The Underlying Movement of Being Against, 1 of 2

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“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

This title was given to me on awakening, this morning. I marvel at it — the underlying movement of being against. Against what is not specified, as it matters not what we’re against. When we’re against anything, ultimately, we’re against the self — the Self. Do you see this?

This is the activity of mind, not of Heart. Thus, to perceive what’s being shared, here, Heart must to do the reading, for mind will ever object, bringing forth its arguments. “How could you not be against cruelty, against war, against suffering” — blah, blah, blah. Go deeper, my friend — set mind to the side, at least for a moment. Take a break from its incessant chatter.


Just who are you — truly, who are you? What are you? With what do you choose to identify? As we find our way deeper, ever deeper, within, we are surprised. It’s quite literally nothing like what we thought it would be. Things get turned inside-out as our perspectives, of necessity, shift.

We find ourselves in a strange land.

Many are now freeing themselves from the bonds, the self-imposed strictures, of mind. Mind does its best, yet no mind is taking this journey. Give it a well-deserved rest. It’s worked hard for you all of your life. Now, it’s a time for you to find your deeper Self, which is beyond the realm of any mind.

It’s time for you — the real You — to take up the torch, to release the pressure upon mind. Mind won’t bring you happiness — it’s too much to ask. Do you see?

When in the mind, we are self-defeating beings. We seldom engage in anything wholeheartedly — not with mind. Can’t be done. If we look again, there, we’ll see why. Did you spot it? Mind cannot muster the power of Heart — that’s not its job. That’s our job, as we disidentify with mind.

We have a mind — it’s not who we are

We’ve got to find ourself/ourSelf, first. Of necessity, this entails freedom from identifying with mind or body. That’s what we’ve been taught to believe we are, yet it keeps us bound to the map, not in touch with the territory it represents. Within Heart, all things are experienced — not just talked about. The old analogy of the map being about the territory holds up well, here.

Mind is able to study any subject, any topic it likes — yet, at its best, all it ever knows is about them, not able to experience them, directly. Yes, you can study physics or maths, enjoying that. You can then find employment in your chosen field, where you begin to have a deeper experience, the OJT (on-the-job training).

Yet, even there, are you experiencing those numbers, that science, directly? How can you do so? Instead, what you find is ever deeper experience of the mind — ever deeper exploration of the chosen topic. This is the mind journey with which most of us content ourselves throughout life. This is not Heart, access point to the actual territory.


They are in different realms, being different realms, themselves, mind & Heart. Mind is quite useful, of course, for the journey of life. It just depends on where you want to go with your life. How deep an experience of life do you choose? Sticking with the mind journey is to choose the safe way — the way wherein you feel you can gain sufficient mastery, useful on your (mind) trek.

The Awakening III — Rebirth — by cygx1 on

On entering Heart, we dive much deeper, no longer restricting ourselves to the surface of Life — to the map. When we take this dive, all of the old rules, the old beliefs somehow fall away. They are not relevant, here, at our core. They cannot even enter.

Quite naturally, this is frightening to the mind, which likes regularity, security — likes things to be at least knowable, if not already known. That’s not the way of Heart. Oh yes, Heart “things” can be known, but it’s seldom we can put words to them. They are that deep, yet accessible via direct experience.

That’s why “I” don’t choose to write about such things. I’m not qualified. Yet, Heart is — when we learn to just let it flow. That’s when we get (mind) out of the way. Heart’s understanding is ever so much deeper than anything available to mind.

Heart is “for” everything.


My grammar gets hammered by the Grammarly app for missing articles, such as “mind” in place of “the mind” — but there’s good reason for those omissions. Mind likes to see things as yours, mine, & ours; as his, hers, or theirs — thus creating separation & division, everywhere.

This is the mechanism by which we self-create the paradigm of against — which does not participate in the deeper Reality, wherein all is but One. My sense is that mind was actually one — before it was hacked, before The Matrix became its reality. Heart is ever One. These are universally available to everyone. We don’t hold ownership of them — mind just thinks we do, not having gone sufficiently deep.

Even the existence of telepathy should make us question the separation of minds — not to mention things like quantum-entanglement, which questions the separation of things. It’s all far more mysterious than any mind realizes, thus making it the wrong tool for the “job” of awakening.

Mind thinks of things as being “out there,” external to us. Heart knows that they are not, knows that this is but the illusion mind creates. Oh, mind lives fully within its illusion — all based on belief — not realizing it’s inhabiting the creation built by & upon its Belief Systems — The Matrix.

Not realizing the creative power of thought, mind can’t even conceive of the idea that its entire world is self-created. From mind, we all live in our own little world, no two being the same.

That’s where (& how) misunderstandings arise — via the underlying movement of being “against.”


It is because, at our core, we are Who we are — this is the source (Source) of that Power that creates. Also due to that Power, our thought creations take on form — the form of our experiences, our “everyday reality.” Thus, we live in the dream, the Matrix, structured by those beliefs. We “get what’s coming to us” based on those beliefs, too. It can be a very rough ride.

Somewhere along the way, a very, very long time ago, the mind of humanity was hacked. When we go back sufficiently far, our biology was hacked, as well. Even today, remnants of this knowledge remain, mostly among indigenous peoples, the elders & shamanic types. Credo Mutwa, a Zulu Shaman, is one of these who shared such knowledge.


Credo takes us back to a time when humanity was androgynous — not yet separated out into male & female genders. We were whole & complete, within ourselves. I also suspect that the brain, at that time, was not so severely divided into right & left hemispheres, with the narrow corpus callosum as the bridge between them (though I haven’t heard Credo speak of this).

Our genetics were quite different, hugely “other” from what we have, today. Our awareness differed greatly, as well. We were likely far smarter, back then, too, yet we allowed our trust in visiting ETs, claiming to be gods, to lead us astray.

It may even be that humans back then had the fabled 12-stranded DNA. If there are records of this, like all other sensitive ancient records, they’re likely found only in private libraries among the cabal. The Vatican Library contains many of the original records of ancient times.


So let’s set all of that aside, for now, as it has no bearing on our access to Heart, to the amazing realms accessible through that inner portal. Over vast stretches of time we were divided against one another, right up to the present time. When you’re pure & complete, in union with Inner or Higher Self, there is no “against,” which amounts to warring within the self.

When you want something, perhaps very much — but then you doubt it — you’re doing the dance of for-and-against. When you love someone, but find yourself hating this certain thing they do, it’s the same. We’re not taught to understand the Power of thought — how our focus on something, on anything, increases its strength.

Would we but drop the “against,” our desires would more quickly take form.

So we find ourselves feeding the very thing we’d rather see go away. Our focus upon anything feeds that thing the energy of attention — of thought, of emotion — thus, do we strengthen it, thinking to rid ourselves of it. “Against” doesn’t even work. Much better to focus on what we are “for.”

Why do we do these things? We don’t know any better. And as long as we remain prisoners of mind, we never will. Thus, have we been educated & trained. The deeper answers we seek are found within, beyond the reach of any programming. Nor are they anything like mind thinks they will be. Nor are they found in any way mind thinks they will be found.


It’s well to realize that our mind world, our external realm, has pretty much everything upside-down & backwards — often inside-out, too. It’s The Matrix “reality” in which all minds abide, these days. Here, things are relatively true, relatively false — relativity underlying everything.

So while we’re relatively for the self, underlying that we’re also relatively against it, not always acting in our own best interest. We’re divided, just as mind is, as long as we choose to abide, there.

This is not to say that the realm of Heart is the abode of the absolute — not in the way mind conceives of that. To the mind, an Absolute Truth would be true in all cases, bar none. There’s no fluidity, there. It doesn’t matter that each one’s life has been quite different, or that they’ll have different responses, different values, different understandings, different abilities — that they’re on different paths. We’re all the seemingly different aspects of the One.

Mind thinks that Truth is Truth, & must apply equally, everywhere.

This is but evidence that mind cannot enter the realm of Heart. If it was absolutely True that killing was wrong, then it wouldn’t matter that Jimmy killed in defense of his family, & that Regina killed because she enjoyed witnessing the fear & suffering of her victims, somehow drinking that up. (Mind also fears death, which isn’t real to the soul, just to the form.)

To mind, it would all be the same, as an Absolute Truth. To the mind, in its realm of relativity, Absolute Truth is unknown. It’s doing its best to guess what that would be like.

At our core, friends, we are Truth — we have full access to That, as we find our way in. As Source-in-form, we are, & have access to, the All That Is. This isn’t a pot of gold at the end of any rainbow, however. It’s the journey, itself, that is the point, the sum total, the all — the NowHere moment, the current step. When we can more & more find our way into the NowHere, we begin to enter this realm of the All.


Old programming — sometimes called education, sometimes called entertainment — is very much in the way. Truth is absolutely Pure, without a blemish or stain. Even when we speak words of truth, if our motive isn’t pure, that isn’t Truth. It’s but more of the mind’s relative truth, which we’ve been taught to accept.

We must let that go. Are you ready? We need not look far ahead, either, wondering where it will all lead. That’s to divide our focus, to remove it from the NowHere, right where we are, thus slipping back into mind.

I know, it’s so strange, to think of the present moment as being sufficient, in & of itself —strange to the mind, of course. Yet, it is. More importantly, the NowHere is the key that unlocks the door we’ve been seeking, looking everywhere else but within.


Things get very simple along this trek.

We slowly uncover the reality that it was mind that complicated everything — never Heart. No 10-year-plans required, here — just this — just Now. There’s a big secret that’s rather shocking — within the Here is everywhere. We quite lose the sense of distance, of “out there.” One day we realize we contain it All.

Likewise, we discover that Now contains all of time. We begin to lose our reliance on the clock, the calendar. Nor do we get the full experience that’s available, when we visit past or future via mind.

In our full Now-centric focus, we’ll be shown what we need to see about other times, other places. It comes to us that way, in our Now. If it’s time to draft a 10-year plan, we’ll feel the strong call to do so. If that doesn’t arise in our Now, then it’s not relevant — we don’t need it, now. There’s an amazing freedom, here.

This is not of 3D, of course. Heart is not the organ in the body, nor even the chakra. It’s much deeper than that, too deep to be captured & pinned-down with words — yet you can sense it. You can experience it, too, just don’t expect the instantaneous manifestation of the whole of it, ever reminding the mind that it’s the journey, itself, that’s the point. In a realm of infinity-eternity, how could it be otherwise?


9:17 pm, Friday 2017/09/22, 1st, Mayan day 11 Wisdom / Cib

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote — 9/21/2017

“What is it all about? To get things done? No! Because you do them, and you undo them, and you do them, and you undo them, and you do them, and you undo them… What is the point in all of it? It is the thrill of the process along the way.

Physical human minds keeps thinking, “We have to be going towards some end.” And you kill each other by the millions trying to decide what is the appropriate end that you are all going toward. And we say: well, there’s your flawed premise. Because there is no end that you’re going toward. We are all on a perpetual cycle of joyous becoming. We will never get it done, ever, ever, ever, ever.”

Excerpted from Spokane, WA on 5/30/00

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

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