The Non-existent Self

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

You don’t exist.

Better said, the person or personality we take ourselves to be is an illusion, perhaps the greatest magic trick, ever. Though we’ve all been fooled, we can have great fun with this by seeing it for the nonsense it always was. We bought into it, that’s all — easy enough to correct, once seen.

Ah, the seeing is ever at the core of our progress, our awakening. A silent stillness greatly enhances our clarity, our inner abilities, making us the witness of much that once went unseen. Every step of life’s way is a continual communion with Source. Everything, every situation speaks with the voice of Source, yet our personality is deaf & blind to this conversation.

Exit the personality, friends.

Become more the observer than the doer of it all. Though we’re guided to identify with the illusory self, that doesn’t make us any less Who we are, which only awaits our recognition, our merging with That. It’s a matter of shifting our focus, that’s all.

Great empowerment awaits, yet we’re entering a new land where nothing remains the same. In this inner emptiness values, truth, action & inaction, everything is completely other than anything the personality can comprehend. Importantly, the empowerment that awaits, awesome as it is, must not be the lure that draws us. Getting a ‘this’ for a ‘that’ no longer makes sense.

The emptiness lives only Now, having no motives, no desires, no needs — the seeker is dead.


Our outward focus set us up to believe in cause & effect, the need to do this to attain that. Do you witness how we’ve become as trained seals, performing for rewards? Our inner being will revel to reveal this — once we’re ready to see it. Until then we dance, marionette-like.

What is truly rewarding to us? What do we seek?

Examining our motivations makes clear how we were captured & trained. Our answers don’t lie on the surface but require deep internal exploration, along with a great deal of letting go. Until we’re willing to part with old beliefs, we won’t see. What good would it do? It would only make us responsible for knowledge we’re not yet ready to apply. Not wise.


The seeker is an element of personality, a component of our programmed, illusory self. What is there to see beyond the personality? No one can tell anyone else, which seems awkward to the personality, ever seeking leaders & teachers (or even to teach).

Our personality will not (cannot) awaken, enmeshed & comfortable in the Matrix as it is. Though it works hard to excel, that won’t take us there. We make substantial progress when we no longer conform.

Those most invested in their outer self are those most enmeshed in the Matrix.

Venetian Carnival Mask — Wikimedia

Can we release our inner seeker, thus removing our mask? We can! Yet, who is ready for this huge step? We are so much more than the personality — & so much less (the emptiness). Our releasing takes us into new, surprising territory.


This is no small thing, more a death than anything else. 😲 We discover that who we’ve taken ourselves to be for so long is a sham. This is huge!

What exposes the masquerade?

It is our inner vision, friends, & in the seeing we go free. Our vision enables us to take the walk which sometimes enters a Dark Night of the Soul. Our realization that what is dying, what is suffering is ever & always the PERSONALITY shortens & softens the Dark Night.

Our unmasking launches us on our greater journey.

This Dark Night experience comprises suffering, yes, but what is that, really? We see it as the suffering & death of that which was never real, only mistaken to be who we are. As we feel the pain, the death pangs, we hurt but don’t suffer, backward though that may seem. We progressively withdraw from identifying with the fearful sufferer.


Nothing is worthy of fear.

The dark cabal & those behind them use fear to control us. Only the ego/personality & the body can slip into fear. Since no personality realizes itself as the eternal, infinite One, it fears threats to its continued existence.

Fear is personality-based so we can look forward to the increased clarity that arises as we leave that behind. As we surrender this unreality we empty the cup, clearing the way for Reality to fill it. What is behind the personality mask?

566 Assignment — Morganesi.Wkispaces

There is no self, thus no one to save or rescue.


The whole idea of a self is an utter illusion, friends. Who can see this? Emptiness contains all by releasing all, by clinging to nothing. The emptiness can’t even worry, much less fear. Emptiness just is. We, too, have no needs, no deficiencies of any kind in that emptiness. Such beliefs are illusions of the Matrix we’re leaving behind.

So yes, early on the way is gruelingly hard at times. As we step back far enough we see that for what it is — the death of the illusory self by our (divine) hand. As a witness to that, we no longer participate deeply in the doings, the challenges, the sufferings of the personality. We’re going beyond MOM (Mind-Observer Mode), here, witnessing far more than just minds at work.

What a grand adventure this is!


We are blessed beyond prior awakening journeyers. They didn’t benefit from such discoveries as this masquerade. Going into their Dark Night of the Soul blind, as it were, likely intensified their suffering. At least we know it’s the personality undergoing destruction, not us.

Let appreciation shine for our manifold blessings, recognizing in them the mercies they are, that they can be as we shift perspectives & enter the ongoing conversation with Source. Thus do we allow Reality, itself, to progressively extinguish our old beliefs as we expand into Who we truly are.

Who, pray tell, is better equipped for this, if not Source-in-form?



12:254 pm, Thursday 2017/11/30, 3rd, Mayan day 2 Serpent / Chicchan




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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