Opening the Door

Benefits offered by Chaos?

Attitude Shifting Required

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

“Right” in whose eyes? “Right” under what circumstances? “Right” in what application(s)?

Is the Democrat move “right,” their use (abuse?) of the #MeToo movement against the confirmation of SCJ Kavanaugh? Is it “right” to remove Lady Justice’s blindfold, delivering one sort of “justice” to Democrats like Ellison & another type of “justice” to Conservatives like Judge Kavanaugh? How did this double-standard arise? Why didn’t we spot & stop it?!

Matter is Derived from Consciousness

How open are we to diverse & divergent perspectives?

When we believe — the keyword — that we know something, the other side of that belief is the blinders it applies in resistance to every.other.perspective. If we are “right,” we take that to mean others who don’t see it our way are “wrong.” We thus see the arrogance of ego, innocently on display in so many ways unseen by those displaying it.

We begin owning, i.e., taking responsibility for, our own life.

For those tempted to jump off the deep end into the mental rabbit hole to justify blaming others for various things, I’d suggest ignoring that for now. It will block your ability to take this in. I’ve found it to be a waste of time that blocks creative experience & exploration in Heart, Heart whose Reality is far deeper than any mind can begin to imagine.

Try this one on for size: Everything that comes our way is for our blessing, for our highest good.

That’s right, it brings blessings no matter what it is. Is there room in your current belief systems for that? Could it be that each & every thing, both little & large, comes as grace, as a potential benefit? Could things be potentially far better, far more wonderful than we’ve been trained to see or believe?

Chaos comes to announce change.

Since change is the only constant in 3D, it should be welcome. This is attitude-dependent, & we’re clearly in charge of our own attitudes — or we can be. It all gets back to our use of free will. We’re not at all as locked-in, as locked-down as we may believe, as we’ve been taught we are.

This must be directly experienced to be understood. No speaker or book can deliver it.

Chaos invites us to step out of an old mold. When we choose to view it as advantageous, as potentially beneficial, we enable amazing shifts in our experience, a great lightening of our load, & often the return of a great sense of humor.

That is perhaps the BIGgest letting go of all along our awakening trek.

We’re actually already awakened, we just lost touch with that greater aspect of ourselves, the Source-in-form core. Time, as we know it, is not real. It’s a construct, a part of a game we play in 3D; useful, but not at all as limiting as our minds take it to be. Heart knows that only Now exists, but don’t try to explain that to any mind, including your own. 😆

We now return to ever fuller awareness of That, the I Am; pure, unlimited Beingness.


Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness