Seeing is Freeing

“These eyes, thru which I hoped to see God, are the eyes thru which God sees me” — Rainbow Eye, Youtuber

Seeing through a lie is ever so useful, sometimes even freeing us from a lifelong belief system (BS). Sure, it would be better if people didn’t lie, didn’t evade/avoid the truth. We all know (or know of) people who cling so tightly to their beliefs that they say, “That’s BS — you’re wrong!”


It’s not that we must adopt the other’s viewpoint, either. As we move beyond the 3D duality, how about considering triality? Heart’s way of viewing bears little resemblance to our old dualistic patterns, where something is either right or it’s wrong — where no other option is seen.

Until we turn down the volume on mind, Heart isn’t heard, in spite of it being ever-present. What’s called for is a new openness, a willingness to step back & take a new look. We’re all far more intuitive & telepathic than we realize. Our willingness to simply see things differently opens the door.

What if you had a Divine Adviser who had not just the world but the Cosmos at its fingertips? What if?! It’s not the knowing of 3D facts— this goes far beyond superficial facts. This is a depth beyond depth to the mind — layers & levels of our own Being that are infinite.

Mind doesn’t lead us into such territory because it can’t. Such steps are not taken until we become, at minimum, an observer of mind, of the body-mind. We’re stepping into Spirit, & Spirit has its own sort of intelligence, not dependent on the 3D mind or body.

So it takes trust, but not in the way most see it. Once we’re willing to recognize that yes, who we are is not actually dependent on nor contained by the physicality, the 3D body & mind, we enter an amazing journey.

As we identify more & more with the soul, spirit, or Inner Being — whatever words we use — trust becomes something new. It doesn’t feel the same, either. No “leap of faith” is required.

Both past & future hit the dust-bin of uselessness, here, of irrelevance. Sure, it’s easy to say, “In Heart, all is just Now or NowHere” — but feeling it is different. This isn’t something for which mind can prepare us. In that sense, there is the “leap of faith” we take, but it’s nothing like mind’s concept, being both gentle & natural, albeit often surprising.


Heart hears things differently than mind does. It speaks from a different place, too. The words are not fashioned by thought, by putting the pieces together, logically — they just flow. From whence they flow is unknown — they just come on the flow of triality , of being in Heart. It’s a bit awkward, initially, but not for all.

Heart feelings are also intelligent. Heart sensing is truly of the divine. We swim in an ocean of Love so divine that words can never touch it. You just Know — on perhaps the deepest layer/level of your Being you’ve yet experienced this time around — that’s Heart.

Heart also sees — of course, in a radically different way than eyesight or mental conception. From Heart arise such saying as, “These eyes, through which I hoped to see God, are the eyes through which God sees me.” Can you feel into the depth of that — just letting it settle in?

That Oneness is real, too — not just poetic license. I really am you, you really are me — not physically, of course. LOL. Even in spirit, we have our own distinct soul or being — yet from Heart the Oneness is supreme. When in Heart, one can’t even think in terms of two, of separation of any kind. The Oneness is visceral, is just known. If I harm you, I really do harm myself.


Now yes, it may be years or even lifetimes before the karma (both good & bad) circles around, but it comes. Plant pines, pines grow — not watermelons. So if we want watermelons, I suggest we plant watermelon seeds.

While we’re familiar with the “What goes around comes around” sort of sayings, karma — good or bad — doesn’t trail us forever. Nice to know. We reach a point in development where we leave 3D (or whatever D) behind — never to reincarnate into it again unless that is our choice.

You could say we actually graduate. Karma, by the way, is not religious to me — it’s just physics, the results of an action, be they negative or positive, & these are very relative terms. We’re going beyond relativity, duality.

What’s negative to you at age ten may turn out to be positive as you look back & see what was gained. Time delivers the blessing of perfect vision. In later life we give thanks for times we once knew were troublesome; our earlier, more restrictive perspective at work.


When we take a Heart perspective on this, of course it goes far deeper. From Heart, all that happens is seen as blessing — a veritable gift from Source just for us. All that happens is for our benefit, period. Let that sink in… It may be something we hadn’t seen in our self that’s now rammed down our throat — life forcing/inviting us to face whatever it is.

