The Victim Vanishes Along with the “I”

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me —

Humanity has a number of superpowers. We’re blocking them, not allowing their potentially powerful results. How?

We all have Belief Systems, those sneaky things that worm their way down into both subconscious & unconscious levels. Thus, they’re not as easy to spot as we might think they are. It takes watching our actions, our words, even our thoughts as they pass by to spot those beliefs in action. How?

It requires us to 1) set the intention to spot our beliefs but something else must come first: the awareness that 2) we have & can change our beliefs, along with acknowledgment that 3) they could be more powerful than we believe they are. In the presence of these 3 factors, consciously acknowledged, we’re set to take what may turn out to be a wild ride.

Humanity is tremendously powerful — yet we don’t know it.

Thoughts & Intentions Create Reality —

When you add to that the programming we’ve received that effectively clips our wings, you get the current chaos we’re experiencing. That chaos isn’t bad since it’s also delivering many of us into greater awareness. Many are shifting allegiances as they see the various players expose their hands as they play their cards.

What has long gone on in secret is now being exposed & that’s a good thing.

The major components blocking our true Power are found in our beliefs & in our use of free will; just those two things. Belief systems have been intentionally installed in us that make us our own worst enemies. What we don’t yet see is that we are the ONLY one in our way; period.

No one can stop us once we truly see this.

Once we see how we’ve been manipulated & begin to undo the problematic beliefs — basically, all of them — we unbind ourselves, allowing ourselves to soar. This requires that we allow & accept our powerful nature. As Source/God-in-form, the Power of Creation flows through us. That Power is still Source, but we’re not separate from That as we’ve been led to believe. More on that, later.

What happens along the way as we take this trek is the death, the disappearance of the ego, the ego-mind. The brain, the mind still exists, of course, only it’s not who or what we take it to be. We’ve long been taught to identify with the body-mind, the ego-mind. That must go simply because it’s unreal.

This isn’t a journey that any mind takes, so it will be frustrating — extremely so, at first — to the arrogant mind that thinks it’s all that & then some. We learn to step back from that aspect of our Being & just observe.

We exist outside of & beyond the brain, the mind, as evidenced by the near-death journey of Dr. Eben Alexander. His extremely serious case of meningitis that completely destroyed the entire cortex of his brain did not stop him from having robust experiences beyond the body-mind. As a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon, he’s in a great position to speak on this.

We are so very much more than the brain, more than the body-mind.

Until we can accept that we are not limited to the body-mind, we’re not ready for this deeper exploration since the body-mind can’t go along for the ride. Any belief we hold that we are just a body-mind blocks our deeper exploration; not totally, but significantly. That camel doesn’t fit through the eye of the needle.

Our thoughts & beliefs rule our life, limiting what we can experience on one hand while enabling unlimited experience on the other hand once we learn to let go & just be. It’s not an adding-to that’s required but very much more a letting go that will extend into every nook & cranny of our experience.

Until we divest ourselves of the belief that we exist as a separate entity with a Source/God that’s external to us, we remain stuck. Those beliefs block our further exploration by the limiting reality they create, structuring what we can experience.

If Source/God is the Sun, we are the rays of Light. If Source/God is the music, we are the notes. If Source/God is the Body, we are the cells in that body. In the Oneness at the core of it all, there is quite literally, no two; no separation.

Yes, we enter 3D & experience seeming separation, the individuality we take to be real. When we finally see that this is the dream, that That is the Reality — that Oneness — the decks are cleared for those deeper explorations & expansions into the All That Is.

Inspirational Self-Awareness —

Our hands are full, then, aligning with Source/God, clearing the decks of our personal experience, our awareness, setting the stage for our inward/outward expansion into That, into our very own Beingness.

We are not an object, not a thing, we’re an awareness, an Is-ness. Let’s make room for That right where we are, emptying out, releasing the Belief Systems holding us back.

Our experience is then of the joyous use of free will to make way for the oncoming Great Awakening. Let’s be sure to enjoy every moment, every NowHere of it all. Meanwhile, let’s recognize that, to the mind, our NowHere is just nowhere, nowhere it can go, so it seeks to deny it all. Don’t listen!

That, too, can be enjoyed. 😉



10:01 p.m., Friday, 2019/11/01 — Mayan day 1 Transformer / Cimi




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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