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Free Will is to Allow It — or Not

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Heart Space — found on Gab

Be in Heart to read this one — it isn’t for everyone. Those locked in mind won’t comprehend.

Humanity’s greatest divine gift is free will. It’s what enables us to learn, to grow into something far greater than the mind can even imagine — much less comprehend.

Actually, we already are that — “something far greater than the mind can imagine.” Some of us are aware of it but most are not; largely due to our programming, our so-called education. (Yes, it’s much deeper & broader than that, but it begins there.)

The mind is a truly useful tool, but we’re so much more than that which we let govern our lives. We are not these bodies, dear ones, nor can they contain That which we are: Source-in-form. Source/God is anchored within each of us — but we have free will to seek That out or to ignore it, even believe It doesn’t exist.

We get to go our own way — & that’s a good thing; yes, even when we make a mess along the way. If we do everything for our children, they won’t learn to do for themselves, yes? The teaching, the Divine Instruction, is actually built into the Creation, into our world, into all the dimensions with their infinity/eternity of endless Joy & expansion/contraction.

What do we let run our lives?

Because of the intimate Presence of Source within, we have access to the ultimate Wisdom & Guidance, to Divine Love & Joy. The way into That is bass-ackwards to the mind. It’s through continual emptying out, not seeking to add to the Self. When you’re already the Divine, what more do you need?

As we align with the Divine, necessary things are provided. We’re drawn to the right job, the right mate, the best path — & we learn as we go, getting ever better at perceiving, then aligning with the Inner Guidance. The “bad” things along the way are later seen for the benefit they somehow engendered, albeit not directly.

Here is some of the greatest wisdom I’ve ever encountered — & it’s so amazingly simple, just requiring a perspective shift:

“There is not a source of not Well-being. There is not a source of sickness. There is just the disallowance of wellness. In every particle of the Universe there is that which is wanted and lack of it.”

~ Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote, July 5, 2022

Our free will is the dominant factor, here. We’re actually creating far more of our 3D life experience than we realize. It’s due to the Divine abiding within us, respecting our choices, and bringing along the best possible ways for us to take the next step.

If what Life is bringing us isn’t the feather-light touch to help correct our course, it’s because we paid no attention to that earlier on. The ante keeps upping until we open our inner eyes to see the Divine Guidance in action.

EVERYTHING is for our good — 100%.

Yet, to truly hear these things requires an inner stillness, an openness no one has taught us — at least, not in this lifetime. Our inner belief systems are quite like the MSM — feeding us lies all packaged & tied with pretty ribbons, confirmed by all the Mainstream Media channels.

Can we trust Source/God enough to let go — perhaps just for a bit?

Let’s ponder this one:

Posted on Gab

What will we choose to allow? What will we support in our lives — & what will we reject & condemn? Will we choose to align ourselves with the Divine as we buckle the mind/ego into the backseat?

Remember, anything & everything known by the mind is known FROM THE OUTSIDE. We look AT the things we evaluate. Heart, however, is universal — present in us all. Via Heart (Inner Presence of Source/God), we can learn to actually “read the energies.” It’s a bit like being psychic or telepathic, yet deeper. We can know not only what’s being said, but where it’s coming from this way.

Yes, it’s a different way to live, & many won’t be willing to take the walk of discovery. They think they already know how things are & how they should be — & that’s fine. Remember, free will is our precious Divine gift. We respect it both within & in others.

When we know things from Heart, we Know them. It’s like Divine Love, something that most have not yet experienced. We’re all actually One, like cells in the Body of Source/God. I hurt you = I hurt me. It’s inescapable — but as long as we remain mind-centric, we don’t fully perceive that hurt.

The closest I can come to describing this is the NDE — the Near-Death Experience where we get to perceive every single effect we had on anyone throughout our entire lifetime — both loving & painful. We perceive those things AS THE OTHER ONE, not as the self.

This deeper Knowing abides within us all — & is accessible to those sufficiently determined & willing to buckle that mind-ego ME thing into the back seat. Bon voyage!

Never lose your sense of humor, by the way — & you’ll find the greatest, boldest laughs are generally at the me, the self. We are SO much more than we take ourselves to be, dear friends. Finding this out is the greatest adventure of them all.



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