Consciousness actually creates our reality. How we see something controls our reaction to it — plus, we can always change how we see things. We’re not locked into anything.

If your neighbor (whom you dislike) does something neutral, you interpret it negatively. If the neighbor (whom you love) does precisely the same thing, you appreciate it.

You paint your life, your experiences, with the broad brush of attitude & beliefs. Children in the family get reputations, even get nick-names based on how we see them — no, not on their actions — on how we see them. Are we looking through eyes of Heart?

While it’s perhaps easiest to see this in our loved ones, it works for all we view. Our consciousness (attitudes & beliefs) colors our world, friends. The mind loves to think it’s seeing everything clearly, making right & wise decisions. Not.

2017 & BEYOND

2017 & 2018 will be years of such change as perhaps our planet has never encountered. We’ve got incoming shock waves from practically every direction, so it’s a good time, if there ever was one, to find our way into Heart’s deeper, vaster, distinctly different-from-mind’s perspective.

New discoveries — many of which are actually old — will rock the boat in all realms of academia, as well as every branch of science. We’re on our way to uncovering/discovering that perhaps 98% of all we think we know is false — not even close. (It’s also true, just from a more limited perspective. ;-)

Those not anchored in soul/spirit/Heart will have a rockier ride than the rest. This is a fine time to prep by letting old belief systems go, for doing so cleanses our vision.


Our attitudes & our systems of belief are always in our control. The reality paintbrush is in our hands, even though few step up to own it. People think things just are what they are, but not so. Let’s step up to the plate & recognize how very powerful we are. Yes, it is what it is, but in our mental arrogance, what that is isn’t what we take it to be.

It’s a shocking time to be alive on planet earth. So many things will be revealed during this year (& 2018) that quite a number will lose their grip on sanity. Many are doing so, now. It’s as unavoidable as it is unnecessary — the fruit of personal choices. Until people find their way into a more flexible perspective, we’re choosing the rougher ride.

Why? Personal choice. A lifetime (or lifetimes) of choice puts us here, now. Yes, we still have the power of choice — yet the train we’re on has powerful momentum based on previous — & future — choices. You don’t stop a 100 mph train on a dime & reverse it to 100 mph in the opposite direction.

The best “place” to be right now is on a journey of interior discovery — finally stepping back enough to become more the observer, less the actor in our life. It’s an awakening time.

It becomes clear that our freedom lies in our vision — that “seeing is freeing.” Until something is seen we cannot take appropriate action. If we don’t know the liar is lying, then we act on what we believe — unaware that our actions won’t likely have a good outcome, due to their flawed foundation. All of your anticipation of a windfall from your investment goes to ashes when you wind-up broke.

Humanity doesn’t yet realize that we are the very creators of what we experience — even of the substance we perceive (inaccurately*) as solid. We are the Divine in incarnation, here — creating in massive ignorance based on our programming (via school, society, media, etc.). Ya think maybe things being in the current mess tracks back to that??

As awakening draws ever closer, we have a lot of waking-up to do about the mass of lies that constitute everything we believe. It’s all based on endless falsehoods, passed off as scientific/academic/etc. Facts. We have been massively misled, & that’s putting it lightly — it’s really that gross, seen only by the few thus far.

HOW truth LIES

Spiritual awakening is sought by many, yet far more basic waking-up comes first. Truth really exists, but not many realize that with even 0.01% inaccuracy it is no longer Truth. Let’s call that Truth, for it transcends humanity’s truths.

Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized, nor should any organization be formed to lead or to coerce people along any particular path.”


Truth does exist. It’s a property of Heart, of Light, of Source which can never be false. Nor can Truth be encapsulated in any words. Truly, it is transcendent — yet accessible in Heart. Again, I’m not speaking of numbers, of facts, of anything linear.

Anyone who has completed university Statistics 101 knows just how challenging it is to get numbers to present truth. If 4% of results in one study support the hypothesis, and 50% support it in a second study, it seems clear that the 2nd study result is more powerful.

We would be grossly misled to stop there. What is the sample size for both studies? That 50% loses much of its luster when the study population is 2 — meaning only 1 person supported it. The 50,000 population that gave us 4% represents 2,000 people — quite a few more than the one. Percentages often mislead, whether intentionally or innocently.

It’s not that numbers lie, anymore than the “fact” that guns kill. People do these things, not the tools we use. As we move into triality — where we stand more as an observer to mind — we’ll see through the endless lies now cloaked as truth.


When you start with a false premise, results are neither good nor useful. Our false premises, though many, begin with believing we are weak, we are sinners, an accident of an uncaring, automatic nature — random results of a supposed big bang. Yeah, right — as in not!

The beauty of it all is actually in its falsehood. What is (i.e., Reality) turns out to be far grander, hugely benevolent, & simply awesome. It all starts with recognizing that we’ve been lied to in grandiose ways — that things “as they are” turn out to be a huge hoax, à la the Wizard behind his curtain. We can let it all go, start afresh, only this time based in Heart, our true Spirit Guide.

Can you allow at least the possibility? Sure, you can. But will you is the question — the potential choice. My suggestion is to step back from everything you believe & enter Heart for a fresh look — from Observer mode.


Many speak from this “space,” this inner Presence. As we choose to feel into such messages, we discover our own, very present 6th sense & telepathy. We all have it, but some don’t think so, due to their mind-based experience of life. When I speak of “feeling” into it, I don’t mean emotions. It’s more of a sensing, a new way to perceive.

Emotions are often misled, being based on mind’s take, mind’s estimation of how things are. That can’t be trusted — neither mind nor emotions. It’s fine to watch them in action — just make them like a link you don’t click. You see it, you just don’t get involved.

One’s whole life direction shifts in this process. You’ll watch it happening in amazement at how fantastic things turn out to be. You’ll more often find yourself in the right spot at the right time for loveliness to appear in the simple, everyday things. You’ll find things turning out far better than mind could have ever imagined, much less planned out. Divine means literally that.


We are as light rays emanating from the Heart of Source. Life turns out to be a gift, & from more angles than just one. Life is a gift to you, but you, too, are a gift to all of life. How could it be otherwise, as a direct manifestation of the Divine? This is literal, not figurative, friends, just not in the body-mind realm which we’re moving beyond.

A hundred-mile trek always begins with one step — Now. This thing about Heart really messes with concepts around time — hours, days, & such. The only time it ever is within Heart is Now. No one ever lived at a time that wasn’t just Now.

As you think of the past, you do so in the Now; same with the future — just Now. However, where we’re focused as we do so makes all the difference. Those focused in mind are more apt to lose their Now presence, thus their overall balance. Not so for those focused in Heart as they contemplate future or past.

Our concepts around time are useful, but also a bit of a farce. Self-observation demonstrates our mind’s resistance to being fully Present & aware. It’s either in the past, experiencing its influence, or the future, making it’s to-do list. Great gifts are found when just being in Now, empty of all the rest.

Of course, mind is our companion on our 3D trek, so I’m not suggesting mindlessness. Clocks are useful, too, in keeping our appointments. We can now see this as a lesser, more restrictive sphere of usefulness, however practical it is. Heart is the portal into awakening, the best tool for that job, not the mind which is better suited to a supporting role.

From Heart, we experience core meaning, deep Being on a vaster scale than any mind can grok. Heart groks Life — mind groks 3D pretty well. We’re in a process of mastering the mind, based on our experience of Heart.


11:38 am, Sunday 2017/03/26, Mayan day 13 Cib/Wisdom

  • No such thing as “solid” can exist when the fundamental atoms are 99.99999% empty. Thus solidity, itself is an illusion — not realized until perceived from within. As transcendent beings, we are fully capable of rising above such concepts by taking a whole new approach — via a flexible perspective — as Source-in-form.



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Theresa-Ann Harvey on the awakening trek, seeing everything thru new eyes. Leaving the 4 university degrees & the left brain aside to discover Self as awareness