Summing it up — Consciousness Creates

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me — Spiritual Awakening,

What we don’t know can surely bite us & we’ve had almost every truth hidden away. We were taught BS beliefs that are being used to structure our reality. Humanity is shockingly powerful. Believe it or not, I don’t care. I just want to get this out of my system.

We have a lot of quitters out there, people giving up & walking away because things aren’t going their desired way fast enough — all the while not realizing their part in the play, how they’re influencing the outcome by virtue of being conscious. When our focus is on the negative, we create more of the same.

Who & what we are isn’t just the body-mind, as I so often say. We’re the consciousness in which that is contained. It’s quite a big deal that we don’t have to limit ourselves to the form. It’s also great to know the bad-guy cabal isn’t as “in charge” as they’d have us believe. Hmmm.

Only the least bit of our Inner Being/Higher Self/Source-in-form core can find its way into the 3D form, can make itself available to the 3D persona. We’re operating at an overall deficit when you consider Who we truly are.

Even so, it would all work well enough if we hadn’t been herded & corralled into the mind, kept strictly out of Heart (to the best of the cabal’s ability). The mind knows only about things whereas Heart Knows it all from within. The mind thinks, working things out, while Heart takes the shortcut by Knowing, easily able to read the energies.

Heart has a totally different approach & experience of life.

Our intuition functions via Heart. We’re beings of consciousness, beings of energy, all quite telepathic, empathic, able to read energy. Sure, we have a lot to learn about how to interpret what Heart delivers — not. Heart Knows without the benefit of thought (which is no benefit to it).

These are distinctly different realities, & since they seem to be splitting apart, it would be well for us to be aware of that, aware of our available choices. To go with the mind is to remain in 3D, in the more limited or narrow realm. To move via Heart is to enter our native realm, eternity/infinity.

It’s time for those who are ready to recognize the power of consciousness to create. The readiness is crucial, is mandatory, since our mind can’t come along, can’t take us on this ride. Clearly, it’s no small deal to set the mind to the side, to demote it in favor of Heart.

Consciousness —

Not just 3D, but all of the dimensions are the manifestations, the effects of consciousness. We’re creating in this playground all of the time, waking & sleeping; it’s just what consciousness does when you’re Source-in-form. We’re not the wimpy wusses we were programmed to be, not by a long shot, but no one can prove this to anyone, only to the self.

How we’re feeling in our Now takes the temperature of what we’re creating.

Do we feel good? Then, continue. When it feels awful, it’s a good idea to pause, to step back & quietly observe. Look for what feels good. With a Heart focus, we’ll be able to read the energy, but the mind can’t be in the lead for this. It’s beyond the mind’s realm.

It’s so hard to explain this which can’t be explained. Those wanting the explanation, the “proof,” are those wed to the Matrix mind-hack. Until that is released, they’re going nowhere fast. It is as the perceived self, the ego/mind diminishes that the Source-in-form Self can finally be heard/perceived.

Have you ever had a great awakening to something or other, only to soon realize it had been there, all along — just not noticed before? I find that to be the case every time. Everything we could ever want or need is singing its song continually. Meanwhile, those in mind are stuffing cotton in their ears, blindfolding their eyes, applying handcuffs, etc.

OMG, folks, humanity is flippin’ hilarious! Only by finding our way into Heart do we begin to see that with any clarity. We try so hard to be one way yet can’t seem to help being another way, entirely — & we don’t even know why. It’s so easy to get frustrated!

For the divine in us to come forth & prosper, our ego must diminish, must get the heck out of the way. When it is consciousness, itself, doing the creating, putting our ego in charge is less than wise, whereas we can trust Source to know what It’s doing/being/saying/perceiving.

It’s largely a matter of fine tuning once we enter Heart mode.

We play this funny game in 3D called time, thinking there’s such a thing as a past or a future. There really isn’t, not in the way we believe them to be. In 5D, you’d listen to all of the songs on the CD simultaneously with no loss of perception or clarity, whereas in 3D it’s one at a time.

It’s actually all good, but that can’t be seen in the presence of our plethora of beliefs, structuring our experience as they do. These beliefs have all been carefully structured & applied to humanity, designed as carefully as the greatest of high-tech apps. Note how effectively they keep us ineffectively chasing our tail.

We can step out of that anytime — once again, in the presence of that inner readiness that no one can explain. You just somehow know you are ready, so you move on. Otherwise, you drum up endless excuses to prevaricate while continuing along in your old ways.

It doesn’t matter — truly it doesn’t. Free will means we get to choose. There are, of course, consequences of those choices, but that’s all part of the play, the drama of it all. There is no judgmental God waiting to throw us into an eternal hell for our mistakes — gotta let that one go.

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote — 2018/11/16

“There is nothing that you can do that is worse for yourself, than to do something that you believe is inappropriate. And so, get clear and happy about whichever choice you make.”

Excerpted from Los Angeles, CA on 7/25/99

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

Consciousness is also our barometer, giving us a continual reading, much like children playing Hot & Cold — hot, if you’re close, cold if you’re going the wrong way. The happiness factor is central, not peripheral, to The Great Awakening (which goes on for all of eternity, BTW). We’re just in a really intense stage of that where it’s able to accelerate tremendously.

Are you ready? How well are you able to sense you? The body-mind thing keeps us forever focused away from the NowHere of time/space, always in the future or past, always somewhere other than here. The only changes we require are internal, hint hint. 😉

When we’re “crucified” precisely on the central bit of the cross of time/space, we’re dialed-in to the NowHere, the divine time that it always is. No need for a watch in 5D. 😆 Many of the worlds great teachings contain excellent morsels of real Truth, but it’s not delivered well.

One deeper crucifixion message is not of one man, is not done with nails, is not at all the crucifixion of the body but something entirely other. While those sorts of crucifixions did take place, they’re more a distraction from this than an aid. To be perfectly centered on the cross of time/space is to be deeply in Heart, to be dialed-in to That, the All That Is, the eternal Now.

Like it or not, we’re constantly creating. If we want to get in touch with it, to explore it, then Heart is the way. To make our way through the eye of the needle, we must surrender all, letting attachments fall away. This happens naturally as the ego/mind fades away in importance to us.

We may be as rich as Croesus, but attached to our wealth, to things, we cannot be & make it through. If we were attached to the bit of water in which we swam, we’d be unwilling to move, to explore the vastness beyond our bit.

We begin to see how they hid the deeper meanings from us, always in plain sight. It was always there, just terribly misinterpreted, made into something else, entirely — & that’s okay, especially once we realize this is all a game of sorts.

Our 3D realm is more like a dream than the greater Reality.

When we’re in the greater Reality, it’s not something we question; we just Know. It’s from there that 3D life is clearly seen as a sort of daze or dream.

We’re finally awakening, & it’s a cause celebre, controversial for many, the many not yet ready to move on. Sorting through the info & disinfo of today would shock our ancestors who lived a much simpler life in most cases. Circumstances are uniting to drive the ready ones deep within, where they’re finally able to read the various energies & navigate the storm.

Our consciousness is what’s crafting our experience of reality, which is both good news & bad. Good, because that puts us in charge, able to shift our course. Bad, because current life in 3D can seem hellishly difficult.

But what if we’re actually in charge of the whole suffering routine, too? What if we’re actually creating that? Why would that be? What if it’s our Higher Self/Inner Core trying to get our 3D body-mind’s attention? What if It has tried endless gentler ways to no avail?

What if it’s actually a Love so divine that’s giving us such a hard time, & all for Love? We must drop or table certain beliefs in order to be able to see it that way — yes? Those things we fight & resist are most often gifts of Source, lovingly offering aid.

Meanwhile, we’re asleep at the wheel. 😪

What if a major shift in perspective offered massive gifts? When it’s consciousness doing the creating, perspective is a critical aspect, our angle of view. Clarity arises in Heart. On this walk, we’re taking our divine power back, unwilling to continue in our second-hand belief systems.

It gets easier & easier as we go, believe it or not. Things that don’t make mind sense make beautiful Heart sense, feeling just right. Things are ever & always much better than they now seem to us. Why? Because we let ourselves be programmed to serve others’ will & desires.

Pretty much nothing is what we take it to be. We can cry over that or choose to celebrate it, instead. It’s an individual choice, friends. No one can do any of this for anyone one else but the self — nor do others require our help, since they, too, are Source-in-form deep within.

May our readiness rise to meet us as we turn this ship around, taking charge of ourselves & our course, putting all that in the capable “hands” of Source.



Thursday, 2018/11/15 2nd — Mayan day 1 Eagles / Men



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