Social Justice — Another Perspective

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

The idea of social justice sounds great, initially, but doesn’t bear up well under scrutiny. Everyone is equal, has equal rights before the law. That’s why Lady Justice wears the blindfold, to enforce those equal rights, seeing only the facts of the case, not the individuals involved. Yet, when we look at people as individuals, no one is equal, all being gifted differently in experiences, intelligence, opportunities, talent, abilities, finances, health… the list goes on.

Let’s recognize the both/and at work, the two sides of every coin, both inherent aspects of the whole.


We’re equal but also unique, I think most would agree. That underlying fundamental equality is not an equality of outcomes, nor could it be. No court in the world could enforce an equality of outcomes, of circumstances, of opportunities. The idea is ridiculous in several ways, the inability to enforce it being a primary one.

We have a wildly beautiful garden joyfully displaying great varieties of color & scent, of growth habit, of annuals amidst the perennials — all the ingredients of a truly delightful garden. Were we to enforce equality of outcomes on it, what would result?

We’d end up with a crop of only one sort of plant, all the same color, the same height, & some would insist on the same number of leaves & flowers. Yeah, that’s crazy, but so is the whole concept of equality of outcomes, i.e., social justice.

Where one person or group lacks a certain benefit or ability, they have others that might even transcend the missing one. We’re all a mixed bag, each one unique. We could give 1,000 people the exact same starting conditions, & given a bit of time, their different applications of effort, focus, & intensity would bear different fruit. Just ask the parents of multiple-birth children.

Why don’t we enjoy & celebrate our differences?


Are we so insecure that we feel everyone has to be brought precisely to our level or we’ll feel somehow threatened? Will our application of focus & effort also be put under the control of SJWs in their bid to see that no feelings ever get hurt? Are we truly so insecure?

If We Had a Liberal Army We’d All Die —

Might I suggest that the cure for such insecurity is always & only found within? Will we next put someone else in charge of living our life for us? How does that work? We mustn’t exceed at anything, lest someone else feel embarrassed or somehow slighted? That’s an appeal to the lowest common denominator — do you see? We’re tending to the feelings & actions of others over whom we have neither authority nor control, & for highly questionable motives.

It can’t be increased or decreased, it just is. To conflate it with the externals of life is to miss the point while flirting with the erasure of personal drive & individuality, itself. Some will try harder than others, some will be wiser than others, no matter the machinations we apply.

What do we have against individuality?


What are the great blessings of conformity some seek to enforce? Don’t we have machines for such applications, automatons with no feelings to hurt? Have we lost our flipping minds, that we can’t distinguish mechanical applications from human ones? Are our icons now the machines, so readily able to conform?

Some seem lost to me, I don’t know how else to put it. I am so very glad I didn’t receive their education, for it’s clearly done them a serious disservice in elevating conformity, equality of outcomes. It hasn’t served them well as thinking, breathing, feeling beings who can in no way be made completely equal to anyone else, externally.

Emotions have also been manipulated somehow during this education, to turn out people who are constantly taking offense at what others think, say, or do. In this arena the SJWs are like frightened dear, quick to run for cover, yet also swift to block others’ right to be heard. The SJW training is a masterpiece, having crafted the inability to thrive emotionally unless others are brought down to their level.

All of this is about the system used to funnel our children into today’s SJWs, coddled during their education in ways that set them up to expect the same from everyday life. It’s shocking how ill-equipped they are for everyday challenges, for people who disagree with them, for whom their favorite reaction seems to be condemnation & expulsion. Why? Because others didn’t live “up” to the required state of conformity.


Belief Systems were carefully devised then creatively inserted into the children during their so-called education, which is more a programming than a good education. They were trained to be helpless & emotionally fragile, willing to defend their beliefs, unwilling to allow others to have differing beliefs, considering dissenters to be unfair or simply wrong.

It has the flavor of a takeover of our societies, reminiscent of the way it was done in the past.

I note a powerful belief that their beliefs are the “right” ones & that all othrs are simply wrong, thus unworthy of consideration or discussion. They seem allergic to hearing beliefs that challenge theirs, giving them no thought or consideration. They are programmed, yet they’re not seeing it. It’s bizarre.

Who died & made them god or ruler over the rest? Who gave this country over into their keeping, giving them the right to dictate how things would be for one & all? Indeed, who made them judge & jury, with the right to impose sentences for infractions of their wish lists?

If we can’t come to at least accept, but preferably celebrate our delightful, even quirky differences, then we’re headed down the tubes, for there’s no way the rest of us will consent to be ruled by this nonsense. Human equality is innate, it doesn’t need to be created or enforced. We’re pretty good at taking care of ourselves, that is, the non-SJWs.

I know of no one who would willingly choose to have one sort of floral display, the same sort of plants in the same color planted everywhere around their home or apartment. Variety in plantings speaks to our soul, our inner being as it harmonizes with Who & what we are.


Finally, the SJW community rates high on the victim consciousness scale. Throughout life we’re each in charge of one & only one person, that being the self. What others do is not in our control, nor should it be. We’re not them, we haven’t walked a mile in their moccasins, so we’re in no place to either understand or judge.

By laying claim to that one, simple understanding — that we’re in charge of only the self — we could eliminate the lion’s share of feeling abused or misused in some way. To make less money than someone else doesn’t make us less than them. The President & the janitor are equal in this sense with an innate equality having nothing to do with externals.

Among the endless possible reasons, we may well have delightfully chosen to be poorer in the world’s goods for excellent soul reasons, reasons we don’t now recall. It may be part & parcel of our soul’s determination to put things of the Spirit first, things of the world last. Importantly, it’s our right to choose, & to change any prior choice if we like. Everyone else has the same right.

These things become more important when we finally realize that consciousness is what creates.

In seeking to force a false, external sort of equality onto people, e.g., making one generation pay the prices for actions perceived as crimes committed by prior generations, we’re headed for guaranteed failure. It’s not do-able, especially in America where freedom is held dear to every heart.

I’ve also noted a strong tendency toward judgment, including the use of ad hominem arguments, in this crowd. There would have to be in order to decide that all other views are automatically wrong, as only their views are right. In effect, their views rule, period. Again, bizarre, almost crazy. Off-the-chart ego at work.

The SJW ideology fails the test of logic on many fronts; no need to list them all. The last one I’ll mention is ego. It seems that their training has equipped them to think so well of themselves that they’ll block or remove themselves from any sort of rational discourse with those holding other views. Conservatives, especially those living in “flyover country,” are looked down upon, seen as “less than,” as unintelligent.

What happened to their sense of equality, there?

I’m not out to try to convince anyone of anything — nor to condemn anyone — just sharing what I see, my perspective on this strange 21st- century phenomenon. I’m open to respectful, substantive discourse to help increase my understanding, but for now, this is what I see.


The whole scene can be summed up as seeing from the physical eyes vs seeing from eyes of Heart, eyes that see nothing but equality, everywhere. It’s a Heart equality, not an equality of circumstances or of outcomes. It’s people walking around in two different worlds, strangely enough, worlds defined by their chosen perspective.

No one can wake them up but themselves. This is not to say that all of their propositions are wrong, or that the dissenters’ propositions are all right. No such thing. It’s just to suggest that, until we’re willing to grant real equality to others, even those with whom we disagree, there’s no way to even discuss, much less resolve things. We’re not headed down a good path, i.e., we won’t like the eventual outcome, should we choose to continue.

For those with eyes to see & ears to hear, please note how the “great blessings of conformity” mentioned earlier make humanity easier to control. It turns out that the blessings are not for us, they’re designed to benefit the controlling cabal. Welcome to Matrix 101. We can do better than this!



12:00-ish am, 2018/05/30, 1st — Mayan day 1 Death or Transformer / Cimi