The Wisdom in Knowing Nothing —

Chaos on the World Scene

These Eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me

Interesting times, to be sure — more than just interesting. Chaos might be a better word. How are we handling it? Who can see through the craziness, parading itself as normal, as “what’s to be expected” — just business as usual? I bet most can, or are beginning to see through the Matrix, to see where it’s trying to lead us — how it works.


Even though things are getting ridiculous on the surface, I have more hope, now, for a better future than I’ve had in many years. Why? People everywhere are peeping out from the work-a-day daze most have been in for their entire lives. Sure, they’re getting shocked into taking a new look, perhaps a new perspective on current events — & that’s not pleasant.

It’s uncomfortable to consider the possibility that you may have had it “wrong” all along — that things might be other than what you took them to be. Still, that everything seems to be out-of-whack is jolting many into taking another look — seeking out other possibilities.


For those of us leaving duality behind, this is great! We grew-up in a world of black & white, yes/no, right/wrong, good/bad, etc., i.e., duality. Yet that won’t take us into any sort of real awakening, into the serious rise in consciousness that’s our potential in these chaotic times — an actual trancend-dance.


So what are the other options, then, right? Unless we make a major shift out of head into Heart (not the physical organ), I see no other options. That’s just how the mind works — either/or. Continue to do what you do = continue to get what you got.

Mind is unable to navigate these rough waters into transcendence — & we’ve been hugely mind-reliant. Who among us thought there was any other way?

Just for starters, the mind doesn’t begin & end with the brain — we’ve got so much more on-board in these wonderful human bodies. Time to start seeing ourselves (& everything) differently. For those as yet unaware, the physical heart (& the gut) also produce neurotransmitters, those things currently defined as “brain chemicals.”

This has been established scientifically, of course — what other way discover the presence of chemical particles? (Heart Math is one organization leading the way in such research.) So even on the physical level, society has it “wrong” about how thought occurs — & where — much less what thought is. Science doesn’t yet have a real understanding of consciousness, the most basic aspect of our 3D experience.


Here’s the thing, however — we don’t yet realize how our reality is generated, nor what part we play, as humans (which is huge). As long as we stick with the Matrix duality, with the definitions we’ve been given, we won’t find our way out, either. It just doesn’t hold the answers we seek — the answers it turns out we actually contain. WE are the answer(s) we seek, as we move into higher dimensions.

By backing off for a time, simply allowing that we may not have all of the answers — that even our long-held beliefs may turn out to be myths — we begin to unplug from this Matrix of lies & deceit. It takes a cooling-off time, a time of releasing all attachment to what we held dear — our beliefs — our belief that we are right about things — that we know.


I know nothing, & I like it that way.

Those stuck in mind may stop reading right there, but they won’t know what they just read. Mind doesn’t have access to what’s being shared, here — but you do.

Oh, we are so very much more than what we’ve taken ourselves to be — more than mind or the body-mind. We are a seed, a flower, a ray of the divine, right where/as we are. Letting go is how we begin to access that.

I no longer care if anyone reads any of my posts. It just doesn’t matter. From here on in I’m writing for the simple joy of writing, of expressing what flows in/through Heart, trusting Source for the rest. Heck, I was a bit crazy to think I could accomplish anything, anyway — help anyone to awaken.


Now I realize that waking-up is a do-it-yourSelf deal. No one can do squat for anyone else to “help” them awaken. Furthermore, they don’t need any help. LOL, are not they the same Presence of the divine that I Am? It’s only taking our own rightful power back that enables awakening — and our Power is of the divine. We are actually Source-in-form — no kidding ;)

It’s a real unplugging that takes place — if you want it. Nor is it a pleasant, easy journey — it may even include a bit of time in what some call the Dark Night of the Soul. While in the midst of the journey (letting go, unplugging) you won’t see the way ahead clearly. Your vision seems blocked. The trek must be made blind.

Why? How else can you unplug? It’s a more complete letting go than I realized, earlier on. At times it seems like devastation. Nor can anyone or anything help us as we go through this — except time spent connecting with Mother Earth, with nature — & going within to find our own soul, our own inner reality. “Let go & let God” are just words — words don’t help. It’s quite another thing to enter the direct experience.


Many of us have been on such a trek for any number of years, but we’re in a time where such things are hugely accelerating. It’s as if we’re being forced into shifting, one way or another — yet the choice is completely up to us. No one can make it for us, nor advise us wisely during these times. Sure, they can commiserate with us, sympathize, share their ideas…

I don’t suggest following anyone’s advice, though — including mine — as that just prolongs the journey. The point is actually releasing anything & everything that has any sort of hold on us — all those things/people on whom we were so accustomed to rely — including our own thoughts. ;-)

Why? We must go within, learn to listen to the still, small voice that echoes there. As long as we’re involved in anything external, or remain locked within mind, that voice doesn’t speak — or rather, we don’t hear it. It isn’t even of 3D.


No, I’m not speaking of either an audible voice or of actual words. It’s far more subtle than that — more akin to intuition than anything else. Yet it’s very real. You just begin to sense everything in a different way. Don’t be surprised to find elements of Nature begin speaking with you. Everything is conscious, is aware — even the stones. :-0

So, to the extent you’re willing to truly let go of all old ideas & beliefs, old constructs picked-up while in the Matrix — to that very extent is awakening on your horizon.

It turns out that it’s the little things in life — the things in our now moment — that are the most important. That’s where the Power lies, hidden only until we let go & go within.

Those big, external things — the elections, the bombings, whatever is on the MSM (main-stream media) news — become not quite irrelevant, but almost. As long as we have our focus “out there,” we are as if lost. That is not the seat of our power — the external world, where we’re dumbed-down & basically powerless. That is NOT the true reality that’s available via this huge shift.


At the beginning I spoke of having more hope now, than ever before. As the world seems to be in chaos, why would that be? It turns out that the chaos, the attacks on serenity & peace, may be just what the doctor ordered for awakening.

Why? Many of us — mostly the sheeple & the sleeple — require being kicked-out of their false sense of reality. Otherwise, things would continue — business as usual — pushing this huge awakening ever further into an elusive future.


Many things will likely get even worse — really intense. The world’s fiat financial system is on the verge of tanking. That will be a major shock, no matter how it settles out. No fiat currency has ever lasted this long — they’re not based on anything real, so they’re totally subject to manipulation — which we’ve had in spades.

Our infrastructure is also shaky. It’s ridiculous to have our whole electrical grid above ground, totally subject to the elements. How would we handle that going down, in the presence of some solar or other huge event? How many of us have generators? And what about the nation’s dams & roadways?

The cabal has been agitating for a WWIII for decades, now. Were it not for Putin & the election of President Trump (not that they’re perfect by any means), it’s fair to say we’d already be at war — though I don’t see that on the horizon, unless we fall for the cabal’s manipulative machinations. That’s up to us. Even in the USA, we could already have had a civil war — if we’d been willing to take the bait. So far, so good :)


The way of the dark is ever to keep people is both stress & distress — which is so unhealthy, weakening the immune system. If we’re willing to continue eating/drinking the unhealthy food offerings, we’re also not in good shape — another personal choice. No right or wrong, just a matter of choice in each now moment.

It’s the seemingly small personal choices we all make that guide the destiny of humanity. In the old way of thinking, one person doesn’t have much power to effect change. That, too, must go. It will be seen for the ridiculous propaganda that it is, after pulling back from it all, awakening from the daze in which we’ve been trapped — unaware of the internal exit.

The power, the real Power, my friends, is in you— in each one. I see, now, how the lies of the Matrix haven’t just been huge, they’ve been gargantuan— beyond our (mind’s) ability to conceive. There has been a very real & very dark intent behind getting us addicted to our electronics, not to mention to the horrible Western diet.

The whole allopathic medical system, run by Big Pharma, does not actually heal anything. I hear of many doctors who entered their practice with sincerity, desiring to make a difference, now leaving, going into alternative practices that actually go for the cause of dis-ease, rather than just medicating symptoms — leaving people dependent on drugs for a lifetime. It’s a joke, only not until you see through it.


The awakening ones may not be many, but we’re enough. One person truly can make a difference — but not until we firmly take our native Power back from all those hucksters & the nonsense they’ve been peddling — & that we bought into over time. Let us withdraw from Big Pharma’s attempted monopoly on health care, along with all of the programming we’ve received. It’s no small matter.


So if you’re waking-up, great! I’m right there with you. It’s all upside-down, inside-out & backwards, somehow. When you unplug, pull back from basically everything, you’d think that would leave you all alone, right? Well, it does, but it doesn’t, as well.

On entering within, going into what I call Heart, but call it what you will — soul, Higher Self, whatever — what you find is that “alone” actually equates to “all one.” Just as in quantum entanglement, we enter a realm, a space where we actually are one with All That Is. We reconnect to the One, to That — to Source.


Perhaps more importantly, on a practical level, we step out of the daze created by all prior programming. Our vision shifts in major ways. We become able to see right through that which once had us baffled, or convinced that lies were somehow truth.

It is very much a going-down-the-rabbit-hole, like Alice in Wonderland. Life, itself, actually becomes wondrous — a real wonderland — but only through eyes of Heart. Things are definitely not as bad as they appear to be. From this inner perspective, literally everything changes.


You now have a very flexible perspective, able to see things from various, hugely divergent points of view. Each one will then make their own personal best choices, realizing that the old right-and-wrong meme is just that — a meme of duality. You won’t ever be boxed-in, again.

There is no way to lay out what actions you’ll take — there is no template for the “right” way to go, the “right” choices to make. When we’re each anchored in Heart, we can trust that by following our inner guidance, we’re taking the right steps.

Your “right steps” may look completely different than mine — & that’s great! We’ve got a real & true individuality eagerly awaiting us as we make our own choices. Paradoxical, this is “individuality” in the midst of the One — the nowhere of the NowHere.

Which way(s) will you choose to go?


8:42 am, Friday 2017/06/09, Mayan day 10 Chuen/Monkey, Full moon (completion) in Sagittarius — aim high




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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