The Evil in our Midst — To See or Not to See

Removing the Blinders, Awakening

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me —

There’s a lot of SJW complaining going on; enough to begin to wear thin for the rest of us. The attack on our use of the word “guys” when referring to mixed company is just pathetic. It’s long been gender-neutral as it was in California’s Bay Area where I grew up, during my military stint in many locations, as well as here in Arkansas.

We’re taking offense where no offense is intended. Why? We’ve got better things to do than wasting our time & energy on issues of major unimportance. Why? Does anyone know? Aside from seeing it as yet another tactic in the divide-and-conquer globalist strategy, I don’t know. It’s just weird.

Here’s the thing, though: much better to blow, now, to say, “Enough, already!” than to wait until it builds up so much that we really lose it & make a big mess. When something is repressed for too long, it can take over & explode.

Maybe that’s what the globalist cabal (GC for short) is after. They see exposure incoming on both them & their sick, corrupt ways, an exposure they’re desperate to distract us all from. We’ll likely be having more frequent FFs, as well.

Those who are ready to see are now realizing the shootings are all contrived. “One lone shooter” is the lie they love to promulgate. Another lie? “It was a Conservative.” Unlikely.

Just as the Dems in the House are still in search of a crime on which to pin the donkey’s tail/tale of impeachment, SJWs seem to run about seeking a new excuse to be upset. If I was walking down the street wearing a MAGA cap, I’d endanger myself just to walk by them. They might take major offense, sufficient to justify a physical attack.

Was I carrying a satchel of MAGA caps, placing them on random people’s heads as I walked, that would justify some upset, but what I wear — so long as it breaks no decency or other laws — is my business. Others should not be in charge of it, or this is no longer America, we are no longer free.

Happiness Depends upon Ourselves~Aristotle —

Will the GC now begin telling me what color I must paint my car?! Perhaps you’ll outlaw all red cars? Stick to your own clothes, cars, & possessions; you’re not in charge of us!

Mind your own business, I say! Leave others alone. We all have the right to our own choice of clothing, of bumper stickers, of flags — again, so long as we harm none & break no current laws on the books. It’s called freedom, freedom of choice, freedom of speech that’s enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

It’s time to start looking within — those of us doing such aggressive things — at the justification for our acts. When we view the Founding Documents, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, there’s nothing SJW-like there, nothing to support it.

If you’re being taught otherwise in school, that’s highly suspect. Do NOT trust your “education,” i.e., programming

The globalists are working overtime to swing this great nation to the Left, to Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Communism — pick your nasty, dark ism. (My favorite teeshirt reads, “Socialisnt.”;-) This fits right in with that. The FF shootings are a staged tactic in their gun-confiscation strategy, demonstrating their willingness to kill innocent people to get what they want.

We’re letting our freedom slip away, bit by little bit.

When we look at the 4th Amendment to our US Constitution— our right to privacy — that’s all but gone, already. We need to speak up, to quit going along just to get along. No, there’s no need to start fights, to get aggressive as the Left does.

There’s a HUGE difference between self-defense & aggression.

America, as enshrined in those Founding Documents, has the right to be. Who agrees? Those of us who agree need to consider being better stewards of the sacred freedoms she represents. Unlike anywhere else on the planet, our foundation encodes our freedoms as God-given, government being but their stewards. That is BIG!

When we look back several centuries, we’re in the times where the ruler, be he king or prime minister or whatever — & yes, they were men, all “he,” but for the very few queens — was completely in charge. All rights issued from the throne, the top dog. It was unheard of, even unthought-of to consider that the people, themselves, had any innate rights. 😲

Einstein ~ Our Thinking Must Change —

The United States of America was a major departure from the way things had always been, as far back as we know. It’s time for another major departure from the way things have been going.

Unspeakable corruption is now the norm, so perverted that many of us are unwilling to face the exposure of what’s long been ongoing. These things are not aberrations, not temporary lapses, but the actual norm for the GC, the globalist, satanic cabal. Buckle up!

So first, we must be willing to at least see it, if not delve deeply into it. That is so upsetting that it really throws us off, partly because we’ve been threads woven into the whole of it, participating in ways of which we were unaware. We enabled its takeover while we basically slept. Facing such things isn’t easy.

Once we get ourselves to that point, into the willingness to first admit that such things are, indeed, happening, & are shockingly widespread, then to see what they’ve been doing & to whom, it will take some time to regain our stable footing. We must adapt to the new reality, the one we didn’t even imagine could be the case. It’s our worst nightmare.

Yet, once we’re steady, again, things look different. We find ourselves changed & in unexpected ways unique to each one. We’re just not the same person, anymore. Nothing looks quite the same to us. It takes a bit of time to stabilize, there.

Seeing is freeing, even when what we’re seeing is quite dark.

We cannot defeat the enemy we don’t see, can’t win the battle we don’t know is being waged. Sheeple no longer, we’re awakening & it’s decidedly uncomfortable & not what we bargained for or expected. Most of our theories & beliefs fly out the window. It’s beyond disconcerting.

Now, however, we find ourselves in much better shape to deal with what is, with the battle that’s raging all around us. We have a new awareness of our place in it, as a gift of the challenges we’ve been through. We’re leaving sheeplehood behind — finally. And heck, we didn’t even know we were sheeple. We didn’t yet see but our prior ignorance is evidence.


Knowing The Truth That Choice Is Yours [PURE EVIL] — by The Patriot Hour — 39:14

The inner guidance (& the outer support) will come, will be there when needed. We’ll find ourselves seeing more & more of the dark shenanigans used against us that we were blind to, before; well, to the extent we align with the awakening. Otherwise, we’ll be more fearful rather than less so.

We’re far more powerful than we even begin to know.

Free will is the crux of humanity’s future. What choices we all make, individually, will tell the tale. Let’s recall that it took only 8 or 12% of the original Colonists to join in the Revolutionary War that created our great United States of America. 🗽 We already have that number & more in The Great Awakening. 😉



5:48 p.m., Wednesday, 2019/09/18 — Mayan day 9 Wind / Ik

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness