Only self in the way

Theft & Awakening

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

What makes someone take from others what is not theirs? What pain or agony of soul blinds them to the deeper value of things, having precious little to do with monetary value — that sentimental value that makes some things priceless?

What haven’t they yet worked out within themselves that would heal such misbehavior?

What excuses do they make for themselves, whether ever spoken or not? How do they justify their behavior? What’s at the root of it? Finally, what sort of future is such a one carving out for themselves, not only in this lifetime but also in those yet to come?

There’s a failure of self-love here.

Otherwise, the person would recognize the pain they’re stacking up for themselves as Source/God Lovingly works with them to bring growth & healing. Some will learn in no other way but by experiencing a number of lives in which those things most precious, most needful to them are taken, stolen by others.

Theft —

So be it, friends. Whatever it takes to return a soul to wholeness is what will take place. At times, it can be painful to watch, but healing lurks within & follows pain, pain that softens & opens hearts who’ve been thus far immune to those gentler messages that have come & gone, unnoticed.

All there is is Love, yet this isn’t easily seen in today’s world where the Matrix mind-hack yet reigns.

One day we’ll look back on this time with amazement & some shock that we could have been so blinded, not just to what was going on, but to Who we are, so distanced from our Being’s native values & understandings.

Or we can begin claiming them right now, wherever we are, whatever our current conditions which don’t really matter to Who & what we truly are. We’re always whole — we couldn’t be anything but, regardless of how the mind views it.

We once Knew that, & at our core we always do.

We’ve long been taught to live on the surface of life, to get ahead, to make ourselves superficially comfortable midst the things of this world. We’ve accepted our set of values from our society, our country, our teachers, parents & friends.

Please note that these are all adopted at second-hand, given or even imposed by others, none of them arising from within. Thus do we make trouble for ourselves.

What trouble? We’re better than this, folks, far better! Deep within we Know such things, but that’s within Heart, not within the mind where we’re taught to abide. Our whole society’s values are based firmly in the mind such that we’re conditioned to identify with it, as the body-mind (for we’re of course also the body).

But is that all of us, all we are?

Of course not! What is gone from our minds can never be erased from our Being, our soul, Who we truly are; so we come in & play pretend for yet another lifetime. Yet, through it all, we are never alone — things are not what they seem, what we’ve been taught to believe.

We’ve all got a great awakening on the horizon, & have had for some time. It’s been coming along rather gently, but no more. Now, as they say, we’re in the storm, having survived the perplexing prior calm. Perspectives are shifting everywhere as minds & hearts are finding the old ways, the old views no longer sufficient to make sense of the current craziness.

Source/God always offers us the best & highest options, seeking to lift us out of our confusion. Source begins gently, with the feather-light touch. Some notice it, the seeming coincidence, the stray thought, the gentle word of a friend or stranger that carries a deeper meaning than the one they intend.

Most of us don’t notice the feather-light offering. Since Source, as Love, intends only the best for us, our not noticing it ups the ante to the tap on the shoulder, to something more noticeable. It ratchets up from there, as required by our response or lack thereof.

We can go from the ruler rap across the knuckles all the way to whatever disaster or seeming nastiness is required to finally garner our focused attention. At some point, we’ll finally see the Divine Love behind it all, but not until we work our way through our s*it, the nonsense & beliefs that have us blinded.

Perhaps you’ve already heard it, but we’re the ONLY thing in our way.

There’s not a book on the planet — a publicly available one — that is truthful. There’s probably not a government on the planet that’s worthy of trust, either. We live in a phony world, one taken over by the Matrix’s warped reality.

The unreality is not forced on us, just introduced drop by drop, so slowly, so all-pervasively, that we unintentionally slip into it. Once in it, we no longer see our way out. How could we, since we’re unaware that we’re trapped?

How are we trapped?

How is it that we, ourselves, are the only one in our way, the only one blocking our freedom? It’s largely by our beliefs, beliefs which are made to seem perfectly right & reasonable, but only to our mind, never to our deeper Being, to Heart.

In order to pull this off, Heart had to be made to seem unreal or nonexistent. This avenue into our real Being, into the greater Reality, had to be thoroughly obscured. We have words & phrases like “theoretical,” like “myth,” like “conspiracy theory” to muddy the waters. These have perfectly reasonable & even useful meanings, but they’re also used to paint the far broader strokes required to hide Who we really are.

We’re led to build structures of experiences that take numerous lifetimes to work our way through. We’re told, “Thou shalt not steal,” we’re told “What comes around goes around,” but we’re not told that, by consistent thefts, we’re crafting future lifetimes of pain, the pain of being on the receiving end of what we have dished out.

All of this is actually offered to us as Divine Love, as the best possible route to bring us back Home. What’s taken as something terrible, some disaster, is anything but — yet seeing that always hinges on our chosen perspective.

Within the eternity-infinity that forms our environment as Source-in-form are endless possible perspectives on everything. We incarnate to see things from different angles. That doesn’t just include human incarnations, either — that would be so very limited, so locked down. Do you see?

We, as humanity, have had many challenges with various groups, among them some reptilians so dark yet so advanced that they’ve conquered our race.

In our efforts to work things out with them, to reason with them, we’ve lost every time. They seem so implacable to us, so very challenging to understand either them or where they’re coming from, what their values & motives are.

So what’s the logical answer to such a long-lasting conundrum? Do you not think it might include a few incarnations among their race? Well, what better way than to walk a mile in their shoes to garner that deeper understanding we’ve long sought?

Some will turn away at that, & so be it. We’re all free to make our own choices, & heaven knows we’re heavily programmed away from such ideas. We’ve been taught that some races or groups are good, that others are evil or bad, which just isn’t the case. There’s a range of beings in every race.

Our far earlier ancestors well knew the yin/yang reality of our world included both Light & dark, the two sides of every coin.

Within Heart abides the Wisdom, the Knowledge that we seek, yet it may as well be in another universe, so different is the knowledge of the mind from that of Heart Knowing. We enter into our inner regions only as we release & jettison what we think we know, which is in the way, blocking other perspectives, the greater view.

The awakening ones are heard to speak of the oddness of awakening, the loss of self, the shifting of identity. It’s all very strange as it’s happening, nothing that the mind can grasp. We learn to be wary of our mind’s comprehension of anything, to trust it less & less, just as we’re learning to trust the outer authorities less, too.

It takes the releasing of what we take to be reality to discover the greater Reality on which all is based. How very strange, yes, but OMG, what a great adventure it is as our perspectives open into more cosmic views. We finally begin to notice the Love within & behind simply everything that comes our way.

We begin to realize that we’ve long been lost, now seeing through our dependence on social structures & on everything related to the mind. Science, itself, takes on a whole nother hue, yet one of the strangest things of all may be how no one can deliver this seeing to anyone else — how it must always come from within, in the presence of personal readiness.

Oh, how the burdens dissolve & just fall away, unnoticed as we spiral up into higher frequencies, higher consciousness, deeper, broader, vaster awareness. Our single incarnation here fades from dominance into one thread in the greater tapestry of our incarnational experiences.

Before long we’ll begin to reintegrate even further, becoming now consciously aware of our greater soul family, those who’ve been with us every step of the way, albeit unseen & unknown up to now. We’re finally entering into that readiness that enables their more obvious participation.

Let us celebrate every step of the way, welcoming whatever arises, refusing to fight, resist, or resent it, suspecting or even knowing it brings blessings in its wake. Let us treat others as we want to be treated, stealing from none, giving to all the best of Who we truly are.

Finally, let us recognize that the one most deserving of our Love & devotion is the self. This is Self loving self, friends, & absent that love/Love, we don’t have it to spread around, to share with anyone else.

Every so-called problem must first be solved & resolved within before any external resolution will stick around for more than a short while.

The woman marrying her 7th spouse, the one who turns out to be just as abusive as the prior 6, hasn’t taken this primary, critical step. Perhaps it isn’t abuse, perhaps it’s theft, perhaps it’s disrespect… Whatever it is, one day we’ll be able to see it’s precisely what we’ve not resolved internally.

Bunny Theft —

Are we disrespecting ourself? What are we stealing from the self? How are we self-abusing? Consciousness, being the creative force, manifests our inner issues in outer ways until they are seen & finally accepted & resolved.

Every challenge that comes our way can also be seen, through eyes of Love, as the biggest possible blessing, the perfect opportunity for resolution of our specific blocks to higher consciousness, to further awakening.



Friday, 2019/10/26 — Mayan day 7 Eagles / Men




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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