“Taking our power back” Is Not What We Think It Is

Discovering Who we Really Are

We are each so totally in charge of our life’s experience that it’s beyond most minds to comprehend. We are running the show, BUT only for the self; not for anyone else. One of the wisest things we could change is to let other people just be who they are. (Wouldn’t it be nice if they returned the favor?)

Some wonder, “Then, why do bad things happen?” That’s quite a rabbit hole that I won’t go too deeply into. I’ll begin with a Byron Katie quote that would do us ever so much good to adopt, to integrate into our daily life:

“Everything happens for you, not to you.”

This saying is largely inaccessible to the mind or the ego. FOR you — in other words, as a blessing, yes? What can be “bad” if it is a blessing? Heart Knows these things that the ego-mind wrestles with & fights against, not wanting to let them in.

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Bad vs challenging?

So, now that we have a new take on what “bad” can mean, where from here? We still don’t enjoy some things that come our way, right? Perhaps they’re not necessarily bad, but what if they hurt, whether it’s our feelings or our body or our property or whatever — what then?

Look again; from Heart, of course. For most, it takes the famous 20/20 (i.e., perfect vision) hindsight to see beyond the surface, but that’s not mandatory. Heart holds the keys. How can something that’s painful be beneficial?

Who is into sports? Do you excel in sports — or anything — with no pain, no challenges?

What if we see life’s challenges as that which helps us better define what we want? Not only do they refine our vision, they further inspire us toward our goals. They can be seen as the necessary contrast helping us truly excel, helping us find our True Self, deep within, hidden under the layers of misleading beliefs.

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What we believe

If we believe something hurts us, it does. We’re that powerful. Holding such beliefs helps create more of the pain, the challenges, albeit unaware that we’re creating that. Better said, we’re magnetizing it based on our beliefs.

Conversely, if we believe something helps us, it does. Actually, even if we believe it hurts us, it still helps us, we just don’t get to see it that way without hindsight. How many of childhood’s painful challenges helped make us stronger, wiser, more compassionate?

As we accept & implement Byron Katie’s saying about for you vs to you, everything is changing; or rather, our experience of it all is changing. The same sort of things may happen, but we’re now different. As our perspective changes, our perception changes, too, though we’re mostly not aware of that happening.

We’re in the midst of something world changing, something so very amazing. We are taking our power back. The more we stay out of our heads during the process, the better — & the quicker it progresses, i.e., the quicker we progress.

“Our” power isn’t actually ours in any sense of the word our mind/ego recognizes. It’s the Power of Source/God at work in us, bringing about the amazing shift, the many changes.

Belief Systems

There are many old Belief Systems (BS) that are in the way, that must go. Will we be willing to let them fall away, to abandon them? There’s this awkward thing we call free will that plays an important role. We get to choose whether to align with the mind/ego or with the letting go, i.e., with Heart, our central core.

During this time, most of our choices seem automatic to us, simply obvious — even though they may lead us in circles, chasing our tail. Why is that? Most choices originate in the subconscious or the unconscious mind, something programmed long ago; in our childhood.

The conscious mind has no access to these deeper layers of our mind, so it doesn’t necessarily know nor understand what’s making us choose those things. It’s time to cut ourselves plenty of slack by acknowledging this programming.

We can let these experiences remind us to be Heart-centric, not mind-centric. It’s really that simple, ultimately. No, the mind will not recognize this, but friends, it is not the mind that awakens. No mind ever got anyone into heaven, into higher frequencies.

As we choose to align with Source/God, putting That in charge by aligning with our Inner Being/Heart, bits & parts of the ego-mind just fall away, we know not how, where, or when. We notice them via hindsight.

We become less via this alignment, allowing Source/God to be the master, the captain of our ship. We trust That, the One, more & more. We’re amazed to see ourselves trying to figure things out less & less. We recognize the pointlessness of that.

No mind can grok the things of Source/God. So by saying that we are taking our Power back, it’s the divine Power, the power of Source/God resident within every soul. This whole process is also the paring back of the ego, the false self. It’s the clear demotion of the mind out of the seat of power in our life.

So, ultimately, the “our Power” is nothing the mind can relate to or recognize. “Our Power” is purely in Source/God, resident in & as each one of us. When there is no two-ness in Source/God, how can we possibly be separate from That, from the One, the All In All?

Such ideas are not for beginners on the awakening trek. Why not? They go to the mind, to building up the ego, making it quietly believe it is so very great. This awakening trek REQUIRES the shift out of the head & into Heart. It’s not optional.

Still, we get to choose thanks to free will. What a conundrum, huh? For me, I see it as Source/God having a great sense of humor; always laughing with us, never at us. [1] How about you? What is your chosen, dearly earned perspective?



6:42 p.m., Wednesday, 2021/02/24

  1. Source laughing with us rather than at us smacks of the Katie quote about everything happening for us, rather than to us, doesn’t it?

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness