The Revolution of One —

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye by Youtuber1204

Been down some pretty deep rabbit holes, tonight — reading other blogs on Medium. OMG, there’s a cornucopia to delight anyone, here. What seems ever-present in all of them, though, is a set of beliefs, underpinning each post.

No matter how strong our conviction that our beliefs are “right,” how can they be? And if so, how can they apply to everyone else?

Underlying all of it is the pursuit of truth, yet in our world we’ve come to settle for relative truth, most not believing there’s anything else. Perhaps the strongest, most universal Belief System I encounter is belief that the body, the mind, is who & what we are. That’s their truth, so they begin from there.

What if that’s not the case? Just what if, mind you — I champion each one’s right to choose their own beliefs. We don’t all have to be the same to get along, for which I’m deeply grateful. Goodness, we’ve got enough variety on planet earth to make one heck of a fantastic garden. No, I’m not for the neatly trimmed English kind. Variety is the spice of Life.

Back to the what-if — what if this body-mind with which most are so deeply identified is not the real you at all? What if, when you drop the form at it’s death, you yet remain? This has happened to many, some “dead” as long as 3 days.

What are you banking on, holding this belief regarding your identity? What decisions would you revise if it was otherwise than what you believe ?

Then, there are those who experience the odd OBE (Out-of-Body Experience), as well as the habitual practitioners, able to leave the form at will. Their consciousness, who they’re aware of being, travels with them, not remaining with the body.

How could we BE the body, if we can leave it like that?


It goes much deeper. What if the whole quite mechanistic structure of the Universe, as we believe it to be, is incorrect? Isn’t it the case that science is always growing, ever shifting in it’s beliefs? Any student of history knows this — it’s only science, itself, that seems to have forgotten, hanging on to it’s “proven truths,” as if they’re written in stone by the very hand of god. 😆

Humanity has crafted for itself — or had crafted for us — endless systems of beliefs. Every decision we make is pregnant with underlying beliefs. It seems we can’t get away from them — but is that really the case?

Not quite.

There’s a rogue I very much enjoy hearing whose name is Robert Anton Wilson (RAW). He makes a shocking assertion that it would be well to remove the word “is” from our language, suggesting we consider e-prime, which does just that. This irascible chap makes very convincing arguments on a vast array of topics which are a true delight for the rebels among us. (U.G. Krishnamurti is another such rebel who totally annihilates all the myths around enlightenment, quite exploding the entire conceptual framework.)

Maybe Logic: The Lives & Ideas Of Robert Anton Wilson — 1:21:23

The great ones among us have always been able to change the course of history — not by might, nor by will or force-of-arms — but by ideas that catch on. Entire value systems change when new ideas appear, societal structure right along with them. While it’s amazing to hear about, it’s more amazing to watch, to even participate in such shifts.


We’ve got a huge one in process right now, so big many begin to call it The Great Awakening. Though we’ve had other times dubbed an Age of Enlightenment, my bet is that this current adventure will make the others pale by comparison. It has been said that one or two great minds come along in a century, but today we’ve got many, both living & recently passed.

In the Revolution of One, we’ll follow no one but the Self

As we look around, it’s not difficult to realize that we could use something to awaken us from the daze in which we created today’s societal structure, its values, its “norms.” It’s plain wacky out there! And it has been for centuries, for a few millennia, at least. We kill in the name of peace & rob in the name of taxes, justified in the name of bringing overall benefit… Well, where is that benefit? Will someone point it out to me? Our money is being misspent, including a huge “black [off the books] budget.”

We use a fiat monetary system based on literally nothing of value — yet we trust the value of the empty paper & coins enough to base our life, our living, & all we own/owe on it. Just plain crazy. 💫

Who are we kidding, with all of this? While our parents, grandparents, & ancestors fell for this, too many are waking-up, today, for it to go on this way for much longer.

I feel the knot of tension in many a belly with those words — yet once we begin to question our beliefs — ALL of them — that tension begins to release. We just know there must be a better way than this mess we find ourselves entangled within.


Though there are many different words & phrases used, what I see happening — in my words — is people finding their way into Heart. It’s time to ditch all of the relative truths we’ve accepted & go deeper into the very meaning of truth — seeking Truth, a better, a higher way. We look at both ourselves & our societies, today, & judge them as wanting, based on their fruits. Is this really all there is to Life?

Heck no!!!

Too much trust is a major part of the diagnosis — the patient is definitely sick, but we have a cacophony of reasons, of answers as to why. A lot of that begins to come together as we delve much deeper, within our very own Being — seeking to discover who we really are. We’ve settled for less, for the current definitions, quite long enough.

It’s just not working, anymore. 💥

There’s an underlying current that’s palpable, that many are sensing. The old values just aren’t holding up at all well. Everywhere we look, things are crumbling. The middle class is being ushered out the door, meanwhile the Georgia Guide Stones (of all names??) promote a future of only 500 million of us. From 7+ billion?! Just too darn many things out of place, all askew.

I see the Revolution of One — the individual.

One-by-one we’re waking-up & pulling-out of “business as usual.” That just doesn’t hold water, anymore. Way too many crises, too many scandals & exposures of those we trusted to do “the people’s business,” in government, finance, law, media & business. Morality, today, is in a sad, tattered state that just won’t work, anymore, for what will soon be (& may already be) the majority.


I’d like to recommend that we exercise a great deal of caution, going forward. While peaceful marching or shouting, raising a ruckus is meant to get their attention, we don’t necessarily want that, do we? I mean, how well have they — TPTW (The Powers That Were) done, thus far? What kind of honesty & integrity do we find there?

If they are not honest, not honorable, then why do we want to even talk to them? Won’t they just find other ways, other schemes to defraud us? Logic suggests that they will. Logic further suggests that, whatever sort of groups we form, they’ll find ways to infiltrate & undermine them. Hey, they’re quite good at being bad, at staying in power. Have you noticed?

I still say this is the Revolution of One, already at work.

As each one of us makes our own internal changes & adjustments — then walks our talk, living by them — that is what is going to catch the world afire, helping the inevitable majority arise from the crumbling ruins, the ashes of the “business as usual” bunch.

The very structures of society are deathly ill, friends. There’s not much there worth mending — nor can stupid be fixed, as they say. It’s the gross absence of ethics, of honor, integrity, & even decency that underpin the bulk of those structures. That’s what is bringing them down.

You don’t take an abandoned, run-down shack & build it up into a mansion. You level it. You begin, fresh & new. I am absolutely not calling on anyone to go out & destroy anything! Let that be heard. Let them rot from within, which they’re already doing.

Let us just get out of the way — stop supporting what is obviously & deeply flawed.


We have to stop worshiping money, the “almighty dollar,” which long ago saw its day of being almighty. That’s not the case, now. Yet, it doesn’t matter the currency, if it’s fiat money, it’s fundamentally worthless. So, as we come to recognize & finally admit that, let’s first look to our own behavior.

As long as we’re out there, chasing the cheapest price for whatever it is, we are contributing to that.

It’s a time for each one, in this Revolution of One, to take stock & revise our every belief. It will result in things like supporting our local merchants & farmers, our local towns, paying higher prices if needs be. Many will move out of the large cities as this collapse continues. It will no longer be possible to provide the basic necessities, there — way too much congestion, not enough land for individual gardens, not enough freedom for an individual to be an individual.


Something else we’ve been all but worshiping is convenience. Think about it. How many personal decisions, actions, & purchases do we make based on perceived convenience? Well, what the heck is convenience, anyway? Why do we place such value on it?

What do we find ourselves either sacrificing, or closing our eyes to, in the holy name of convenience? There’s nothing wrong with improving our lives, but at what cost? If it weren’t for perceived convenience, the Chinese & other sweat shops wouldn’t be able to survive & prosper — & at what cost?

Whatever it is, for instance, if it says “Made in China,” what kind of a price are we actually paying for that?

What price are those workers in China & the other sweat-shop countries paying? Did you know that, in some factories, they actually string netting around them to catch those trying to quit their jobs by jumping to their deaths? I’m serious — do the research. They’re not permitted to quit, to strike for better wages or conditions.

What the heck are we doing, friends?!! In what are we blindly participating, as we chase our convenient pleasures — & is it worth it?! In the Revolution of One, we are waking-up to the reality that this is one planet, that we’re the Family of Humanity, & we’re by golly all in this together.


It’s time to stop pretending that our each & every action has no important consequence. When we buy meat, all packaged nicely, at the store, we’re supporting something so horrifying that people aren’t even allowed to witness it — the way the animals are slaughtered. The way they live, the sickening conditions, are all excused in the name of both convenience & making a buck.

As frequencies everywhere are rising, we’re coming into higher consciousness, like it or not. That includes a deeper awareness of the consequences of our every action, our every choice. In what will we choose to participate, going forward? As we look at the ramifications of our choices, we’re already beginning, en masse, to make better choices.

As we continue on in this wise, there will eventually be such a massive number of the one, the individuals making new choices, that it will be crystal clear that the old ways are no longer sustainable — no matter the excuses given in the past. They were but rationalizations, built on the concept of personal profit. It’s that worship of money thing, threaded throughout.

We have beautiful, awesome Hearts, friends — & we’re finding our way into them. From Heart perspective, each one will realize that the old ways are already done — over. We sustain them at our own peril, for they cannot long last.


The new world that we create, in this Age of Aquarius, will be founded on Truth, on the honor & integrity of the one — the individual who will no longer support the rape of our planet & her peoples, her animals, & Nature, herself.

We’ll be done with all of the old excuses, the rationalizations for doing evil in the name of good. We’re already seeing right through that nonsense, today. Ever so many of us are walking away from many of the so-called conveniences — bought at the expense of our peace of mind & Heart.

The sooner we all begin to wake-up to whatever aspects of this resonate with us, the better. Forget forming groups to create mass change. The Powers That Were are far too well entrenched, too experienced in dealing with that for it to succeed. We just get lies, with more lies & criminality hidden in the endless fine print. When is it enough?

When is it time to say, “No more!?”

Thus arises this Revolution of One. Your choices count, & in a very big way. Join the rest of us in your unwillingness to cooperate with the graft, the horrors craftily hidden behind closed doors & tucked away in the fine print. The rising frequencies of Light will buoy us up every step of the way.

More importantly, we’ll just feel good, inside, knowing we’re better than that, & refusing to sustain it any longer. Down with convenience & the worship of money! Up with Truth, honor, & personal integrity. We’ll all be so glad we took whatever small steps came to us along the way.

No step is too small, friends — that’s the old thinking.

In the Revolution of One, one step taken in reverence for real Truth has tremendous power. Nor will you be taking it alone. We’re aligning with real Truth, which will be our shield & buckler, our beautiful defense.

Let’s see what the Family of Humanity can really accomplish.

Ozan Varol — The Mission on

From The Mystique of Enlightenment, Part 2 — U G Krishnamurti

“I am not out to liberate anybody. You have to liberate yourself, and you are unable to do that. What I have to say will not do it. I am only interested in describing this state, in clearing away the occultation and mystification in which those people in the ‘holy business’ have shrouded the whole thing. Maybe I can convince you not to waste a lot of time and energy, looking for a state which does not exist except in your imagination.


“You can never understand this; you can only experience this in terms of your past experience. This is outside the realm of experience. The natural state is acausal: it just happens. No communication is possible, and none necessary. The only thing that is real to you is the way you are functioning; it is an act of futility to relate my description to the way you are functioning. When you stop all this comparison, what is there is your natural state. Then you will not listen to anybody.” [Emphasis mine]



11:06 pm, Friday 2017/09/29, 2nd, Mayan day 5 Night / Akbal




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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