Sorting Through the Crap

These eyes thru which I hoped to see God are the eyes thru which God sees me —

We’re not who & what we think we are, but that’s okay, I guess, since life isn’t what we take it to be, either; nor is 3D. Science is largely full of crap & so is education, overall. Seriously, any of us, especially parents, who spent a week (or even a day) in class with our children would likely freak out— it’s that sick.

Smartphones in Heaven — Newearthpulse.files.wordpress,com

At some point, we’ll look up from our devices, our jobs & chores, & recognize how our schools, no matter what level, are graduating SJWs, people who put their emotions in charge instead of their brain — or their Heart.

That’s not quite fair, actually, since their brains have been handicapped by the poor excuse for education schools are pedaling.

So how can The Little Soul spew forth that seeming crap that Source/God sends only blessings, only angels, some may wonder?

While all of that may sound harsh & negative, it’s actually the glaring distinction between head-centric & Heart-centric perception, & the choice is ever ours. Those having a hard time of it likely don’t yet realize that we know nothing — & how wonderful it is to recognize that.

This is just a graphic display of the “Life is what you make it” saying. We’re not only in charge, but we’ve also been in charge since time immemorial. Though it’s funny to say it, we somehow forgot. Too much trust, trust in externals, be they people, organizations, governments or whatever, entered the picture, & it went downhill from there.

Those who feel a need for a good cry or tantrum over the spilt milk of the last centuries, go ahead, but please do so in private. It may do you some good in coming to terms with the NowHere reality, but it doesn’t help the rest of us as we move on.

Besides, you have something lovely ahead of you: the recognition at some point, that things were somehow perfect all along.

It’s not wise to chase this as an idea, however, to try to figure out how that could be since it’s quite inaccessible to anyone’s mind. This gift is given with the move of our focus from head to Heart.

Thus, all public moaning & groaning over lost opportunities or whatever negativity presents itself is more the exposure of not being awake, yet, than it is the measure of anything real. It’s a symptom of us not owning our “stuff.”

This is NOT to say we have to speak only in glowing terms about everything, which is just more of the mind’s nonsense as it tries to work these things out. At some point, thank heaven or thank Source, we surrender our staunch reliance on the mind as our guiding light.

It can’t go where we’re going.

As we look back on this time from our awesome future NowHere, the awkward stage we’re in will be clearly apparent. We’re having to toss out of our personal Ship of State everything that might be weighing it down as it’s seeming to sink.

We haven’t even begun to come to terms with our Power, & it shows. To our future Selves, it’s even amusing.

Why amusing? They can clearly see how we’re the ones creating this chaos, this mess. Sure, it’s inadvertent, sure, we’re being manipulated out the wazoo in order to get us to perform this way, but we’re still the ones in charge. Glory be that we’re finally awakening to that around the world.

This is no small movement, but a massive, 3D-wide convergence with frequencies rising, riding the In-Breath of Source.

While all of that is clear to our future Selves, our NowHere incarnations always have more waking up to do to both to catch-up & to expand our Realty ever further. As we’re in the process of owning our $h1t, we’re also in the process of stepping into our native Power, which is divine. (There’s a yin/yang in there, somewhere. ;-)

We’ll laugh to realize that it’s easier to own our crap than it is to own our Power; very strange, but less so when we spot it as the effects of our programming (to be good little worker bees).

C,J, Jung — Vision —

We’re all given just the right aspects & elements of Truth at just the right time. Who recognizes them? It helps so much to know they’re present, they’re being given; helps us see through the disguises to the crystal-clear core.

We’ll become more aware of our Helpers, later. For now, it’s enough to become aware of the help, to drop our shields & blocks against that.

It’s time to let ourselves just Be; to allow that divine Inner Self we once knew nothing about to take the reins in our life. To hand those reins over is our best possible use of the gift we’ve long misunderstood & underestimated: free will.

We didn’t realize that to allow ourselves to be so taken over was also the exercise of our free will. We blamed the captors, the bullies, the corrupt ones for everything, seldom ever considering our part in the play, how we let it all happen. Nor were we eager to begin owning our garbage.

Heart-eyes wide open, now, NowHere = awakening.

Nature of Existence — 3.bp.blogspot,com

What will we, what do we see? That’s up to us. What we see illustrates our stage in the overall Awakening. It’s more awake to recognize that we contain both Light & dark than to split all we view into Light & dark camps, to bless one while cursing the other.

It’s more awake to know we know nothing.

It’s more awake to keep our focus on either the uplifting bits or the best of whatever situation we’re viewing — knowing what we’re viewing is what we’re creating.

It’s more awake to recognize that we’re not all going in the same direction, to the same space & place, the same understandings; to acknowledge the power of free will, to honor everyone’s right to choose, not just our own. 😆

It’s more awake to honor our fundamental rights, here in the USA, rather than to fear their exercise in the hands of others. Communities with more firearms are actually safer, having far fewer instances of violence. The criminals know to avoid those places where the citizenry is armed, just as Yamamoto may have said after Pearl Harbor:

“ You cannot invade the mainland United States. There is a man with a rifle behind every blade of grass.” [1]

We awaken & mature as we look within to discover what’s behind our fear to live & let live, rather than acting like someone’s words can harm us. Why on earth would we fear the exercise of free speech, especially since we want that freedom for ourselves?!

This awakening thing is largely about getting over ourselves, our immature, eyes-wide-shut frightened selves. We’re ahead of the game in every way to cease identifying solely with the body-mind in recognition of the Higher or Greater Source-in-form Self.

That One has nothing to fear at any time — nor do we.

Let’s in-joy the ride, dear Family of Humanity, out of the age-old darkness & into the (interior) Light of our Source-in-form-ness.

Somewhere along the way, we forgot to have fun. I suggest we mend that omission & let Heart take us where it will, trusting in Source to ever be our very core.



10:44:22 a.m., Monday, 2019/06/02 — Mayan day 6 Eagles / Men

[1] Whether Yamamoto said this or not, the point stands. The USA is free largely because she is armed & dangerous to attack.




Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness

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