Take the Leap — You Can Fly

“These eyes, through which I hoped to see God, are the eyes through which God sees me”

Where from here, friends? What shall we make of this world of ours? Shall we continue to accept the current mess, or shall we make the Great shift, the shift that is before each & every one of us? What is your choice?

With so many shifting already, momentum builds — yet it truly takes the exercise of personal choice to join in. Clinging to things as they are just won’t work. Let’s make the proverbial leap off of the cliff, shall we?

To do this takes a real, a serious release of one’s current reality — one’s beliefs. We just think we know how things work. No one truly does, not really. Sure, we know that if we strike a match it will light. We know the sun rises & sets — but not so fast. Were you aware of the NASA patent for the artificial sun?

Now, why would we require an artificial, a fake sun? Any ideas? Why would we need so many chem trails — suspiciously at sunrise & sunset, for the most part? What are “they” trying to hide? How about our binary sun?

Science has officially discovered that suns are created in pairs — or threes — always. Interesting, huh? What if we’ve actually been having many solar eclipses — not just those created by our moon? What if our binary star — which some call Nemesis — is in our inner solar system right now? Would that be so very odd? I don’t think so.

I’ll share a video with you that covers a few of these bases, both the artificial sun patent, but also how that “sun” is being used to cover-up these eclipses. Yes, it’s true that an actual sun (Nemesis) won’t create darkness by eclipsing our sun, but Nemesis comes equipped with its own mini-solar system, elements of which could do that.

What do you think? If you’re still not convinced, I highly recommend spending time with Jeff P’s YT (YouTube) channel. He’s far more professional than most, taking things apart with ample evidence that these are not lens flares or the like. Perhaps, like me, the light will go on for you, the pieces will fall into place & it will just click. You’ll see through yet another part of The Matrix — the curtain pulled back.

We have so very much to unlearn. Those with too much fear on-board won’t want to go here, but I don’t care. I want to know the truth, & I don’t give a darn what it is — if it’s truth, that’s good enough. I’ll figure it out later. As we release our death-grip on the things we’ve been taught were true, we allow the pieces to come together.

When you’re putting an old-fashioned puzzle together, you can’t at first tell what the image will be. You just link the pieces up by color, by shape. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know what the whole will turn out to be. You trust that, as you work, it will come clear. Let’s do that, being willing to release some of our need to know why, to know how — to know the big picture.

We can do this. We have huge shocks on the horizon, friends. Better to wake-up as much as we can ahead of time, softening at least some of the blows. It’s the sleeple, the sheeple who’ll have a really hard time by the end of the year, 2017; certainly by the end of 2018. Incoming! Duck & cover! How? By waking-up.

We, as humanity, have been quite stubbornly attached to our beliefs. Why? Because we’re so beautiful — so trusting. We have integrity & honor, so we expect the same in others. We haven’t reckoned with the deep darkness with which some are allied — the 1%, they’re sometimes called — the cabal.

The more we open our eyes & our minds now, the better. Have you ever had a serious shock? If so, then you know how paralyzing it can be — how it can shake your personal world to the core. Let’s take the blinders off, & at least be willing to see — open enough to consider the possibilities — less attached to what we believe we know.

Thought actually creates. Most don’t yet realize that, which means they’re creating in ignorance. A belief is simply a thought we keep thinking — that’s all. Science once believed that the sun revolved around the earth. They were sure they had proof — the evidence of their eyes, following its path. It was just a belief, but taught as scientific fact; enforced so sternly that someone rather famous was executed for suggesting it was the other way around —Galileo.

Who can see with me that today’s science is no different? What they teach & firmly believe — after all, they have “proof” — is just their latest set of beliefs. Facts change. New discoveries are made, new equipment devised to look deeper into things. Let’s awaken at least enough to recognize this much — it’s not so difficult for those willing to distance themselves from mind — from their Belief Systems.


You can fly free as a bird, if you like. It’s just a choice, one all are free to make. Are you game? What have you got to lose but things that will shortly be proven as false — an old set of beliefs? Sometimes higher education or higher IQ just gets in the way. Egos get invested in such things, yes?

Perhaps awakening just amounts to releasing the ego. It’s not really who we are, just something with which we’ve identified. That’s the key — how we take the false self to be real. Of course it’s not, but you won’t convince someone of that until they’re ready — & it’s a waste of time to try. Best to let them go their way.


Just wishing I could soften the blow for people, yet knowing it depends on their readiness, on their willingness to explore new perspectives, new concepts. It’s been a rather rough awakening trek for me, too. You learn about things you wish weren’t true, but they are. It’s hard — but then it’s not, as you realize the awesomeness of just Who you really are. That’s perhaps the biggest shock of all.

The Theory of Evolution is pure bollocks — just nonsense. So are the religions, unfortunately — things that you wish were true. You learn that money, itself, is no more than a massive control system. That one becomes clearer by the day to those with eyes to see.

You discover that pedophilia is not only real, it’s not rare — it’s perhaps the major control system of the cabal, keeping those in the world’s major governments on a short leash — tightly controlled. It’s very sad. Things you wish you didn’t have to learn, didn’t have to face. Of course there’s so much more, but it’s there to be seen — once we remove the self-imposed filters, the blinders of our beliefs, our misplaced trust.

How to navigate this strange maze? From Heart, but of course, mind being too stuffed with beliefs such that it can’t see. It’s really that simple, but ever so much easier said than done. Some of it is like pulling teeth, absent the Novocaine. Nasty business.


The biggest lie we’ve not just been told, but had drilled into us is that we’re unimportant — we’re not at all powerful. It’s beyond ridiculous, yet not seen (nor see-able) until we jump off of that cliff. These are just facts, but not proven (nor provable) to anyone prior to taking the leap.

Call it a leap of faith, if you like — doesn’t matter what you call it, just jump — or at least consider the possibilities. They are many. Things really could be different, don’t you know. Thought creates. Our beliefs create our experience, our reality. How else could people be frightened to death, absent fear-based beliefs?

If you’re bad, you’ll go to hell. Yeah, right — as in, not! It’s good to do this, it’s bad to do that — to heck with all of that! Take a stand for yourself — for your Self. Take the leap! You’re worth it! Don’t mean to shout, but you are. Consider the possibility that you really could be Source — Source-in-form, but Source, nonetheless.

No, you’re no better, no worse, than anyone else. We’re all That. In reality there’s only One of us here in 3D. Source is actually playing all of the parts. Source being unlimited, so are you! Literally, unlimited. Of course, bodies & minds have limitations — but you’re not that. No, you’re not — that’s but the costume You wear, as Source-in-form.

I know — kinda pretzels the mind — but that’s good, actually. Minds need to be sufficiently pretzeled to stand down, so go for it. Take the leap! Spread your wings & fly free. You’ll never know ’til you give it a go. Beliefs are not as important as all that. The price we pay for them is far too high. I’m taking the leap every day.


11:22 pm, Monday 2017/08/07, Mayan day 4 Dog / Oc

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness