Source is the Dancer — We are the Dance

This begins a series of journals, some published on, taken down in favor of free blogging here at Medium. That series began on Easter, & this re-posting “coincidentally” comes around that holiday. (Original date always at the end.)

8:43 pm, Saturday 2017/03/11, Mayan day 11 Imix/Crocodile — Excellent for new beginnings



Easter Sunday (2016) somehow seems appropriate for posting my first blog. What’s interesting, too, is the Mayan Calendar day, which is 13 Eb or Road, as 13 is their day of ascension energies. Kind of seems to go together with the Christian calendar, at least this year.

Those who know me from my YouTube (YT) channel, TheseEyesGod or TEG, will know that I once posted my transcripts, the written journals, to Scribd, which lasted until they began charging to read posts. Didn’t feel good, so I left.

The year since uploading vids to YT remained largely silent. It wasn’t just the vids that went quiet, so did the written journals. Nor can I explain why — just got quiet. To a regular journaler of many years — decades — that seemed very strange — but what can ya do? I’m certainly not going back into mind-mode to come up with something, LOL — quite defeats the heart of who I am.


The journals are what I call “being danced.” They are not mental things — originating much deeper within — in what I call Heart. When in Heart, “Source is the Dancer, I Am the dance“— so very deep, not being a 3D thing at all, but an action/activity of Source.

Heart is not the physical organ nor the chakra, either. The initial cap sets it off, indicating a point, a place — a realm if you wish — not of 3D, yet with a chest-centric anchor point, there. We all have it — Heart is one, everywhere.

Heart won’t follow any of the inherent 3D strictures, as it’s not really there — an access point into higher dimensions. It could be seen as a portal, but then we may think of going off somewhere — elsewhere — yet Heart is ever & always right here — what I call NowHere, for I just love the way that also spells nowhere — which is also true of Heart, when it comes to 3D.


If the language is strange so far, then a suggestion — drop down & center in the central chest — get out of the head. It’s no use reading this from mind, which won’t be able to interpret it, to understand — but You will. The You spoken to, via Heart, is not the mind, not the body, either — it’s the Higher Self, the soul, the Inner Being — call it what you will.

Heart knows what is meant, so we connect up with Heart & begin to rely on it— that is, if you’re not already an expert, as many are — the intuitives. The fact isn’t yet widely shared that we’re all intuitive — that each & every one of us has this sacred Heart, can find our way there — so perhaps that should be the initial discussion on this Easter morn — finding our way into our own sacred Heart space — basking in the Peace resident, within.

These initial caps sprinkled about are not just for decoration, but act as pointers to that silent inner space. If you’ve lived your whole life largely mind- and body-centered — identifying self with that — then this inner-space stuff will be new. I hope you won’t give-up before giving it a go. Believe me, there‘s no doubt, once you’re there.


It’s very strange at first, mostly because mind can’t enter in. It’s not that you lose your mind, of course — that would be bizarre. It’s just that mind is quite convinced it can do anything, understand anything, & given its head, it can become convinced that it knows everything. We’ve all met someone like that. And just look how mind handles things when it’s challenged — often with irritation, yes?

Mind gets into all sorts of ups & downs, ins & outs, depression, happiness, & all in between — states not found within Heart. If I had to characterize what Heart space feels like, I’d say Peace — peaceful. Yet that’s not really possible, as there’s no putting Heart into any sort of word box. There is a deep sense of abiding Peace, though — a quiet Joy — and silence. It leaves the chatterbox mind in the distance, choosing to ignore it — which is fine, as there’s a Higher Mind at work here, too.


There’s even some science supporting this. A group of scientists unafraid of esoterics have formed HeartMath & done some great investigative work along these lines. They actually study a lot about the physical heart, but there are some great surprises in store, even there. Did you know that your IQ (Intelligence Quotient), for instance, will significantly improve if you center in heart before taking that test?

It’s likely that brain & heart were made to be in sync, as they deliver improved performance that way. Perhaps even more surprising, it’s now established that not just the brain, but the physical heart also produces neurotransmitters — yeah, brain chemicals! Who’d a thunk it, right? Just doesn’t make sense — until we catch up with the science — then it fits right in.[1]

I had no idea I’d be mentioning those guys, but as I said, Heart writes, here — I’m along for the very in-joy-able ride. I get to more or less watch the words appear on the page. And let’s not try defining the “I” just yet — no doubt that will come along, later. Meanwhile, let’s lay down a good foundation for those new to this.


Nor am I going to recommend my YT channel, as everything there is years old (2009 to 2014), & so very much had changed. It feels as if I’ve lived at least three lifetimes since then (& I wasn’t that good with the camera, anyway, LOL).

How has your life journey been, lately? Do you find yourself different, these days, too? My study of the Mayan Calendar helped me come to terms with the ongoing acceleration of change. My favorite site is MayanMajix, where I encountered Ian Lungold, who offers many great (free) lectures.


The Mayan calendar is so NOT like our calendar that they don’t seem to measure the same thing — though we both call that “time.” Much of Ian’s work is based on Dr. Carl Johan Calleman’s research. Both have good videos outlining just what the Mayan view of time is — how their Tzolkin Calendar works. (Here’s a good introductory vid )

Even if you only watch the first 15 or 20 minutes of Ian’s linked vid, you’ll get a whole new take on “consciousness & calendars,” as he calls it. The Mayan Calendar is about as different from the current Gregorian one as head is from Heart — a truly different domain. It may well spur on your consciousness journey, so check it out. Our Gregorian Calendar is very much an integral part of The Matrix — theirs is not.


Something really interesting about Heart is how many old sayings & teachings we may have heard but not fully understood are actually experienceable, within. Things like being Present — all time being just Now — all space being just Here… It’s a bit like Alice going down the rabbit hole — that different from regular, beta-brainwave consciousness. It’s the “spot” where many meditators find themselves, when “in the zone.”

I’ll tell you up-front, though, I’m not a how-to sorta gal. That’s mind’s way — fixing problems, finding processes & procedures that “work” to do this or that. These are not the ways of Heart — so that sort of guidance is largely absent, here. I’ll just suggest we go within — or use the Internet to find what mind seeks. Aside from spending some regular quiet time, centering down into the middle chest — I have no way of “getting” there, as we’re all already there — it’s just a matter of shifting focus.


IF you don’t appreciate hearing that — that there’s no need to “go” someplace you already are — that would be mind at work, rejecting what it can’t understand. Nothing wrong with that — just good to see, to recognize it at work.

So much of what we reject, whether externally, like that, or internally — via self-criticism or blame — is mind at work. The good news is that, by making our way, eventually, into occupying Heart most of the time, it amounts to taking dominion away from mind & placing it back where it belongs — in the back seat —as we shift into Higher Self, for lack of a perfect term.


There are no “perfect terms” for things of Heart. Words are ever so 3D, one letter following another, one word, one line, etc. Words are, of necessity, linear —nor is anything wrong with that. This is not to pit mind against Heart nor vice versa — which is 3D duality at work — the yes/no, up/down, right/wrong meme. It has its place — but Heart is definitely not that place.

All things are good in their place, in their season. Yet there is that in us which transcends all — while containing all. I’ll just remind here — this is a Heart blog. It won’t be well understood, as it’s meant, by mind. This Heart has much to share, & I just know it’s going to be a wonderful ride, as the foundation is now laid.

When it gets a bit strange, maybe take a breath or two’s time to center, & read that bit, again. As you do — as you keep at this — at some point you’ll grok that Heart understands it all. It emanates from there, so of course it would. And in some strange, crazy way, we also share the same Heart. That makes this easy to understand — when centered, of course. ;-)


[1] Check out HeartMath Institute at Find some helpful meditation aids at They’ve got some great books, too.

6:54 A.M., 2016–03–27, Easter Sunday, Mayan Ascension day 13 Eb/Road

Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness