Taking our Power Back — Time & Past Time

Love Is — I AM

5 min readDec 1, 2021


We’ve let this dark ride go on long enough. Earth is fed up with it, & so are we. Darkness is not in our nature, dear fellow Light Beings, fellow humans. Darkness is the covering up, the hiding away of our true nature.

George Santayana Quote: “The earth has music for those who listen”

You are, we are, I Am Love

This “God” of which we often speak cannot be defined. It is not a being with a name — all of those are contained within Source/God, as if cells & atoms in Its “body,” Its greater Being. It is the All In All. Nothing exists outside of That. Source/God is the Is-ness of simply everything.

If it was possible — and it is not — to define Source/God, we could call it Love, a Love so divine that nothing on earth or anywhere could compete with that, could fully demonstrate it. God is Love, that’s the closest we can come— that works, right?

Keeping that in awareness, now let’s consider what it’s currently like, living on our dear earth. It’s certainly fraught with challenges, we could all agree — so much so that we sometimes feel a bit lost or bereft, yes?

It’s a time of good & very good news, dear ones. We’re waking up & ever more of us are recognizing our entry into The Great Awakening. What’s been long hidden from us is our power to create. It’s no small thing, & it really isn’t even ours, as we have no separate identity from Source/God, just the free will to play around in Creation.

Divine Creation actually works through us — when we choose to align with That. It’s working through us all the time, even when we’re making dark choices. We were miseducated to believe we’re largely powerless, that Source/God is something far, far away — which is utter nonsense. Still, anything they can get us to believe — the dark ones, the Deep State — we create.

Love Is. That is ever & always the case. Will you rest in that for a moment or two, letting it soothe you? Love Is. There is nowhere & no-when you can go to get outside of that Reality: Love Is.

Love is not intrusive. Love does not come in & take over, shoving your free will to the side.

Love must be invited, must be welcomed

How? By aligning with It. It begins as an act of will, a choice made in the moment, in the ever-present NowHere. Then we rest with It. We just let It Be, right where we are. Our consciousness makes way for it as we give ego a rest.

The awesomeness of Divine Love shows us our life’s accumulations that are in the way, helping us to let go so we can dive deeper into Love.

Love Is. It’s not actually about adding anything to ourselves — not at all. When Love Is, nothing needs to be added. We just need to make way for It. Our hearts have been somewhat hardened in the process of living on earth, but none of that is real; none of it can hold a candle to the central Sun of Divine Love.

Do not concern yourself with worthiness. That, too, is part of the hardening, the covering over of our core of Love. The mind — including both subconscious & unconscious — is the seat of our programming, dear ones, our programming away from Love — but Love Is, all the same. We just have to let it Be.

“The only certain barrier to truth is the belief that we already have it.”

~ Voltaire

So it’s time — & past time — to begin to recognize the programming within us, the seemingly endless layers & levels of that. This is very much a part of taking our power back. The programming worked because we not only allowed it, we cooperated with it. Yes, we were too trusting, but those days are gone whenever we’re ready to LET THEM GO.

Love Is. We are an aspect, a manifestation, a projection of That, one with That. I hope you’re not waiting to be rescued, for a great deal of the work required is internal, in each one of us. Nobody can come in & do that for you. Just you.

We are reclaiming our power, not as separate beings, but as one with the I Am That I Am, the divine Source of All That Is. You could say we are all as atoms in the “Body” of Source/God. Each one has their part to play, their role. The toenail cell cannot do the job of the eyeball cell — nor does it need to.

Love Is. I Am. That’s it, basically.

What to do with our seeming separation? Be Love. Compassion & respect go a long way to healing the seeming gaps between us. The toenail cell need never aspire to be an eye cell, for it already is, via its fellow cells, in the overall gamut of (seeming) things. We are in the midst of such an overall Oneness that it freezes the mind in its tracks, unable to compute on these levels as it is.

Love Is. I Am. Yet we must reach for it, using our gift of free will. Let’s quit making the mistake of thinking we must reach out there, somewhere, outside of ourselves for anything.

The outside is forever a manifestation of what we’ve got going on within.

We participate with the “outside world,” but we do so from our steadfast anchor point, within — the I Am, the Beingness that is our birthright. No, we don’t die, so we’re not really born, though the forms/bodies come & go as we play & expand.

Love Is. Let that be your anchor point, what you use to remind yourself of the actual nature of Reality when getting lost in the drama, the challenges. Life is lived ever so much differently with this mega change in perspective. It’s how we step aside, aligning with Source, such that we become the Divine Dance.



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness