Step Back to See, to Awaken

5 min readFeb 22, 2020
These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me —

Divide-and-conquer has been a hugely useful strategy for the 1%, the dark, globalist cabal largely running things from the top of whatever organization, be it in government, big business, education, technology, or whatever.

I say “has been” because they’re all on their way to being has-beens in these days of The Great Awakening.

It’s too bad we must first “awaken” to the crap, the nastiness, the corruption rampant just about everywhere & in just about everything, right down to religions. Yeah, it’s not only the Catholic Church involved in sick, pedo corruption, so if you’re not aware of that, do some research. It’s rampant pretty much across the board — again, with the “big” churches & at the top.

The globalists like to control everything that’s big. After all, their ultimate goal is control of the world, so that just makes good sense. It’s rather obvious. Yet, so much that’s obvious to many of us isn’t seen by everyone.

When we get too involved, to close to the scene, we don’t have the objectivity born of stepping back for a clearer look. We get taken in.

That once wasn’t much of a big deal, but it’s become so, today where we have people who can’t even talk, can’t hold a reasonable conversation UNLESS the one they speak with shares their views on the topic. That is divide-and-conquer hard at work, pitting us against one another, against our brethren in The Family of Humanity.

What a mess!

For those who want a return to civility, integrity, & sanity, it’s time to step back, to take some distance to observe not just what others are doing & saying, but what programs we’ve got running, within. They called it “education,” but we’ve all been programmed down through our generations. The sooner we step back & see it, the better off we’ll all be.

There is no one right answer for everything or for everyone, yet that’s actually awesome.

It’s how things are meant to be. Just as we’d reject a symphony of only one note, repeated endlessly, it’s time to reject forcing others into certain molds of our choosing. Heck, we didn’t even choose the molds, we were programmed into them, into those beliefs.

For a nation founded on freedom, we’re not giving one another much freedom to make our own choices, are we? What’s with that? Where does it originate? It’s a good time to “follow the money” on just about everything that’s going wrong.

People swimming in money think they can buy whatever they want & they’re largely being allowed to do it. Well, okay, but we at least need to see what’s going on behind the scenes. Things are almost never what they seem to be. Those appearances are carefully crafted by the controllers, the wealthy ones, usually to sell us a bill of goods.

We’ve been manipulated to the point that those like Antifa wreak harm, havoc, & pure nastiness on those with whom they (perhaps) disagree. When we follow the money, we discover such people being paid to behave like that, so they’re not even being true to themselves, much less to the values they’re spouting — usually anti-values.

False flags have become a regular part of life.

We once took them to be real & sincere happenings, but most of us now know better. We step back from whatever it is to put the likely pieces together, to see what they’re trying to distract us from. The 1% are willing to have people killed to change the focus in the MSM “news.”

While it seems sad, at first, to be “awakening” into such a tarnished, tawdry world, the view improves as we continue to awaken, to see through the endless ruses & tricks being played on us.

Those tricks are not working so well these days. Have you noticed?

Let’s find our balance, dear brethren in The Family of Humanity, between spirit & matter, between the within (where some of us want to focus universally) & the without, our 3D life. Hatred & harm have no place in balance.

Higher Self —

Perhaps we can get back to simple kindness, to upholding The Golden Rule. We’re in better shape to do so since even science has shown us our oneness, the quantum physics of that. Just as my one body has trillions of cells, why can’t we also see ourselves as cells in the infinite body of Source/God, the One?

That means that, if I harm you, I am literally, harming me. There’s no two-ness in Source.

It’s not as far-fetched as it may sound to those in earlier stages of awakening. As we step back enough to put the mind in its place — the back seat — our perspective on just about everything morphs. From our deep, inner Being, a “space” I call Heart, nothing looks the same as it does to our mind. Nothing!

They’re two distinctly different realms but that must be experienced to be comprehended.

We CAN do this, folks; really, we can! We’ve got all that it takes once we get our belief systems out of our way, once we put Heart in charge of our life. It’s going to some very good, even awesome places as we’ll begin to see soon.

That’s already happening but it takes a bit of awakening to spot it & recognize the Power behind it.



12:58 p.m., 2020/02/20 — Numerologically, a fascinating day. :)

PS One “side” isn’t right & the other one wrong. Right & wrong are very relative terms, totally dependent on their own perspective — but we’re not. We’re far more flexible than we’re acting, these days. Let’s come to the center & share. We’re worth it!




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness