These Eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me

What do we seek? What is it we’re looking for, here in the midst of 3D? Why do we somehow feel incomplete, an unfinished work forever in process? What have we lost — if anything? Why do we feel so alone?

There — got some of that out of my system, anyway. I haven’t found the “why” questions useful, of late. Seems that they keep us locked in the mind, never resolving into an enduring answer. Asking the very same questions at different times in our lives generates different answers. Perspectives morph through time, causing the once useful answer to fall apart as we move along.


What is time, anyway? When in those moments of exaltation, of higher consciousness, time is not — simply doesn’t exist, doesn’t make a lick of sense. (Sure, past/future do exist, but they’re accessed by the merest shift of focus.) Time is simply NowHere. Yet when we’re back in everyday mode, time seems so solid, so reliable — so real — & so nowhere, so limiting.

It is not — time is not the limitation we take it for, here. Yet we are foolish when trying to run from the seeming “reality” of whatever it is. There’s a way of integrating both, the actual reality that time is not — and the one where time seems so real.

How? I couldn’t have even begun to answer that, earlier in life — before I discovered the magic of Heart & its awesome perspective — along with dropping the huge bulk of previous beliefs. Heart takes you right up & out of duality, into a sort of triality. Mind, being so stuck in 3D, has no access to Heart’s higher way, into that magical inner Kingdom so clearly divine.


Words are so inadequate, aren’t they, when seeking to share anything really deep? Yet words are also some of the most wonderful tools for sharing, as well. They are not one or the other — they are both, at the same time.

It’s just not an either/or thing — it’s both. Funny, though — when you fall into one or the other view, that’s the only one you perceive at that time. The other somehow fades into the mist, losing it’s seeming reality. It’s rather bizarre. Like the nowhere vs the NowHere — duality at its finest — yes/no, right/wrong, good/bad, up/down…


Nothing suffices for me but the triality — the wholeness of that. Mind, unaided by Spirit, by Source, just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. Far too easy to get caught-up in the Matrix when relying solely on mind as guide. Heart perspective transcends duality, entirely — well, most of the time. Depends on how deeply one is immersed in it — how fully connected we are with That, in That — as That — in any Now moment.

Did you know that our physical hearts are simply brimming with neurons — with neurotransmitters? Kinda spooky to discover that the body’s heart somehow thinks — yet the biology tells the tale, as those at HeartMath, among others, document. That’s the kind of science I go for, these days — the science that doesn’t try to pretend that Spirit plays no part in being human — or that we somehow know it all.


Take pain, for instance — something many of us live with every day. You can be in pain & be miserable — or you can live in pain & be hopeful, be cheerful — happy, even. Science gives short shrift to the power of attitude, the awesome power of Spirit that’s more who we are than the body could ever be — or the mind.

Oh sure, there’s the placebo effect, where science just begins to touch on this— but then drops it, never really pursuing where that leads. Too bad. So very much more is accessible to science, but it’s lost its way, seems to me — stuck in the Matrix.

Stuck in 3D duality, science tells us that consciousness is based in the brain. Yeah, right — as in not! How very short-sighted scientific humanity has become — settling for so much less than what’s available to one & all. May all sincere scientists have an NDE or OBE to help them find their way out of the duality box, LOL.


What’s the answer, then, right? That question is so mired in the duality — it’s poorly framed. The “answer” will be different for each one, but science doesn’t yet recognize that. There is no one answer, no “right way” that works for us all — no one path to enlightenment, losing weight or anything else.

We each have our own song to sing, our own peculiar answers to discover & share. The blessings, the benefits of each one finding their own particular way, our own perfect answers, radiate out into the Whole that we comprise — that we actually are — whether or not we openly share them.


Humanity doesn’t dream big enough, today. Having accepted too many limits, too many strictures & rules developed by others, we’ve lost our own way, both individually & as a whole. Lost in the Matrix, most are — at least most of the time.

Is that unfortunate? I say, no. It’s simply what is. Only once we accept what is for what it is are we ready to take the next step, to move on. Absent that acceptance, we’re only fighting ourselves, resisting the reality of what is, albeit unconsciously.


There is no one right answer to any question, here in 3D. Not possible. Perhaps if we spent less time seeking the right way, the right path, the right answer, we could quit chasing our tail in circles & look up — or rather, look within, the only “place” where our true answers lie. Many have discovered that the way to “fix” things outside of us is found as we go within.

Being “right” about things — anything — occupies so much of humanity’s focus, these days. Some require their “safe spaces,” where they’re confident nothing scary will pop up. Not that that’s wrong — nothing is wrong, ever — but it’s symptomatic of being stuck in mind. There’s a real fear of being different, there, of letting differences in. Do you see it?


Gotta be one with the crowd/herd, or you’re out — you’re unacceptable. So people, so many people, conform. It’s what they’ve been taught, after all, so it must be right, right? Well, if that floats your boat, then yeah. Do what you can to enjoy it. Make peace with what is — it’s a choice that’s always available, just not often seen — the road less traveled, if you will.

Just because individuality seems a bit lost, these days, doesn’t ever limit you or me. We begin taking our native power back when we make peace with what is in our life. Absent that acceptance, we’re going nowhere fast. We go in those circles of recreating whatever our issues are, in various guises. Have trouble with your circle of friends or your job, so you move to another state? It won’t be long before the same issues arise. Been there, done that more than once.


Different job, different home, different people — yet the same sort of issues always crop up. People end up marrying the same sort of spouse, over & over. Funny how that works. It’s as if Higher Self is working to help us see something — something our inner Being really wants us to see. It’s funny, but we’re actually in charge of that — our Real Self, that is — not the mind-body with whom we (mistakenly) identify.

When we begin to see it, we see how the source, the root of our problems is always within. It’s actually not your grumpy spouse, your lousy employer, or whatever it is — the issue is in you. Once we begin to see this at work — well, I don’t have words to describe how very freeing that is.


It’s rather like a new birth, actually. Somehow everything just shifts, & you’re looking through new eyes. (A prior blog called Seeing is Freeing sings more along those lines.) The empowerment born of this shift in vision, in perspective, is a real high. Though the same sort of things may be happening in your life, they don’t look the same — nor do they feel the same.

This is an aspect of triality that can be deeply sensed. We are no longer just talking about things, we’re directly experiencing them. We’re on a much deeper level, now — somehow almost by magic. It’s quite strange — takes a bit of adapting as we anchor into it.

Guess that’s enough for now. Our attention spans are greatly shortened, these days, & I respect that. Could go on & on, but I’ll leave it here. Blessings, dear ones. You are much better, much greater than mind can even imagine. So is everyone else ;) Be open to the endless shifting that’s ever available, within — via Heart.


12:01 am, Thursday 2017/05/25, Mayan day 7 Cib/Wisdom