / Ahau



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness